What's new in a nutshell

GRASS GIS 7.0.0 startup screen

After many years of development the new stable major release GRASS GIS 7.0.0 is available. The graphical user interface based on wxPython (introduced in GRASS GIS 6.4) has been enriched with many new features in order to make complex GIS operations available as simple as possible. The old Tcl/Tk based GUI has been dropped. The developers have added important new functionality to the core system, among that the new Python interface to the C library. This new API permits users to create new GRASS GIS-Python modules in a simple way while yet obtaining powerful and fast modules. Furthermore, the vector library was significantly improved to make it faster and more efficient, along with support of huge files. This requires an easy to manage topology format update including a new spatial index. A lot of effort has been invested to standardize parameter and flag names. Finally, there are a series of new modules to analyse raster and vector data; some of the already existing modules were improved and made faster (some even 1000 x faster). For details see below.

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SVN Source Code

  • Milestone: 7.0.0
  • SVN Source Code Checkout 7.0.0:
    svn checkout
  • SVN Checkout latest 7.0 release branch (including subsequently implemented bugfixes):
    svn checkout

Overview of changes

Between the versions 6.4.0 and 7.0.0 more than 10,500 updates have been applied. See also the Open Hub code analysis.

Screenshot wxGUI vector network analyst

New modules

New Display modules

Summary: New portable display system, used in the graphical user interface but as usual also with command line support. Histogram support in legends added and much more.

New General modules
New GUI modules

Summary: The existing graphical user interface has been improved and extended with new functionality not easily found in other GIS:

Screenshot wxGUI scatterplot tool

New Image Processing

Summary: Many new modules for creation of albedo, emissivity and vegetation index maps, TOA calibration, biomass growth and evapotranspiration estimation, image classification, hierarchical image segmentation, pansharpening, cloud detection in LANDSAT data, MODIS QA bitpattern management, graphical tool for Ground Control Points for geocoding imagery, Tasseled-Cap transform support for Landsat 8 and MODIS.

  • Large File Support (LFS) globally enabled
  • G70:i.albedo: new - Computes broad band albedo from surface reflectance
  • G70:i.aster.toar: new - Transforms calibrated digital number of ASTER data to top-of-atmosphere radiance, reflectance and temperature
  • G70:i.biomass: new - Computes biomass growth, precursor of crop yield calculation
  • i.class: rewritten in wxGUI, see G70:g.gui.iclass
  • G70:i.eb.eta: new - Actual evapotranspiration for diurnal period (Bastiaanssen, 1995)
  • G70:i.eb.evapfr: new - Computes evaporative fraction (Bastiaanssen, 1995) and root zone soil moisture (Makin, Molden and Bastiaanssen, 2001).
  • G70:i.eb.hsebal01: new - Computes sensible heat flux iteration SEBAL 01
  • G70:i.eb.netrad: new - Net radiation approximation (Bastiaanssen, 1995).
  • G70:i.eb.soilheatflux: new - Soil heat flux approximation (Bastiaanssen, 1995).
  • G70:i.emissivity: new - Computes emissivity from NDVI, generic method for sparse land
  • new - Computes evapotranspiration calculation modified or original Hargreaves formulation, 2001.
  • new - Computes potential evapotranspiration calculation with hourly Penman-Monteith.
  • new - Computes evapotranspiration calculation Prestley and Taylor formulation, 1972.
  • G70:i.evapo.time: new - Computes temporal integration of satellite ET actual (ETa) following the daily ET reference (ETo) from meteorological station(s).
  • G70:i.pansharpen: new - Brovey/PCA/IHS transform to merge multispectral and high-res panchromatic channels, replaces removed i.fusion.brovey
  • G70:i.landsat.toar: new, transforms calibrated digital number of LANDSAT data to top-of-atmosphere radiance, reflectance and temperature
  • G70:i.landsat.acca: new, Automated Cloud-Cover Assessment (ACCA) Algorithm
  • G70:i.modis.qc: new - apply Quality Control bitpattern map easily
  • G70:i.segment: new, identifies segments (objects) from imagery data. Supports hierarchical segmentation
  • new, calculation of vegetation indices
  • G70:wxGUI.gcp: new, a wxGUI extension which allows the user to create, edit, and manage Ground Control Points for geocoding imagery
New Raster modules

Summary: direct output to standard GIS raster formats implemented, new LAS LiDAR point binning using univariate statistics, support for WMS and WMTS, new multiple linear regression from raster maps (results conformant with R), resampling using an analytic kernel, and much more. Speed gain for viewsheds, cost surfaces, raster import, geomorphometry, watershed calculation.

