GRASS GIS 6.4.2 Release


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Overview of changes

Since the 6.4.0 release in September 2010 more than 1300 source code modifications have been made to the 6.4 release branch. Between 6.4.1 and the current 6.4.2 more than 770 updates have been applied.

New modules

  • i.topo.corr - Computes topographic correction of reflectance in satellite imagery
  • m.nviz.image - Creates a 3D rendering of GIS data (renamed from nviz_cmd)
  • - Computes the shortest path between all pairs of nodes in the network
  • - Computes bridges and articulation points in the network
  • - Computes degree, centrality, betweeness, closeness and eigenvector centrality measures in the network
  • - Computes strongly and weakly connected components in the network
  • - Computes vertex connectivity between two sets of nodes in the network
  • - Computes shortest distance via the network between the given sets of features
  • - Computes the maximum flow between two sets of nodes in the network
  • - Computes minimum spanning tree for the network
  • - Finds shortest path using timetables

Major module changes

  • g.extension - Many improvements and a new GUI extension manager; better support for building and installing add-ons when the GRASS source code is not available
  • i.rectify - Add new resampling method options to set the target resolution and control memory usage
  • r.regression.line - Rewritten in C (much faster)
  • r.univar, r3.univar - Zonal support; add ability to export as a table and to a file
  • v.generalize - Major bug fixes
  • v.kernel - Add additional kernel functions, equal split on networks
  • v.out.ogr - Transaction support (major speed up for data-sources which support transactions like PostGIS)

Minor module changes

  • d.barscale - Add ability to change font size
  • - Output can be directed to a file
  • g.version - Add ability to output in shell script style
  • i.atcorr - Add support for VGT1_spot4, VGT2_spot5, RapidEye sensors
  • - Add ability to explicitly set byte order (endianness)
  • r.out.bin - Add ability to explicitly set byte order (endianness), number of bytes per cell, and force floating-point output
  • v.out.ogr - Add ability to export to a 3D Shapefile
  • - Change to a more reasonable default smoothing coefficient

GUI changes


  • Major wxGUI update (pictorial overview)
  • Add embedded interactive Python shell (view)
  • Debut of the new Graphical Modeler (view)
  • Debut of the new Cartographic Composer front-end to (view)
  • Debut of the new multi-platform extension manger for community supplied add-on modules (view)
  • Numerous stability fixes including ability to more gracefully handle stale lock-files and missing graphics support
  • Support for languages which use double-byte characters (e.g. Japanese)
  • Make the vector query tool more robust to maps with missing or no data

Library changes

  • New GRASS Python ctypes interface
  • Added Numpy 'arrays' support to GRASS Python Scripting Library
  • GRASS Python Scripting Library - mlist() replaced by mlist_grouped()
  • New vector network library added
  • ODBC driver: fix type mismatch
  • New symbols: extra/n_arrow3, geology/strike_half-bowtie, geology/half-arrow_left, geology/half-arrow_right (view)
  • New color rules: population_dens

Map projection changes

  • Support for alternate ETRS89 spelling

Portability changes


  • Numerous back-end changes and bug fixes making the experience more robust
  • Better support for spaces in path names
  • See the bug-fix-list below for WinGRASS tagged items

(Mac OSX)

  • Offer alternate methods when GNU tool extensions are not available


  • Fix support for make versions older than 3.81

Message translation updates

  • Many languages updated with many new translations (see stats)
  • Improved translation support for NVIZ

Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

libgis and libvect memory leaks
#198 column scanning is borked
wxDigit on windows fails (osgeo4w 6.4.svn)
Digitize tool won't work
Platform.make odd variables settings
WxGUI CMD fails if command contains non-latin letters
wxgui: display labels doesn't work
GRASS 6.4SVN with MSYS fails to start startup screen
v.rast.stats locks up on wingrass
v.digit toolbox - Button text might be hard coded, cannot be translate
#1139 has a problem (only via OSGEO4W package)
Removing vector map in Windows fails with "Unable to delete vector map"
WinGrass: g.extension - problem with path to $GISBASE
r.le.setup fails on WinGRASS due to missing xterm
"d.vect display=attr" imply grass open process but doesn't close them.
wingrass: 'g.region -l' fails when using a NTv2 grid file
db.tables in Windows layer manager does not populate driver field for pg
r.null after in winGRASS does not work properly
wingrass: new wxgui dialog for in windows7 does not show *.shp files
Browse button in WxPython GUIs (for scripts) does not provide a correct file path for WinGRASS
DebCheck QA: Invalid number of character
[wx vdigit] DebCheck QA: Mismatching allocation and deallocation
wxGUI: "UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters" in pl_PL.UTF-8
winGrass: hangs when displaying vector attribute labels
r.out.png uses now hidden libpng structs
wxGUI: Command console": Click here to show search module engine fails
Mismatch between overwrite parameter in GCPManager and v.transform
Missing MSVCR71.dll / MSVCP.dll prevent winGRASS from starting
Error starting wxpython v.digit session
psmap window does not open
wxGUI: vector digitizer: cannot close (empty) vector map
v.out.ogr incorrect output
WxGUI, menu does not work at all (languages using double-byte characters)
scripts/r.fillnulls fails when filename contains spaces
wxGUI crashes if settings file .grasswx6 does not exist
wxGUI Preferences: apply or save settings erases Layer Manager menu
wxGUI output gone
wingrass65 - wxgui compiling error and not starting
r3.univar gives bad results for cell counts
#1392 converts FCELL map data to 0
problem with multiple entry selection
#1399 fills up all available hard drive space when region is not set
preferences apply doesn't seem to do anything
g.extension fails on Mac (maybe other platforms too?)
wxGUI command console does not parse correctly "help" and first parameter
closecell: can't move + quant file error in winGRASS Msys shell
r.sun segfault in mode 2
wxGUI GDAL/OGR Importer: changing format doesn't affect list of layers
Problem with v.digit
Hard Copy Map Utility (wxPython wrapper for text overlay is broken
run model menu item does not seem to work
grass 6.4.svn nightly build fails on startup
r.walk not working in Lambert Conformal Conic projection
error running v.what.vect under Windows/Osgeo4w
Cannot save workspace from wxGUI
wxGUI: legend "hanging", not updated after map change
winGRASS: don't even try to install if C:\Programms\GRASS XX not writable
wxgui About GRASS fails with UnicodeDecodeError
NVIZ shows only English Menu
#1507 & others: -e must only modify the current mapset's WIND file
Misunderstanding with different topology format
Opening a saved workspace doesn't display all layers correctly in 6.4.2RC2
grass crashed on Fedora 14
#1522 fails with multilayer maps
"Diplay/update attributes" can freeze GUI
bug in cartographic composer
Race condition in build system
#1533 fails to build with GCC 4.7
vector_db_select fails with kwargs
winGRASS problems
wxGUI: Common raster formats importer python error for single file
grass python scripts run from grass6 return 1 on success
wxGUI: adding map to layer tree fails for r.mapcalculator and r.shaded.relief
problem starting r.mapcalc from the wxGUI command prompt
(Windows/osgeo4w) libtiff.dll is broken
wxGUI Cartographic Composer: division by zero
v.generalize: strange behaviour on win
#1549 lines not working well?
missing NVIZ translations
WinGRASS: spaces in pathnames for
The options of 'Create histogram of raster map' are not working in wxpython GUI
In GRASS6.4.2RC3 with wxpython GUI the option Add raster cell numbers doesn't work
wingrass: errors while a DB is open results in a zombie dbf.exe

Closed wishes since the last release

svn versions should better reflect svn rev
Add setting to psmap to allow user to define embedded title of ps file
#662 allow --overwrite
Provide visual feedback when loading available vector map list
WxGUI should provide visual feedback when adding new db column
#1133 doesn’t accept more than 10 ‘labels’ instructions
Formula in Raster Map Calc is not working with 'IF' condition, and NOT to have space. Only from GUI after commna.
user-defined tick labels for d.legend (patch included)
v.kernel - equal split on network
confusing error message after grass7 crash
wingrass - change commandline to "windows home"
v.outlier manual page does not refer that the vector needs to be a 3D one

Closed tasks since the last release

wxNviz and wxVdigit missing from 6.4svn
wx gui close shortcuts
backport ctypes to relbr64
FSF postal address
rename nviz_cmd
Wish - update to

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