GDAL/OGR 1.6.0

(Detailed notes made from SVN log from r13414 to r15836)

Highlights Summary


  • RFC 20: Preliminary support for alternate axis orientations in SRS.
  • On the fly access to data in .zip and .gz compressed files.
  • RFC 22: Support for reading from, and warping with RPC (Rational Polynomial Coefficients) from various formats.
  • Gaussian and Mode resampling added for overview generation.
  • Added raster to vector (polygon) conversion utility.
  • Added raster proximity utility.
  • Added raster sieve filtering utility.
  • Added -expand rgb/rgba ability to gdal_translate
  • Added cutline / blend support to gdalwarp.
  • Added -segmentize option to ogr2ogr to break long line segments.
  • RFC 23: Preliminary support for character set transcoding (in OGR for now).
  • RFC 21: OGR SQL supports type casting and field name aliasing

New Raster Drivers

  • BLX Magellan Topo Driver (New)
  • EIR Erdas Imagine Raw Driver (New)
  • Oracle GeoRaster Driver (New)
  • GRIB Driver (now part of standard distribution)
  • LCP (FARSITE) Driver (New)
  • Terralib driver (New)

New Vector Drivers

  • Geoconcept Export Driver (New)
  • INGRES RDBMS Driver (New)
  • XPlane/Flightgear Driver (New)

GDAL/OGR 1.6.0 - General Changes

Build (Unix):

  • Added basic support for LDFLAGS
  • Try prefix/lib before prefix/src for proj.4 linking (#1345)
  • Allow specification of a python binary for --with-ogpython (#2258)
  • Added NAS driver config support
  • Fixed Expat detection problem on MinGW (#2050)
  • Fix INST_DATA setting (/share/gdal instead of /share) (#2382)
  • Build MSGN driver on Unix-like platforms
  • Added MSG driver support to EUMETSAT Wavelet Trasform software is only detected on request, option --with-msg specified.
  • Improve cross-compilation
  • Fix linking with HDF4 library when configuring with --with-hdf4 or --with-hdf4=yes (#2602)
  • Fixes for compilation with GCC 4.3

Build (Windows)

  • Default to non-debug builds. Use /GR in pre 1400 builds so that dynamic_cast doesn't just cause an blowout. Use .pdb file with version embedded.
  • Make vc++ builds usable from mingw (#2216)
  • Updated nmake.opt for building with Visual C++ adding /W3 flag for release build and /W4 for debug build.
  • Add VS Makefile for GDAL and OGR DODS drivers (#2383)

Build (All)

  • Remove support for "Panorama" GIS SDK (#2669)


  • RFC 19: Added VSIMalloc2() and VSIMalloc3() API and use them in GDAL drivers
  • RFC 23: Added implementation of recode API
  • Added infrastructure to detect bad arguments to printf-like functions
  • Added CPLHashSet data structure
  • Added quad tree implementation derived from shapelib & mapserv
  • Added support for reading on-the-fly .gz files and .zip files (#1369)
  • Added CSLFindName()
  • Added two new flags to CSLTokenizeString2() function: CSLT_STRIPLEADSPACES and CSLT_STRIPENDSPACES to strip leading and ending spaces from the token.
  • Added CSVGetNextLine() to fetch next record based on just csv filename
  • Added CPL_ACCUM_ERROR_MSG=ON for CPLQuietErrorHandler
  • Added CPL_MAX_ERROR_REPORTS config option (#2409).
  • Added CPL_INLINE macro
  • Added UNREFERENCED_PARAM macro to cpl_port.h.
  • Added CPLGenerateTempFilename()
  • Improve performance of CPLParseXMLString from O(n*n) to O(n) where n is the number of siblings node
  • Fix bug with url encoding in CPLEscapeString() (#2314)
  • Various fixes in CPLList implementation (CPLListInsert and CPLListRemove) (#2134)
  • VSIMEM: added path normalization so everything is converted to forward slashes
  • VSIMEM: prevent file extension, or write/update to files opened in readonly mode
  • cpl_path.cpp: Add CPLAssert to check that the string inputs are not the result static buffer


  • Added a --utility_version that displays the version of GDAL used for compiling the utility and add runtime checks to see if GDAL library is compatible with the utility version

GDAL 1.6.0 - Overview of Changes

Core :