  • Large File Support (LFS) globally enabled
  • G70:r.colors.out: new - Exports the color table associated with a raster map.
  • G70:r.external.out: new - Defines raster output format utilizing GDAL library.
  • new - Create a raster map from LAS LiDAR points using univariate statistics.
  • new implementation - Downloads and imports data from WMS server; + WMTS and NASA OnEarth support.
  • G70:r.latlong: new - Creates a latitude/longitude raster map.
  • G70:r.regression.multi: new - Calculates multiple linear regression from raster maps.
  • G70:r.resamp.filter: new - resamples raster map layers using an analytic kernel
  • G70:r.solute.transport: new - New module to compute the solute transport of groundwater in porous media using an implicit finite volume approach
  • G70:r.stats.zonal: new - Calculates category or object oriented statistics (accumulator-based statistics).
  • G70:r.stats.quantile: new - Compute category quantiles using two passes.
  • new - Performs stream network extraction.
  • G70:r.sunhours: new - Calculates solar elevation, solar azimuth, and sun hours.
  • G70:r.unpack: new - Unpacks a raster map packed with r.pack.
  • G70:r.uslek: new - Computes USLE Soil Erodibility Factor (K).
  • G70:r.usler: new - Computes USLE R factor, Rainfall erosivity index.
New Vector modules

Summary: The topology engine has been improved in speed and precision. LAS LiDAR point clouds support added, new PostGIS 2 interface, various vector networking improvements, notable speed improvements for vector import, generalization, kernel density calculation, intersection, vector grid and hexagon calculation, automated line vertex densification in reprojection for error minimization, optionally constraining of random points to selected polygons, vector area skeletonizer added and much more.

Screenshot v.hull 3D map

  • Large File Support (LFS) globally enabled
  • G70:v.colors.out: new - Exports the color table associated with a vector map.
  • new - Converts LAS LiDAR point clouds to a GRASS vector map with libLAS.
  • G70:v.out.postgis: new - Exports a vector map layer to PostGIS feature table.
  • G70:v.pack: new - Packs up a vector map and support files for copying.
  • G70:v.unpack: new - Unpacks a vector map packed with r.pack.
New Raster3D modules

Summary: New modules for raster3D color table management, cleanup of the caching system.

  • G70:r3.colors: new - Creates/modifies the color table associated with a 3D raster map.
  • G70:r3.colors.out: new - Exports the color table associated with a 3D raster map.
  • G70:r3.out.bin: new - Exports a GRASS 3D raster map to a binary array.
  • new - Imports a binary raster file into a GRASS 3D raster map.
  • G70:r3.out.netcdf: new - Export a 3D raster map as netCDF file.
  • G70:r3.retile: new - Retiles an existing 3D raster map with user defined x, y and z tile size.
New Temporal GIS modules

A new temporal GRASS GIS 7 framework has been developed to manage, process and analyse (big) spatio-temporal environmental data. It supports querying, map calculation, aggregation, statistics and gap filling for raster, vector and raster3D data. A temporal topology builder is available to build spatio-temporal topology connections between map objects for 1D, 3D and 4D extents.

