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Python error by startup

Reported by: pvanbosgeo Owned by: martinl
Priority: normal Milestone: 7.0.0
Component: Startup Version: svn-trunk
Keywords: language settings, locales, i18n Cc: grass-dev@…
CPU: x86-64 Platform: Linux


Hi, I just compiled / build GRASS 7.0 from source and got the following error message when starting up GRASS:

Popup 'Python error':

Cannot set locale to ".

Messages on command line:

Failed to set LC_ALL to None.UTF-8

(process:14771): Gdk-WARNING : locale not supported by C library

(process:14771): Gtk-WARNING : Locale not supported by C library.

Using the fallback 'C' locale.

These messages appear twice; directly at start up and then again when the Layer manager and Display open.

My system information:

GRASS version: 7.0.svn GRASS SVN Revision: 53615 GIS Library Revision: 52468 (2012-07-27) GDAL/OGR: 1.9.2 PROJ4: Rel. 4.7.1, 23 September 2009 Python: 2.7.3 wxPython: Platform: Linux-3.5.0-17-generic-x86_64-with-Ubuntu-12.10-quantal

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comment:1 by lucadelu, 12 years ago

Could you return the result of unix command


Thanks Luca

comment:2 by pvanbosgeo, 12 years ago


comment:3 by pvanbosgeo, 12 years ago

This problem started with the latest revision. However, I installed this latest revision after upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10, so perhaps that has broken something concerning the locale?

I see the Milestone is set to 6.4.3. Just to make sure, these problems are with GRASS 7.0, not with GRASS 6.4

comment:4 by pvanbosgeo, 12 years ago

When starting R from within GRASS, I am getting the following lines, which do not show when started R normally (not from within GRASS) from the command line:

During startup - Warning messages: 1: Setting LC_CTYPE failed, using "C" 2: Setting LC_COLLATE failed, using "C" 3: Setting LC_TIME failed, using "C" 4: Setting LC_MESSAGES failed, using "C" 5: Setting LC_PAPER failed, using "C" 6: Setting LC_PAPER failed, using "C" 7: Setting LC_MEASUREMENT failed, using "C"

I am guessing this has the same underlying problem?

in reply to:  description ; comment:5 by martinl, 12 years ago

Replying to pvanbosgeo:

> Popup 'Python error':
> ---------------------
> Cannot set locale to ".

this error should be avoided in r53620. Can you try it out, please?

Messages on command line:

Failed to set LC_ALL to None.UTF-8

Strange, what says

 env | grep LANG


locale -a


in reply to:  2 comment:6 by martinl, 12 years ago

Replying to pvanbosgeo:

> LANG=en_US.UTF-8

do you have this locale installed? Check locale -a...

comment:7 by martinl, 12 years ago

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comment:8 by martinl, 12 years ago

Component: DefaultStartup

in reply to:  5 ; comment:9 by pvanbosgeo, 12 years ago

env | grep LANG:


locale -a

C C.UTF-8 en_AG en_AG.utf8 en_AU.utf8 en_BW.utf8 en_CA.utf8 en_DK.utf8 en_GB.utf8 en_HK.utf8 en_IE.utf8 en_IN en_IN.utf8 en_NG en_NG.utf8 en_NZ.utf8 en_PH.utf8 en_SG.utf8 en_US.utf8 en_ZA.utf8 en_ZM en_ZM.utf8 en_ZW.utf8 POSIX

in reply to:  9 comment:10 by martinl, 12 years ago

Replying to pvanbosgeo:

> locale -a
> en_US.utf8

your currently used locale seems to be available. Hm, strange.

comment:11 by pvanbosgeo, 12 years ago

just tried r53623 and only one error message on the command line (Failed to set LC_ALL to None.UTF-8 (unsupported locale setting)). No pop-up window with error message anymore and no error messages when starting R from within GRASS.


comment:12 by hamish, 11 years ago


comment:13 by wenzeslaus, 10 years ago

Keywords: locales i18n added

comment:14 by marisn, 10 years ago

Paulo, could you, please, try GRASS 7 after r59176 ? I changed a bit language overriding code in startup script to avoid problems like you had and still be able to keep language override.

in reply to:  14 comment:15 by pvanbosgeo, 10 years ago

Hi Marisn,

Yes, there is no error message anymore.. thanks!

Should I mark this ticket as fixed, or will you do that?


comment:16 by neteler, 10 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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