  • RFC 22 : Added RPC and IMD support
  • Added support for computing statistics for datasets with arbitrary overviews in GDALRasterBand::ComputeStatistics()
  • Added Gaussian resampling in overview building (#2137)
  • Added Mode resampling in overview building (#2347)
  • Allow fast NONE overview generation (#2677)
  • Added in GDALRasterBand::GetRasterSampleOverview() and ComputeRasterMinMax() (#2148)
  • Preliminary gmljp2 specific changes to address axis orientation (#2131)
  • Added GDALProxyDataset and GDALProxyRasterBand abstract classes to be able to make proxy datasets and raster bands
  • Added a proxy dataset class, GDALProxyPoolDataset, that differ at the maximum the opening of the underlying dataset and keep the number of simultaneous opened underlying datasets under a limit (similar to what is done in the RPFTOC driver)
  • Migrate GDALRegenerateOverviews() to C API
  • Added GDALDestroyDriver()
  • Added special case in GDALCopyWholeRaster to be more friendly when writing a tiled compressed GeoTIFF (massive reduction of destination file size)
  • Added GDALRegenerateOverviewsMultiBand to process all the bands at the same time to optimize the generations of compressed pixel-interleaved overviews (such as JPEG-In-TIFF). Optimization triggered in some cases for external and internal GeoTIFF overviews. PHOTOMETRIC_OVERVIEW and INTERLEAVE_OVERVIEW config options added for external overviews. -ro option added to gdaladdo to generate external overviews for GeoTIFF. Result : divide by 2 to 3 the size of JPEG-In-TIFF overviews on big RGB datasets
  • Add a new class GDALNoDataValuesMaskBand to create a per-dataset nodata mask band (GMF_PER_DATASET | GMF_NODATA) when the metadata item NODATA_VALUES is found on the dataset (#2149)
  • Added SPARSE_OK option, a avoid sparseness if FALSE (#2632)
  • Fix segfault when building overviews with --config USE_RRD YES (#2145)
  • PAM: save floating point nodata in IEEE floating point binary format
  • Fix division by zero in GDALGetRandomRasterSample (#2429)
  • GDALOpen: Use EOVERFLOW if defined otherwise use hardcoded likely values (#2437)
  • Replace implementation of arrays for maintaining the list of opened shared datasets by a CPLHashSet to avoid O(n*n) complexity
  • Fix GDALRasterBand::IRasterIO fails to read data from dataset when block cache is too small (#2457)
  • Modify GDALFindAssociatedAuxFile() to only select .aux files that have the same raster configuration as the target dataset (PxLxB). (#2471).
  • When available use arbitrary overviews for computations in GDALRasterBand::ComputeRasterMinMax() and GDALRasterBand::GetHistogram().
  • Fix crash in GDALValidateCreationOptions when passed a creation option not in format key=value (#2499)
  • Fix 'GDALNoDataMaskBand::IReadBlock doesn't behave correctly when eWrkDT != eDataType' (#2504)
  • Use nodata masks when generating overviews (#2149)
  • Improve error propagation when GDALRasterBlock::Write() fails (#2524)
  • gdalnodatamaskband: add case for uint16 and uint32 as uint32 - fixes neg. nodata values for these
  • Add a special case for dealing with RasterIO expansion on writes (#773)
  • Add GDALValidateCreationOptions() checks in GDALDriver::Create() and GDALDriver::CreateCopy(). Can be disabled with GDAL_VALIDATE_CREATION_OPTIONS=NO
  • Optimization of GDALCopyWords for transfer from buffer of packed bytes to buffer of bytes with interleaving (#2536)
  • Use BlockBasedRasterIO in GDALDataset::IRasterIO for pixel-interleaved datasets when source and destination have the same size (#2536)
  • PAM: Allow empty category in .aux.xml (#2562)
  • GDALDataTypeUnion(): Add missing GDT_CInt16 case that was triggering a CPLAssert(FALSE) (linked to #2564)
  • PAM: improve the find existing histogram logic to check approx and out of range
  • Fix validation of values for creation option parameters of type float
  • Fix memory leak related to PAM histograms
  • Restrict dataset sharing to a one thread by tracking owning pid (#2229)
  • rasterio.cpp: Handle >2GB memory arrays on a 64-bit build (#2199)
  • extend BIGTIFF option to support IF_NEEDED and IF_SAFER (#2676)
  • improve compatability with libtiff back to 3.6.0 (#2699)