Screenshot temporal framework t.*

  • G70:t.create: new - Creates a space time dataset.
  • new - Lists information about space time datasets and maps.
  • G70:t.list: new - List space time datasets and maps registered in the temporal database.
  • G70:t.remove: new - Removes space time datasets from temporal database.
  • G70:t.rename: new - Renames a space time dataset
  • G70:t.register: new - Registers raster, vector and raster3d maps in a space time datasets.
  • G70:t.shift: new - Temporally shift the maps of a space time dataset.
  • G70:t.snap: new - Temporally snap the maps of a space time dataset.
  • G70:t.sample: new - Samples the input space time dataset(s) with a sample space time dataset and print the result to stdout.
  • new - Modifies the metadata of a space time dataset.
  • G70:t.topology: new - Lists temporal topology of a space time dataset.
  • G70:t.unregister: new - Unregisters raster, vector and raster3d maps from the temporal database or a specific space time dataset.
  • G70:t.rast.aggregate.ds: new - Aggregated data of an existing space time raster dataset using the temporal topology of a second space time dataset.
  • G70:t.rast.aggregate: new - Temporally aggregates the maps of a space time raster dataset by a user defined granularity.
  • G70:t.rast.colors: new - Creates/modifies the color table associated with each raster map of the space time raster dataset.
  • G70:t.rast.export: new - Exports space time raster dataset.
  • G70:t.rast.extract: new - Extracts a subset of a space time raster datasets.
  • G70:t.rast.list: new - Lists registered maps of a space time raster dataset.
  • G70:t.rast.import: new - Imports space time raster dataset.
  • G70:t.rast.mapcalc: new - Perform spatio-temporal mapcalc expressions on temporal sampled maps of space time raster datasets.
  • G70:t.rast.neighbors: new - Performs a neighborhood analysis for each map in a space time raster dataset.
  • G70:t.rast.gapfill: new - Replace gaps in a space time raster dataset with interpolated raster maps.
  • G70:t.rast.out.vtk: new - Exports space time raster dataset as VTK time series.
  • G70:t.rast.series: new - Performs different aggregation algorithms from r.series on all or a subset of raster maps in a space time raster dataset.
  • new - Converts a space time raster dataset into a raster3d map.
  • G70:t.rast.univar: new - Calculates univariate statistics from the non-null cells for each registered raster map of a space time raster dataset.
  • G70:t.rast3d.mapcalc: new - Performs r3.mapcalc expressions on maps of sampled space time raster3d datasets.
  • G70:t.rast3d.list: new - Lists registered maps of a space time raster3d dataset.
  • G70:t.rast3d.extract: new - Extracts a subset of a space time raster3d dataset.
  • G70:t.rast3d.univar: new - Calculates univariate statistics from the non-null cells for each registered raster3d map of a space time raster3d dataset.
  • G70:t.vect.extract: new - Extracts a subset of a space time vector dataset.
  • G70:t.vect.export: new - Export a space time vector GRASS specific archive file
  • G70:t.vect.import: new - Import a space time vector dataset archive file
  • G70:t.vect.list: new - Lists registered maps of a space time vector dataset.
  • G70:t.vect.observe.strds: new - Observes specific locations in a space time raster dataset over a period of time using vector points.
  • new - Prints attributes of vector maps registered in a space time vector dataset.
  • G70:t.vect.what.strds: new - Store raster map values at spatial and temporal positions of vector points as vector attributes.
  • G70:t.vect.univar: new - Calculates univariate statistics of attributes for each registered vector map of a space time vector dataset
Bash and Python Scripts

Screenshot wxGUI graphical modeler

All Bash scripts known from GRASS GIS 6 have been converted to Python for portability and speed reasons. Users may obviously continue to run their shell scripts as before. Furthermore a completely new Python interface has been developed.

Major module changes

Removed modules

Some modules present in GRASS GIS 6 have been removed due to architecture changes or replacements:

Renamed modules

A few modules have been renamed for overall consistency:

Option changes: flags and parameters harmonized

With the goal of standardization and ease of use, flags and parameters have been harmonized:

  • see change list
  • old parameter names are still recognized, and the user receives a notification about the respective new parameter name.

Minor module changes

GUI changes

  • stability and usability fixes, portability fixes
  • new GUI modules Graphical User Interface
  • wxGUI/SQLBuilder: better support of MS-Windows
  • updated to better support wxPython3

Library changes

Map projection changes

  • stability fixes (upper case and UK/US notions)
  • automated line vertex densification for vector data

Portability changes

  • MS-Windows: 64bit compliant; default prompt changed to cmd.exe
  • Mac OSX, IBM/AIX, SUN/Solaris, FreeBSD, netBSD, Hurd: stability fixes
  • Python 3 compatibility fixes
  • wxPython 3 compatibility fixes

Manual pages

  • Many more examples and screenshots added
  • Improved CSS
  • Table of content (TOC) added to all module pages
  • New index of G70:keywords
  • New index of G70:topics

Message translation updates

  • Many languages updated with many new translations (see stats)

GRASS GIS 7 Addons

Many new addons are available:

Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

#96 column option broken
v.rast.stats calls defunct "r.cats"
#222 gns broken in grass 7.0 trunk
trunk compile error: static declaration of ‘encoding’ follows non-static declaration
cairo compilation error
broken (d.)barscale
python swig bindings for 7.0 svn noyt working on ubuntu install
'Set computational region from display' button in doesn't change region settings
'Zoom to saved region' button on Map Display gives error
wxgui 'Save display geometry to named region' button gives error
cairo driver: labels are not rendered
wxGui gives error with xy location
grass_nviz.LoadSurface not returning id when called a 2nd time
lib/cairodriver uses FontConfig but doesn't link against it
raster data needs binary mode on windows
grass7: cannot start grass with -text and no existing .grassrc7
grass7: XY-location makes g.region segfault
g.mapsets error in wxpython
memory corruption in vector modules
Raster query in wxGUI
ftbfs: g.cairocomp
python_grass7 compilation
#569 compilation error due to freetype
WinGRASS: $GISBASE/etc/gui/scripts/ require something like $(EXE) to run
make errors (missing demolocation)
g.extension: default url should not point to grass7
make htmldocs fails with "cannot stat `gisliblib.dox': No such file or directory"
wxnviz tools panels broken - old pages overwrite new pages
v.buffer2 segfault: in Vect_get_isle_points()
Error compiling nviz in grass7 trunk
i.rgb.his, i.his.rgb: propagate NULLs
wxgui loading error for GRASS7 on Ubuntu 9.10
Preferences not saved
g.extension does not work on a Mac
Error linking GeoTiff file with r.external
wxgui: fails with make -j
GRASS 7: make install fails with --prefix
Wingrass7 - compiling errors
wingrass7 - wxgui not starting
Wingrass7 - ImportError: No module named grass - Fix PYTHONPATH?
v.delaunay gives wrong z coordinate values if input data has duplicate points
wxGUI no longer starts automatically when GRASS 7 starts
d.vect: unneeded warning
cairo driver: d.legend colors all broken
png driver: support for .bmp files?
#944 strip out & key shortcut hint
wxGUI vector layer field broken
v.krige does not run in GRASS 7
Unable to scroll map selection dropdown lists with mouse scroller
v.db.update error
WxGUI startup screen fails if GISDBASE path contains non-latin characters
WinGrass7 - disable LFS
r.param.scale outputs wrong values in last (bottom) row
WinGrass7: starting grass by fails
WinGrass7 - wxgui error
Problems starting grass7 from tcsh
WinGrass7 + pythonhome/pythonpath
generic linux binaries lack startup script
#1039 segmentation fault using full path name
neta lib Makefile deps
Compile error in gui/wxpython using make -j8
Build of 7.0.SVN dont work
wxGUI: No menu option for r.mapcalc
r.cats doesn't exit
#1064 fails to load coastline from NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center
Typo in Bulk raster import for USGS ASCII DEM (.dem)
Creating a new Vector Layer for digitize crashes grass with sys.excepthook
$GRASS_BATCH_JOB isn't executed
"Attribute Table Manager" not show data and v.extract doesn't work
Wingrass7 - versioned libgrass needed for start, unversioned libgrass needed for wxnviz
please docment inputs for i.sunshine
missing database function in python
WinGrass7 + scripts are not found in the command line
grass7 wxGUI fails to start as can't find embeddedimage
WinGrass7 - wxgui not starting
WinGrass7 - NVIZ not working
3D view crashing when started with vector data
Global LFS for wingrass
WinGrass - 3D view mode crashes
GLWindow.OnPaint() broken on Windows
Problem with graduated point symbols
r.drain hangs using an r.walk surface
WinGrass: compiling against osgeo4w's gdal17 fails
tools/ bug
WinGrass7 - v.krige not working
wxgui quits when starting vdigit
r.univar not compiling in GRASS 7
v.rast.stats returns error: global name 'vector' is not defined
g.mapsets access from menu broken
r.mask broken
Error in db.droptable
<suppress_required/> in r.out.gdal
polygon creation does not seem to be working
r.thin may be broken
#1250 -v flag creates corrupt file
tweaking new feature in file selection drop-down of layer manager
wingrass7 - i.aster.toar - compiling error
#1254 error
Georectifier: RMS broken
import raster dialog bugs
d.vect has problems
Error on zoom to selected [vector] map
i.cluster not working with a high sample count
"Silk" error on display wxGUI manager
g.dirseps breaks non-latin file/folder names on Windows
Text doesn't display for d.legend and d.barscale
