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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#732 Create German Translation for uDig Quickstart fgdrf task normal OSGeoLive
#782 Internationalization quickstart not indicating right menu for changing keyboard fgdrf task minor OSGeoLive
#833 Redirect if the browser/window language is one of the supported fgdrf enhancement minor OSGeoLive11.0 OSGeoLive
#873 harmonize OSGeo-Contact Information fgdrf task normal OSGeoLive
#874 Translators-Table shows up comments from csv-File fgdrf task normal OSGeoLive
#881 Switch between languages should consider current page fgdrf enhancement normal OSGeoLive
#902 [doc] HTTP 404 If the user hits the same languages twice fgdrf task major OSGeoLive
#1138 Upgrade uDIG latest 1.4.0 release fgdrf task normal OSGeoLive7.0 OSGeoLive
#1368 udig crashes on web tab (xulrunner installation breaks dpkg) fgdrf defect major OSGeoLive8.5 OSGeoLive
#2281 udig currently not working fgdrf defect critical OSGeoLive14.0 OSGeoLive
#1523 52nSOS: DescribeSensor fails for "52NorthWS1" ehjuerrens defect normal OSGeoLive10.5 OSGeoLive
#1935 52nSOS build failure ehjuerrens defect critical OSGeoLive11.0 OSGeoLive
#684 PgRouting demo tables missing from PostGIS dkastl defect normal OSGeoLive
#1139 Upgrade pgRouting to version 2.0.0 dkastl task normal OSGeoLive7.0 OSGeoLive
#1157 pgrouting fails to install after postgis update dkastl defect critical OSGeoLive7.0 OSGeoLive
#1234 pgRouting: PostGIS database ways table bad import os OSM data dkastl defect critical OSGeoLive7.0 OSGeoLive
#956 deegree startup shows errors darkblueb defect normal OSGeoLive6.0RC1 OSGeoLive
#995 osgeo-desktop image needs to be "stretched" darkblueb enhancement normal OSGeoLive7.0 OSGeoLive
#1195 Image iris.jpg is missing darkblueb task normal OSGeoLive7.0 OSGeoLive
#1445 Add Feature City OSM data for GPS Drive darkblueb defect major OSGeoLive9.5 OSGeoLive
#793 Move documentation translations to Transifex cvvergara task critical OSGeoLive14.0 Documentation
#1620 Create a Travis continuous integration script for documentation cvvergara enhancement critical OSGeoLive12.0 OSGeoLive
#2043 Make develop/overview like master/overview cvvergara task normal OSGeoLive11.0 Documentation
#2237 Download and save translated strings cvvergara task normal OSGeoLive
#2243 presentation error cvvergara task normal Documentation
#2254 [translations] Actions & travis cvvergara task normal OSGeoLive14.0 Documentation
#2308 Update Overview cvvergara task normal OSGeoLive
#436 apt-get install -y camerons task normal OSGeoLive
#721 add pycsw to LiveDVD camerons task normal OSGeoLive
#946 doc/index.html not redirecting to doc/en/index.html camerons defect blocker OSGeoLive
#998 R demo portion fails, add more geo packages barryrowlingson enhancement normal OSGeoLive12.0 OSGeoLive
#1889 backdrop image for 10.5 bakaniko task blocker OSGeoLive10.5 OSGeoLive
#2109 Update presentation for 12.0 bakaniko task blocker OSGeoLive12.0 OSGeoLive
#701 php5-gd is missing - is needed by Mapbender astrid_emde task normal OSGeoLive
#1075 Mapbender password astrid_emde defect normal OSGeoLive6.5 OSGeoLive
#1350 Mapbender3 Apache ALIAS does not work with Apache 2.4 astrid_emde defect normal OSGeoLive8.0 OSGeoLive
#1358 Mapserver not ready for Apache 2.4 astrid_emde defect major OSGeoLive8.0 OSGeoLive
#1436 MapBender demo does not start astrid_emde defect critical OSGeoLive8.5 OSGeoLive
#1738 central maintenance of software version - move version to astrid_emde task normal OSGeoLive10.5 OSGeoLive
#1891 update OSGeo sponsors page astrid_emde task blocker OSGeoLive10.5 OSGeoLive
#1892 Cleanup/update OSGeoLive sponsors astrid_emde task blocker OSGeoLive10.5 OSGeoLive
#2076 send project reminder to all projects and refer to alpha1 and mildestones astrid_emde task normal OSGeoLive13.0 OSGeoLive
#2141 QGIS configuration not yet ported from 2.8.x astrid_emde defect major OSGeoLive13.0 OSGeoLive
#2146 IRC/Slack/Gitter/Matrix - add information about new communication channels astrid_emde task normal OSGeoLive13.0 OSGeoLive
#2255 replacement of mapnik quickstart astrid_emde enhancement critical OSGeoLive14.0 OSGeoLive
#2257 write a quickstart on how to work on the command line astrid_emde task normal OSGeoLive
#2297 OSM Quickstart add information how to download osm data astrid_emde task normal OSGeoLive14.0 OSGeoLive
#2298 update proj4 to proj astrid_emde task major OSGeoLive14.0 OSGeoLive
#2301 Jupyter Overview / Quickstart are not part of our website - find someone to maintain the pages astrid_emde task normal OSGeoLive14.0 OSGeoLive
#2303 documentation: update screenshots for postgis overview/quickstart to pgAdmin4 astrid_emde task blocker OSGeoLive14.0 OSGeoLive
#2304 pgadmin - configure the server to connect to our databases astrid_emde enhancement critical OSGeoLive14.0 OSGeoLive
#2310 update screenshots in Mapbender overview / quickstart astrid_emde task normal OSGeoLive14.0 OSGeoLive
#1078 QGIS Quickstart review — several defects amuriy defect minor OSGeoLive6.5 OSGeoLive
#599 Synaptic GUI Fails alfonx defect major OSGeoLive
#624 livedvd/content.html lists wrong versinos of Geopublsiher and AtlasStyler alfonx defect normal OSGeoLive
#704 MapServer Quickstart - sample Mapfile causes MapServer errors aboudreault@… defect normal OSGeoLive
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