  • Added GDALPolygonize() function
  • Added sieve filter
  • Add implementation of raster hole filler
  • Added proximity algorithm implementation
  • Added GDALRasterizeLayers() function to rasterize the all the features in the list of layers rather than individual geometries.
  • Added support for point geometries rasterization
  • Added line rasterization routine.
  • Added GDALCreateGenImgProjTransformer2()
  • warper: massive upgrade that fixes number of problems with Cubic Spline and Lanczos resamplers, multiple performance improvements.
  • Implement overview building for paletted rasterbands with average resampling by selecting the nearest entry after averaging on R,G,B components (#2408)
  • Fix destination coordinate system setting logic in GDALReprojectImage (#2231)
  • Modify GDALChecksum to give it a deterministic behaviour when given a GDT_[C]Float[32|64] rasterband with NaN and Inf values. The result is backward compatible with previous implementations with finite values
  • Add options to RPC transformer, use for RPC_HEIGHT offset
  • TPS : fix uninitialized variables (#2300), fix wrong behaviour with negative coordinates (#2615)
  • gdalgeoloc.cpp : Fix crash in GDALCreateGeoLocTransformer if X_DATASET, etc... cannot be opened (#2434)
  • warper: Prevent crashes when srcAlphaBand and dstAlphaBand are wrong
  • Fix tiling in gdal_grid and output of geotransform when -txe and -tye not specified (#2508)
  • warper: Wait for the threads to complete before leaving GDALWarpOperation::ChunkAndWarpMulti() (#2518)
  • warper: When warping an RGBA image whose borders have alpha=0, avoid writing alpha=255 with bilinear, cubic, cubic spline resampling
  • warper: Properly set a resample window size for Cubic Spline kernel. (#2414)
  • gdalsimplewarp.cpp: fix pointer array allocation (#2586)


  • New for 1.6.0. Sample app applying a greyscale lookup table
  • : New for 1.6.0
  • : New for 1.6.0
  • New for 1.6.0
  • New for 1.6.0. A generic Translator class for ogr2ogr-like operations that can be easily overridden for special translation operations
  • gdalflattenmask : New utility to merge regular data bands with the mask bands, for applications not being able to use the mask band concept. (Not compiled by default)
  • gdal2ogr: New for 1.6.0. to create an OGR datasource from the values of a GDAL dataset; May be useful to test gdal_grid and generate its input OGR file (Not compiled by default)
  • Fix crash in gdalenhance
  • Add -nln switch for gdal_contour
  • gdalgrid: Fixed zero search radius handling in nearest neighbor interpolation method.
  • gdalgrid: Added support for data metrics (minimum, maximum and range) computation.
  • gdalgrid: Added spatial filter support applied on the OGR data source
  • gdalgrid: Added ability to read values from the attribute field using the "-zfield" option.
  • gdalgrid: fix crash on features with NULL geometry or when no point geometry is found on a layer (#2424)
  • Fix esri2wkt for NG python bindings (#2548)
  • Build testepsg utility by default when OGR is enabled (Ticket #2554).
  • gdaltranslate: new -expand rgb|rgba option to make color table expansion
  • gdaltindex: Use correct index variable name
  • Bug fix: switched axes in BoundingBox of tilemapresource.xml.
  • Bug fix: wrong Origin in tilemapresource.xml.
  • New version of GDAL2Tiles (SoC 2008 - GDAL2Tiles Improvements)
  • Some minor enhancement optionally storing the georeferencing data of created tiles in a csv file
  • add support for NODATA
  • gdalinfo: Don't show RAT if -nomdd is used.
  • gdalinfo: Display checksums on overviews when -checksum is specified
  • gdalinfo: Display whether the mask band has overviews
  • ogr2ogr: reset -gt to 1 with -skipfailures, document -gt (#2409)
  • ogr2ogr: Output error messages on stderr to be consistant; Make error message about failed reprojection more clearer (hopefully); Advertize the use of -skipfailures in error message (#2588)
  • nearblack: Add support for scanning from top and bottom as well as from the sides.
  • Prevent crash in gdalwarpsimple utility and in GDALSimpleImageWarp() when source dataset has no raster band
  • gdal_rasterize: check that coordinates systems match (Ticket #1937)
  • gdalwarp: Add cutline support

Various drivers:

  • Reports GDAL_DCAP_VIRTUALIO=YES for drivers supporting it (#2193)
  • Add warnings in CreateCopy() methods for drivers not supporting color tables (#1939)
  • Simplify and harmonize how ESRI world file extensions are handled for BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and GTiff drivers (fix #1734)
  • Windows : enable bigtiff by default when using internal libtiff (#2257)
  • Added plugin building support for ECW, MrSID, HDF5, NetCDF, FITS and SDE drivers.
  • fix case of capabilities xml elements to match properly (#2322)
  • Add ALPHA creation option in the list of creation options