g.extension don't list any extension to install
grass.core.find_program() problem with ssh and other
wxpython GUI closes suddenly
Import raster files - Batch import
setPrompt: command not found in GRASS7-svn
Save display geometry to named region does not support diacritics
osgf generates error compiling on Mac OS X
wxnviz command not compiling
r.fill.nulls seems to be failing in GRASS 7
wxGUI console chokes on r.mapcalc command in GRASS 7
WxNviz is crashing in GRASS 7 svn
wingrass7 nightly build crash on start
v.dissolve not working
error in python from wxNVIZ
v.colors resetting vector display
Legend, Zoom to map, Map analysis and Map query does not work in Python wxgui using command line d.mon + d.rast
Bug on v.buffer
python libs shouldn't parse freeform text fields with parse_key_val()
GRASS 7 nightly build: Python script commands not shown from GUI (missing Python collections module)
OSGeo4W-GRASS: r.shaded.relief starts Windows XP mode (VM)
#1499 in trunk doesn't write the output map
plots combo-box
#1523 segfaults with atype and btype area
#1524 selects only with lines and centroids
r.mapcalc within a FCELL mask cell_values_float: xdr_float failed
g.list segmentation fault
wxGUI will not start
r.colors Makefile: help page missing rules with underscores in the name
GRASS help not displayed from GUI menu in GRASS 7
#1576 broken by window split
GRASS 7 manual: index.html not generated any more
output map GUI pulldown broken
v.krige won't load: ImportError: No module named globalvar
cartographic composer doesn't work properly with vector data
winGrass 7 error
cannot overwrite existing vector with r.contour
v.proj: split_q.c:69: RTreeClassify: Assertion `!p->taken[i]' failed. in the same projection
wingrass7: i.spectral -error
r.patch in GRASS 7 does not respect region settings
overwrite flag not mentioned in help file r.mask
GRASS 7: segmentation fault
GRASS7: crash
xref and yref have no effect in d.vect labels in GRASS 7
r.regression.line F-test incorrect
r.proj w/ OpenMP segfaults
WXGUI vector editing fails with python unicode error
#1694 tries to allocate way too much memory
zoom out centering problem
column selector for v.distance in wxGUI doesn't work
GRASS 7 cli startup enters into write protected/not owned mapset
Segfault in r.proj
r.resamp.rst broken in GRASS 7
r.viewshed doesn't compile in GRASS 7
Language switch on wxGUI doesn't affect all strings
Wrong key in option G_OPT_F_SEP
WXGUI layer manager window doesn't show all menubar entries
d.vect fails to use user specified layer
Typing '= in a WXGUI Command prompt results in a ValueError
r.statistics search for r.stats "fs" parameter
LD_SEARCH_FLAGS incorrect for NetBSD
unable to save display of d.rast.num
Map selection expand broken
#1775 does not respect mask
Python error by startup
Typing in g.region without parameters does not open a g.region window
#1779 output map has features' cat values in layer 2, but table connected to layer 1
#1780 betweenness centrality seems wrong
wingrass7: installing addons by wxgui-extensions manager fails
Profile Analysis Tool Problems
gui modeler: cannot load file with r.mapcalc expression containing '&&' operator
r3.colors list map name under "optional"
WXGUI r3.mapcalc adds layer to layer manager as a raster layer
segmentation fault in v.distance db_describe_table
wingrass7: some db.*-modules fails with dbf as db-backend
Selecting multiple columns in window does not work
g.remove WXGUI interface causes buffer overflow in g.findfile
g.remove wxGUI version generates "Illegal filename" warnings
gui crashes when setting color table
Map Swipe
wxGUI location wizard imports 3D Shapefile as 2D
r.tileset only returns one tile
v.kernel's "Standard deviation in map units" field is not clear
wxgui d.vect: layer option should show default applied (1), not -1
R_command_history() memory leak
segmentation fault in v.patch
wingrass: db_open_select_cursor fails for DBF driver.
v.buffer: strange result for lines
Query vector map tool does not work
#1847 creates vector map of extend or raster map / region
#1848 from stdin
Missing parameter in examples help file
d.rast does not work with monitors created with d.mon
d.legend kills wx monitor started with d.mon
inconsistancy g.parser on command console and command line
d.mon is broken
#1861 should exclude path to self
Corrections GRASS 7.0 help files db.connect and v.db.connect
broken db driver communication in winGRASS 7
v.external not compiling
g.mapset now broken
