GRASS GIS 6.4.3 Release Candidate 1


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Overview of changes

Key improvements of the GRASS 6.4.3RC1 release include enhanced portability for MS-Windows (native support), fixes for the wxPython based portable graphical interface, improvements for the Python API, more translations, and some new functionality (image processing tools).

Since the 6.4.0 release in September 2010 more than 1700 source code modifications have been made to the 6.4 release branch. Between 6.4.2 and the current 6.4.3RC1 more than 370 updates have been applied.

New modules

  • i.landsat.acca - Performs Landsat TM/ETM+ Automatic Cloud Cover Assessment (ACCA).
  • i.landsat.toar - Calculates top-of-atmosphere radiance or reflectance and temperature for Landsat MSS/TM/ETM+.
  • i.modis.qc - Extracts quality control parameters from Modis QC layers.

Major module changes

  • r.grow.distance - backport of geodetic distance support
  • d.vect - display area labels also when centroids are not displayed
  • r.watershed - fix drainage directions

Minor module changes

  • r.distance - bugfix #1731
  • r.out.gdal - fix output standard option
  • r.recode - use title option
  • - bugfix #970
  • - support whitespace in dsn and layer
  • v.distance - always sort results for -a
  • v.reclass - bugfix #548
  • v.transform - bugfix #1615
  • v.what - fix segfault when querying multiple maps
  • v.what.rast - fix fp precision

GUI changes


Library changes

  • allocate enough space for a 3D coord (#1311)
  • export floats and doubles with correct precision (#335)
  • do not try to (un)compress GDAL-linked maps
  • iostream library: bugfix #1714
  • new symbol: extra/n_arrow4 (view)
  • support for more recent FFMPEG lib versions
  • strncpy doesn't always null-terminate (#1315)

Map projection changes

  • fix for undetected geodetic datums

Portability changes


  • USERPROFILE is a runtime variable, not an installer variable

(Mac OSX)

  • n/a


  • n/a

Message translation updates

  • Many languages updated with many new translations (see stats)

Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

#173 truncate cnames to first word
#175 labelcol= SegFaults and ignored
d.vect.chart: render mode for lines and fills don't line up
vdigit: don't force 'cat' as the key column name
nviz_cmd produces images with 1 pixel size
#372, error when using it with cost point (ncolumn)
v.generalize: hermite, boyle corrupt data
Tcl interp->result deprecated
wx NVIZ prints debug info to terminal
r.terraflow/iostream does not respect STREAM_DIR option
r.cost warning on negative values
grass7 - v.reclass with sqlite driver: "Cannot step: SQL logic error or missing database"
v.distance -a with upload=to_attr and table= option: problems in table creation and value upload
v.edit returns incorrect results on Windows
r.random and r.reclass - buffer overflow on long mapset/map names
#968 problem with memory allocation
#1029 make LFS safe
Crash on startup directly after install (wrong copy of python dll picked up)
wx wms import tool error
i.landsat.toar: metadata file reading doesn't like TM5 from GloVis
make install gives sed error in r43810
Grass New User MacOS Snow Leopard
d.vect -a flag locks up the wxGUI on windows
wxGUI command layer broken and unusable
r.sunmask buffer overflow
wingrass: Error in Attribute Table Manager
zipped HGT Import fails on wingrass as "unzip" isn't in the package
Profile tool incorrectly processes no data values
Module dialog offers tab close button but no undo or tab open button
WXGUI raster map calculator should quote map names
WGUI doesn't strip quotes from map name when adding to layer manager after module run
DebCheck QA: Buffer access out-of-bounds
[GEM] DebCheck QA: Buffer overrun possible for long cmd-line args
DebCheck QA: Dangerous usage (strncpy doesn't always 0-terminate it)
DebCheck QA: Deallocating a deallocated pointer
./configure with ffmpeg x86_64 - problem, with workaround
When GRASS is launched it stops because the MSVCR71.DLL is not found
#1414 broken for data version 2.2.0
GRASS 6.4.1 won't compile against FFmpeg 0.8
WinGRASS + how to deliver Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (vcredist)?
v.out.ascii with sql where option exports only centroids and not areas
Location Wizard's misleading label for XY new location creation method
nviz fails to launch from the command line
references to g.echo in devbr6
CPU dramatically increases while digitizing, no console output
osgeo4w and qgis builds: path settings to msys on wingrass find wrong 'sort'
wxGUI Cartographic Composer: preview broken on Windows
make error in gui/images no directory created because of wrong pattern matching
wxGUI: command console with no map display open causes error
Map display: saving image with scale and legend
wxgui will not start
Graphical Modeller italian translation error (Modallo->Modello)
new vector map crashing GUI in 6.4.3 svn
misc. spelling errors in documentation
Error in i.points
WXGUI regression. d.vect by default incorrectly says that it's displaying vectors from all layers
WXGUI d.vect doesn't offer all vector map layers in a dropdown list
WXGUI regression - attribute query tool reports "nothing found" when clicking on a vector object
r.mapcalc won't do anything
#1613 returns a ParseError
WXGUI regression - attribute table management doesn't work
Regression - v.transform fails to create a 3D map, crashes on Windows
WXGUI selecting to render a map and map selection bind to same event in layer manager
WXGUI identify tool on vector layer triggers map canvas rendering even if it's disabled
#1629 - odbc-driver - access-database: not working
g.gui error on startup of March 24th 6.4.3 snapshot
Unable to display shapefile attribute table due to pipe characters in dbf field
r.pack and fully qualified input
wingrass: launching wxNviz fails
no way to set icon parameter through d.vect menu
GRASS 6.4.2: crash on Fedora 16
Map display Query Vector tool fails
Trunkated cellsize when exporting rasters to arc ascii grid (r.out.arc)
problem compiling r.terraflow with g++ 4.7.0
Loading addon v.strahler produces an error message
v.proj - Error in pj_do_transform
LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: Trying to remove a child that doesn't believe we're it's parent.
grass/script/ errors
Grass GIS wxPython startup error
clang: compile error in ami_stream
Bad string in wxpython gui
#1690 `dbf` proc segfaults if MAPSET/dbf/ dir is missing
calling a script within a script failing on Windows XP
Error message v.db.dropcol (Add-On Path)
Exiting GUI leaves minimized CMD window open
wingrass6.4.3svn: changing vector point symbol doesn't work
wingrass: python crashes by quit GUI after using 3D view in map display
wingrass: open attribute table fails
g.manual does not run html browser in background
New PC Win Win7 64 bit software doenst start
Plot settings in profiler now broken
i.class program fails to create a new signature file
r.terraflow does not compile
Man pages not created for addons
#1727 not work on Window 7 64 bit
Add 3d raster does not open GUI
GRASS 6.4.2 libgdal (GDAL 1.9.1) Disconnect
r.distance maps field needs to permit multiple maps selection
Windows users cannot access manage table controls in attribute manager
Cannot view vector table in wxGUI
Map Display Output Save Issue
Location wizard creating incorrect locations for selected projections and datums
V.Distance Command Problem
g.extension fails again on Mac
variable length array error in r.terraflow with clang
wingrass6.x: addons' manual tab not there in wxgui
color selection for d.vect.chart only affects first data column
reference to 6.4.2 in
wingrass6.4.3svn: raster3d problems
v.kernel is very slow
#1801 fails in GRASS6.4.3
GRASS 6.4.3RC1 on Win 7: grass64.bat fails due to UNIX line endings in Init.bat
Non-english Username
interrupting a command with CTRL+c closes wxGUI
WinGRASS -- Multiple Map Display Lockup?
Measure Distance - Bearing
backport r47878 (set field width for string columns in v.out.ogr) to grass6 ?
d.rast.edit error when attempting to edit a raster
grass-6.4.2 doesn't compile with tk-8.6.0
Cannot create a new GRASS Location using a custom proj4 string
Misalignment of an imported .asc raster
error using GRASS
Wrong output of v.overlay.and between lines and polygon in 6.4.3
startup error reported by program
change color field to text for d.vect.chart
wxPy loc'n wiz: don't auto-launch into PERMANENT
wingrass: launch grass terminal fails
d.vect on re-opening switches to default layer
r3.mapcalc fails with "unable to fetch interface description"
wingrass installer problems: missing DLLs
wingrass6.4.3svn: vector digitizing - a sort of incomplete
Import modules allow to import into northern UTM location southern data
map calculator inserts if when int is selected
Possible infinite loop in (present in 6.4.3RC2)
Map loader just shows maps of current and PERMANENT mapset
after v.transform gives incorrect length
r.univar segfault on map with massive values
wxGUI command console: "Protocol" isn't really the right word & cleanup
wingrass - nsis - script in release mode: !define SVN_REVISION "@GRASS_VERSION_SVN@" not set
wingrass: python missing from extrabin
wingrass: demolocation includes .svn/ cruft
wingrass: %APPDATA%/GRASS6/grassrc6 and rc files
module gui doesn't release if no map display window
wingrass wx carto composer: adding north arrow causes Error and traceback
wxNVIZ: error if no raster map selected
wxPy loc'n wiz: doesn't allow ellipsoid without datum
traceback error in wxgui on save command output
64bit LFS support for G_ftell() and PRI_OFF_T gis.h
buffer overflow in
export error in osgeo4w/grass.tmpl
wxGUI: traceback in map selection drop down
wxGUI carto composer: traceback on exit
WxGUI, menu does not work at all (languages using double-byte characters)
r.kappa: output file saving error on Windows
Missing libintl-8.dll from all Windows binaries
GRASS shuts down after 4th toar band

Closed wishes since the last release

allow display of area labels without displaying centroids
Small enhancements and bug fixes for v.out.ogr
snap parameter in's manual not explained
wxgui vector query doesn't work for maps without attribute table
g.region shrink / expand parameter
#1577 - "calculated" mainchannel vs. "real" mainchannel
better explanation of the concept of layers in the vectorintro.html file
#1650 - add sequence output
WXGUI About GRASS dialog should allow to copy version information
v.univar: add sum
improve signal to noise ratio in the build logs
make CSV/spreadsheet ready

Closed tasks since the last release

#1495 man page needs new example: OnEarth WMS server has shut down
please donate a translation for the desktop icon comment
Distance analysis
help starting with GRASS GIS in
wingrass: replace rxvt with conhost.exe

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