wingrass7: - ERROR: Unable to load GDAL python bindings
#1872 doesn't work on Windows
latitudinal bias in sample points created with r.random
Error at generating plot statistics within histogram tool
new query display needs to update on mouse click
#1883 gives bad result
grass7 - cairodriver fails to detect right architecture - OSX 10.8
r.proj - from CELL to DCEL format
r.terraflow won't run
d.graph in console tries to add mapset
limiting display vector map using cats doesn't work
v.mkgrid near ",": syntax error, no batch insert
v.hull bit broken output on wingrass
g.mapset warns of illegal filename in mapset= but creates the mapset anyway.
v.out.ogr: problem to export certain column(s)
Missing $(RASTERLIB) $(RASTERDEP) in vector/
v.overlay ends with sigsegv in cut lines by polygon
v.overlay ends with sigsegv in cut lines by polygon
wxGUI fails with Japanese locale --> mixed Python installs on Windows
#1943 LOC_CHECK_LIB_PATH() does nothing?
r.fillnulls / use of segmax and npmin disarranged
Cartographic Composer: Raster map is not shown in preview
#1958 stops importing after 20000 characters
#1972 wrapper fails with UnicodeEncodeError
v.rast.stats: running generates "Unable to fetch interface description for command" error
wingrass: permission denied to open
i.pca - problem with output name
i.landsat.toar for grass-dev is missing the option for landsat8
wxgui: vector colors menu confused with raster one
Missing file association dialog pops up all the time
ogsf compilation error
r.volume gives wrong results on G7
#2026 window too wide
wxgui doesn't allow to query invisible map layers
r.mapcalc does not always respect MASK
GUI crashes on launch for newly compiled binary for Mac OS X
wingrass7: v.db.addcolumn fails in attribute table manager
wxgui: error attempting to display imported raster map that was imported as three bands
r.recode: 0.0 or 1.0 as limits do not seem to be taken into account
d.vector command failed for vector points
Unable to make a deepcopy of a pygrass Module object
grass70 not detecting latest source build of libLAS (1.7.0)
PyGRASS grid calls g.region at import time
Unable to load workspace.gxw in 3D View
Browse in and causes entire GUI to crash
wingrass7: no manifest files
G7: digitizer python error
i.landsat.toar doesn't take into account the resolution difference between panchromatic and the other bands.
r.series error in GRASS7 wxGUI
v.category option=del doesn't delete any categories
#2098 gari wrong formula?
default temporal database
error registering maps outside mapset
t.* modules fail on Windows
wxGUI: failed to show legend when PIL is missing
Create standard options for map or file base name (prefix)
wxGUI: unable to stop running module
g.parser does not allow newline character in option value for Python scripts
wxGUI network analysis tool: fails to launch in French locale
t.register fails to register maps with relative time stamp set by r/v/r3.timestamp module
Mosaic of multiple images deresolves the original Data
Cannot call Python scripts from Python on MS Windows
g.gui.* modules which use temporal framework leave processes after exiting
r.viewshed fails on large raster: mktemp provides only 26 unique file names
m.measure segfaults for unknown units
Option to zoom to computational region missing in GRASS 7
Memory error in G_matrix_inverse
create .grass7 directory at startup
g.gui.animation fail to create gif
v.centerpoint: Error in `v.centerpoint': realloc(): invalid next size
v.centerpoint: no categories in output vector
MySQL Error during '' in GRASS 7 SVN (2014-01-31)
Make Fails on Manpages GRASS GIS 7.0.svn 58873M
GRASS fails to start on Windows since r58807
PyGRASS Module does not work on Windows
v.centerpoint: line centers get all cat values from 1 to respective line
g.gui.iclass doesn't work
r.cost coordinate parameter needs to be changed to start_coordinates
r.ros fails with -s flag with invalid descriptor error
unable to start GRASS GIS 7
g.gui.iclass raise a PyAssertionError
Map display fails to display top layer if 29 or more layers are in the list
Windows startup broken
animator fails to render a second time
Location wizard fails on EPSG 3049
d.vect fails to update layer list on map selection
r.param.scale crashes during compile for revision 59387 on Ubuntu 12.0.4 x64
wxGUI: raster importer single file GdalImportDialog crash after import
d.text unsupported from command line
WinGRASS doesn't allow to close console window
No projection for web service layer
Clicking on layer group in layer manager gives error
t.create creates DB always in the PERMANENT
wxGUI: encoding error in French locale when trying to delete layer with opacity level set
t.create fails when mapset name contains a dash
t.rast.univar fails when r.univar fails
lib/rst/qtree.c compilation error
t.list doesn't respect search path
g.gui.timeline datasets with the same name
wingrass71: rendering problems with raster layers automatically added by finished modules
t.rast.aggregate unnecessaryly slow with limited number of maps
Repetitive d.rast calls for wx0 monitor from command line
Duplicate calls to d.rast when using wx monitor and d.rast command line
v.colors not working
Wrong file permissions for on Windows (was: Grass not starting)
Python not quitting on exit
G7: parameter inconsistency r.resamp.bspline vs.
G7.0svn: recent d.legend update breaks d.mon, d.rast.leg etc
d.vect: size<1 makes points disappear when using size_column
Map name completion in wxGUI console
G7: t.* modules suboptimal flag name -h, change to -c
PyGRASS doesn't write 3D vector map
r.proj - 'MapsetSelect' object has no attribute 'SetItems'
Rename i.landsat.rgb
G7: deprecate r.los in favour of r.viewshed
g.version segfaults when the build is not perfect
Strange behaviour with on GRASS GIS 7
missing g_parser_test.png
GRASS 7 on windows starts with minimized CMD window
wxGUI mapswipe: refresh issue
d.legend: integer map legends should not be flipped upside-down
font setting for map display broken on Mac
Startup runs as in Cygwin when CYGWIN is set although running as native application
$GISBASE/etc/gui to $GISBASE/gui
cairo driver fails to create surface
winGRASS: G_calloc error in
WXGUI-3D view, workspace not saving all the position changes made
Rename i.tasscap to i.landsat.tasscap?
r.cost doesn't finish on Windows
vector_what fails with multiple layer/cat
g.list -f ignores mapset parameter
v.out.postgis: Unsupported geometry type / Unable to write feature in vector map
zooming by mouse doesn't work
rendering vector in map display freezes when fonts is changed in GUI options: map display
wxgui: list of db columns only becomes available after entering layer number by hand
r.unpack/v.unpack: add sanity check for auto-detecting if pack file contains raster or vector data
r.param.scale slow on Windows when there is no data in raster
wxgui: Unknown tag subtoolbox when launching the gui
wxgui digitizer "update categories" dialog is not closable
G7: vector network toolbox crash
Duplicate band name in i.atcorr/iwave.cpp
g.gui.iclass: temp maps are not erased when tool is closed
v.neighbors: "No points found" error while using points map
EPSG code not saved in PROJ_EPSG
wxgui file import wizards: all files should be defined as '*', not '*.*'
r.out.gdal -t creates offset values in raster table for integer grids with values beginning with 1
wxdigit: "don't save" is not respected
wxdigit: wrong undo & redo
v.db.addcolumn, bad parser syntax in script causes error, cascades to other modules
d.vect.thematic won't write grassrgb values, ERROR: You must provide <sql> or <input> option
KeyError: 'endcolor' in d.vect.thematic
d.vect.thematic, "Neither MONITOR (managed by d.mon command) nor" error
d.vect.thematic, d.thematic.area in GRASS 7.0
r.relief not in menu
r.shade not in menu
v.dissolve only dissolve attribute table but not topology
module GUIs: selected group not taken into account in created command line
r.slope.aspect converts to meters
v.external wxgui wizard: ValueError : need more than 3 values to unpack
#2539 error importing shapefiles: ValueError : too many values to unpack
wxgui vector import wizard: ValueError : too many values to unpack
wxGUI adding text : PyAssertionError : C++ assertion "!m_cols || idx < (size_t)m_cols" failed at ../src/common/sizer.cpp(1980) in AddGrowableCol(): invalid column index
Failed to query vector maps from map display
unable to remove raster map after using it as a mask
#2547 should report stats even if there is no attribute table (or at least fail more gracefully)
Wrong quartiles in
GRASS 7.0 RC1 wxGUI: fails to launch in Spanish locale (UnicodeEncodeError)
Various typo fixes
7.0.0 beta & RC tarballs contain precompiled Python objects
Upper-lower case issues with sqlite driver and affect on v.db.reconnect.all
Treat GNU/Hurd & GNU/kFreeBSD as Linux in SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS
#2583 crash on Windows
wxGUI digitizer: error when adding a new column
t.create fails to create/overwrite a new strds

Closed wishes since the last release

r.statistics: allow output to file and frequency count
Add a flag for subgroup listing in
Request for r.edit
g.copy/g.rename help message
import all files within a directory
hidden tabs are hard to spot in wxGUI module windows
Uniform order for "at=" screen coordinates in d.* modules
v.mkgrid: lines not areas
r.watershed with MFD
wish for new module:
wxGUI g.region no longer gives format description
v.out.ascii: new flag to output column headers
v.clean GUI enhancement
add a scripting console
make the compilation process print-out/ look nicer :-)
add menu location to help pages
segment lib does not use LFS
#848 allow direct input from stdin
v.db.dropcolumn: allow column= opt to accept multiples
Add a "change language" option in GRASS GUI
improve module wxGUI tab logic
r.mapcalc lacks add to layer
g.transform: dump coeffs and transform sparse points
v.univar: please add support for geometry statistics
r.out.png: respect TRANSPARENT and COMPRESSION enviro vars
[Patch] add option to d.vect to make symbol size proportionate to square root of size_column
WxGUI should provide area measurement tool
#1021 multiple files are merged when using only dsn= without layer=
Adding group creation to r.external
optional histogram sidebar for legends
Merge DB connet/DB Login/DB Test in one module
v.split needs metric lengths options in LAT/LON
Request for a v.count.points grass module
WinGrass - load R-installation-path dynamically into PATH
v.mkgrid: replace grid= parameter with size= (as in d.grid)
Change default calculation in r.sun to include topographic shadowing
#1247 should provide SQL WHERE filtering option
g.remove deletes raster maps by default: could delete the wrong map
GSoC* modules should have nlayer option
r.watershed large grids
v.outlier - distinguish positive and negative outlier filtering from lidar point clouds
Introduction of spatial and temporal vertical units for raster3d maps and
i.tasscap speedup
Recognition of standard option G_OPT_M_DIR in wxGUI
GRASS ctypes exception handling
v.extract: allow direct transformation of centroids to points
v.what.rast: allow use of centroids in addition to points
RFE: add new batch= command line option to main grass7 startup script
v.mkgrid should offer breaks option for vertical lines too
wxGUI interface to g.mlist
r.watershed: multiple outlets points at once for watershed delineation
v.out.ascii: export all columns
proposal: make -a flag the default behaviour for g.region
Map Swipe - Add option to export the display to graphics file (PNG)
Manual of v.extract slightly deprecated
v.buffer: allow selection options to create buffer only for selected features
v.hull: should not be region sensitive
Change in input for graph function in r.mapcalc
wxGUI should offer a vector geometry query tool
New d.mon doesn't allow querying
Allow user to override MAPSET ownership check
r.mask: allow use of vector map as input
grass7 wxgui query: allow copying individual elements from query results
g.gui.animation: parallel rendering with d.rast and d.vect
Moving g.pnmcomp to lib/display to improve render performance of wxGUI
wxgui data import wizard: format choice before import really necessary ?
NC demolocation should include sqlite dirs in mapsets
#2051 add option to not create attribute table if -v flag is used
Expand to work with any number of multi-spectral bands
implement drop-down menu for barscale styles
New tool: Ability to draw a region (computation range) from the map display module
wxGUI: changing properties of barscale or legend
Add 3D raster (volume) support to d.legend
Combine r.water.outlet easting=, northing= into coordinates= (G_OPT_M_COORDS) for mouse interactivity in g.gui.
r.reclass.area - added flag to indicate input map is pre-clumped
t.vect.observe.strds for multiple strds
connect error in replacement of $MAPSET
v.rast.stats: allow choice of statistics
Python implementation of g.message
t.vect.observe.strds vector output wirte values in the same layer
Create a general exit-safe interface to C libraries
cd command does not work in GUI Command console
r.sun.hourly: add flag for binary “sun-yes” – >“sun-no” output
Missing explanation geodesic metric in r.grow.distance
Introduce 'do not create attribute table' flag to r.contour
Typo in v.overlay error message
Raster names bivariate scatterplot on axes
g.mremove: add an option to use 'map name exclusion patterns' like is available in g.mlist
minor change in syntax
G7: visualize multiple maps (d.frame replacement)
g.list and g.mlist should be able to handle strds, str3ds, stvds
graphically set up region bounds
Keep pressing Ctrl+C in command line
i.atcorr landsat8 support
Please create an AppData file for GRASS
display commands: add copy button to GUI
wxGUI mapswipe: icon AddLayerRGB wish
r.horizon rename parameters
v.rast.stats: manual updates (esp. GRASS 7.1)
v.generalize should create an error vector map
proposal to rename to (or similar)
r.reclass.area: add option to use r.clump's -d flag
Replace g.list/g.remove with g.mlist/g.mremove
#2473 connection operation
a few new monochrome color tables (should they be backported) ?

Closed tasks since the last release

new attribute in Option struct to allow conditional options requirement
r.texture: flags to method= option
wizard for
add --with-openmp support to ./configure
Add -append option to v.out.ogr
WinGrass7 + v.krige: rpy2 not installed + nightly Wingrass-build
r.terraflow limited to 32bit temp files in WinGrass
#1120 use %.15g etc.
Major G3D library and related modules code review request
add `--with-liblas` to configuration switches when producing on-line manual
winGRASS 7: solve python distribution
Make SUBMITTING files more accessible
Reorganize SUBMITTING files for addons
some temporal modules have empty manual page
t.rast.mapcalc2 x t.rast.mapcalc
last call for options keys consolidation
Functions from CDHC lib have no prefix
Functions from Segment lib have no prefix
remove unused elements from g.list/g.remove
#2500 vs.

Upgrading GRASS database

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