AAIGrid Driver:

  • Re-fix nodata test when determining AAIGrid data type (Ticket #2107).
  • fix yllcorner computation (#1794)
  • mark driver as supporting virtualio.
  • Fix wrong data type used to read the source band AAIGCreateCopy (#2369)
  • Add DECIMAL_PRECISION creation option for AAIGRID (#2430)

ADRG driver:

  • Initialize PAM to avoid creating .aux.xml file when gdalinfo an ADRG dataset
  • Prevent opening in update mode && fix reading of blocks in creation mode
  • Prevent error message coming from ADRG driver when trying to open in update mode a non-existing dataset
  • Avoid error reporting and subsequent failure on some DIGEST files where the last record ends in a non-standard way

BLX Magellan Topo driver:

BSB driver:

  • Add support for alternate palettes via config option
  • Fix Valgrind warning about read of uninitialized memory; Replace a CPLAssert by a test in case of corrupted dataset; Remove static buffer in BSBReadHeaderLine to improve thread-safety
  • Update BSB write support to use VSIF*L API (still disabled by default); fix palette handling (last color entry was lost); add GCP/Geotransform writing

COSAR driver:

  • Initialize integral variables to prevent failure of test condition in case file read operation fails; clean signed/unsigned mismatch warning.
  • Additional tests to protect against corrupted datasets

DIMAP driver:

  • Fix use of static CPL buffers
  • Implement GetFileList() and support for opening directory for DIMAP format
  • Add metadata at the raster band level by reading the Spectral_Band_Info tag

DODS driver:

  • Add using namespace libdap for version 3.8.2 (#2404)

DTED driver:

  • Add the GDAL_DTED_SINGLE_BLOCK config option to make a single block of a whole DTED file. This can speed-up a lot scanline oriented algorithms (#1909)
  • Add support for DTED products strictly following MIL-D-89020 that was buggy
  • Fix compilation without CPL
  • Improve thread safety

ECW driver:

  • Fix memory leaks (#2210)
  • Be more careful deciding what geotransforms to ignore (#1935)
  • Rename ecw plugin (#2320)
  • Properly set default nPixelSpace and nLineSpace in ECWRasterBand::IRasterIO().
  • Added pixel data type checking in ECWCreateCopy() (#2593).

EHDR driver:

  • Port EHDR driver to large file API (by apetkov) (#2580)

EIR (Erdas Imagine Raw format) driver:

  • New for 1.6.0

ENVI driver:

  • fix problems with old/new state plane zone codes (#2227)

ERS driver:

FAST driver:

  • Order the GCP in TL, TR, BR, BL order to benefit from the GDALGCPsToGeoTransform optimization
  • Add support for Euromap FAST datasets for IRS-1C/IRS-1D PAN/LISS3/WIFS (#2329)
  • Fix USGS projection decoding for EOSAT FAST format Rev C (#2381)
  • Add support for detection of FAST IRS P6 and CARTOSAT-1 band filenames

FITS driver:

  • Fix crash in FITS when dataset has metadata; Fix 2 minor Valgrind warnings (#2396)
  • Fix crash on int32 test case in for 64-bit GDAL build (#2579)

GeoRaster driver:

  • New for 1.6.0

GFF driver:

  • Close file pointer in dataset destructor

GIF driver:

  • Disable opening of large files which hang GDALOpen() (#2542)

GRASS driver:

  • Fix obvious memory leaks in GRASS driver (#2537)
  • fix to use G_free() instead of free() (#1983)

GRIB driver:

  • Moved from spike to trunk: grib now standard, but support --without-grib option

GSAG driver:

  • Prevent crash on huge number of rows
  • Prevent Valgrind warnings on bogus short GSAG files
  • Major update to correct upside problems, removing Create (#2224, #1616, #2191)

GS7BG driver:

  • Fixed geotransormation matrix calculation (#2132)
  • Properly read the header on big-endian system.
  • fix bigendian support (#2172)

GTiff driver:

  • Add support for reading and writing embedded nodata masks of a TIFF file (TIFFTAG_SUBFILETYPE=FILETYPE_MASK)
  • Added SUBDATASETS support
  • Add the ability to create files with PHOTOMETRIC=PALETTE.
  • Add the ability to update palette on existing files (#2421)
  • Enforce PROFILE properly for Create (#1527)
  • Add support for reading a CMYK TIFF. By default, it will be opened with the RGBA interface (CMKY->RGBA translation done by libtiff. Said to be *very* crude), unless 'GTIFF_RAW:' is specified before the filename. In that later case, the CMYK bands will be presented. Also add support for translating to a CMYK TIFF too : the source dataset must have CMYK bands. No colorspace translation is done
  • Internal libtiff : refresh from upstream libtiff
  • Added GTiffSplitBitmapBand to treat one row 1bit files as scanline blocks (#2622)
  • Don't use GCS if it is less than 1 (#2183).
  • Modified so that the RGBA interface is not used for YCbCr mode JPEG compressed data. Set JPEGCOLORMODE to RGB at the point a directory is read to avoid error report if doing it later during writing. This fixes the GDAL 1.5.0 issues with writing YCbCr JPEG compressed data (#2189).
  • Fix memory leak in gt_wkt_srs.cpp
  • Prevent crash in GTiff driver in case we cannot GDALOpen the newly create-copied file
  • Fix buffer overflow when calling GTIFDirectoryInfo in GTIFGetOGISDefn (#2372)
  • add special handling for 24bit data which gets byteswapped by libtiff (#2361)
  • Replace hard-coded 3 byte increment by iPixelByteSkip in int24 gtiff decoding (#2361)
  • Cleaunup frmt/gtiff directory by removing unused files. Move TIFF_WriteOverview to gt_overview.cpp. Create gt_overview.h to declare TIFF_WriteOverview and GTIFFBuildOverviewMetadata
  • Add a ENDIANNESS creation option to GTiff driver for debug purpose mostly
  • Fix writing of blocks on TIFF files in non-native endianness (#2398)
  • Push extra bands of pixel interleaved data into block cache (#2435)
  • Improve integration with PAM metadata loading and saving (#2448)
  • Fix potential buffer overflow in GTIFAngleStringToDD (commited in upstream libgeotiff) - #2228
  • Fix GTiffOddBitsBand::IWriteBlock with GDT_UInt16/32; Error properly with GDT_Float32; Support creating files with NBITS>8; Handle NBITS=1 IReadBlock/IWriteBlock in GTiffOddBitsBand; Prevent subtle IReadBlock/IWriteBlock round-tripping bug for NBITS<8 (#2360)
  • Set the TIFFTAG_COMPRESSION compression before asking the default strip size, so that in the case of JPEG compression, the correct strip height is selected (either 8 or 16). Tested with libtiff-3.8.2 and internal libtiff
  • Prevent crash on tiff_ovr_9 when JPEG-In-TIFF support is not built
  • In GTiffDataset::Create(), set TIFFTAG_JPEGCOLORMODE=JPEGCOLORMODE_RGB when creating a TIFF with COMPRESS=JPEG and PHOTOMETRIC=YCBCR; In Crystalize(), backup the value of TIFFTAG_JPEGCOLORMODE and set it again after writing the directory (#2645)
  • Handle more gracefully the case where we open or create a TIFF file with a compression method not built in libtiff (use of TIFFIsCODECConfigured)
  • Don't fail when TIFFTAG_JPEGCOLORMODE tag cannot be read
  • IPP libjpeg compatability changes (#2606)
  • ensure zip/jpeg quality is preserved in crystalize. (#2642)
  • support handling nodata via pam/aux mechanisms (#2505)
  • ensure TIFFFlush() is called in FlushCache() (#2512)
  • Replace Crystalize() by SetDirectory() in GTiffDataset::IBuildOverviews() so that 2 consecutive ds.BuilOverviews() calls work without needing to close and reopen the dataset in between
  • Prevent crash when disk is full
  • Add detection of big-endian bigtiffs when BIGTIFF_SUPPORT is *NOT* defined
  • Add missing ScaleAtCenter parameter for Hotine Oblique Mercator when writing the geotiff keys
  • Added logic to pre-clear geotiff tags when updating a file (#2546)
  • Add ExtraSample tag in overviews too (#2572)
  • Fix handling of non-degree angular units (#601)

GXF driver:

HDF4 driver:

  • add support for projected NRL products (#2225)
  • make a block consist of several scanlines for SDS case to speed up (#2208)
  • Add H4ST prefix to names of HDF4SubdatasetType enumeration values. (#2296).
  • Remove useless and dangerous redefinition of sincos in HDF-EOS (#2494)
  • Added compatibility definitions for HDF 4.2 library (#2609)
  • Read HDF raster images containing in HDF-EOS datasets (#2656)

HDF5 driver:

  • Fix minor memory leaks and one incorrect memory usage in HDF5
  • implement support for 1.8+ hdf library versions (#2297)

HFA driver:

  • Avoid possible uninitialized variable usage in HFAWriteXFormStack()
  • Fix BASEDATA count value (preceding pointer) at 1 (#2144)
  • Incorporate generalization of EPT_f32 reduced precision handling (#1000)
  • Add missing creation options, fix doc to refer to COMPRESSED instead of COMPRESS (#2167)
  • remove static buffer to improve thread-safety
  • Read invalid blocks as nodata value if available. Create new files with all blocks marked invalid. Support writing to invalid blocks as long as there is already a pointer to valid data. (#2427)
  • add support for writing 1, 2 and 4 bit data (#2436)
  • Attempt to preserve PROJCS name in sMapInfo.proName, and to capture it as the PROJCS name when reading. This will hopefully preserve symbolic names like NAD_1983_StatePlane_Ohio_South_FIPS_3402_Feet instead of replacing them with something generic like "Lambert_Conformal_Conic" (#2422).
  • avoid reducing array sizes if writing them in random order (#2427)
  • Prevent writing out cached information after the file has been closed. Loosely related to (#2524).
  • Error out gracefully and early on attempts to write to readonly file (#2524)
  • Open the dependent file(s) with same permissions as master (#2425)
  • Fix crash in HFACompress::compressBlock when compressing random data with m_nDataTypeNumBits >= 16 (#2525)
  • Fix reading of a non-initialized compressed HFA file (#2523)
  • Add FORCETOPESTRING, and ensure ProjectionX applied to all bands (#2243)
  • Added support for unique values color tables (#2419)
  • Implement partial access to camera model information (#2675)

HTTP driver:

  • Fix HTTP driver when falling back to /tmp (#2363)

IDRISI driver:

  • Force min/max calculation on IWriteBlock
  • remove conditional from CreateColorRamp() call
  • Fix #2444 (lat/long) and #2442 (uppercase file extension)
  • Fix writing of Min/Max Y for non georeferenced images on .RDC file (#2697)

ILWIS driver:

  • Modified to use VSI*L API for reading and writing. Modify ReadBlock() so that data written on newly created datasets can still be read back.
  • Fix memory leaks in ILWIS driver
  • Avoid writing an ILWIS file to disk when it is a src_dataset. Design of responsible class (IniFile) is simplified, to prevent this from happening unintentionally.
  • Spend extra effort to find the most compact GDAL data-type for storing the ILWIS data; Added missing ILWIS-system domains to the list; Initialized variables before they are used; Added comments to code.
  • Solved unwanted rounding in the pixel size, that resulted in wrong map size calculation.

INGR driver:

  • Support splitting bitonal images into scanline blocks too (#1959)
  • Fix compilation of INGR driver on big-endian target (#2613)

ISIS3 driver:

  • fix earth model, already in meters, not kilometers! (#2321)
  • ensure we adjust first tile offset depending on band (#2573)

ISO8211 driver:

  • corrections to handle double byte attributes better (#1526)

JP2KAK driver:

  • Add VSI*L reading and writing (vsil_target) (#2255)
  • Remove KAKADU4 related ifdefs, we now assume at least KAKADU 4.2.
  • disable JPIP - not working with modern Kakadu

JPEG driver:

  • Added support for reading georeferencing from .tab files. Fixes #682.
  • Add support for reading images in CMYK and YCbCrK color spaces (#2443)
  • make sure bHasDoneJpegStartDecompress is set in Reset() (#2535)
  • Added fill/flush support compatible with IPP libjpeg (#2606)

LAN driver:

  • added support for statistics (.sta) file (#2703)

LCP (FARSITE) driver:

  • New for 1.6.0

L1B driver:

  • Added support for NOAA-18(N) and METOP-2 datasets; tiny code refactoring.
  • L1B : add auto guess of data format when it is 2 spaces or empty string
  • The GAC GCPs are not tied to the center of pixel.
  • Serious code rewriting in order to read datasets withour archive header

MEM driver:

  • Avoid failure when doing mem_driver->Create('MEM:::')

MrSID driver:

  • Use VSI Virtual File API in MRSID DSDK I/O routines. MrSID reading now

works through the VSI calls as any other GDAL driver.

  • Added support for MrSID DSDK 7.x (#2410)
  • Use int 32 types instead of long types for LTI_METADATA_DATATYPE_UINT32 and LTI_METADATA_DATATYPE_SINT32 metadata (#2629)
  • fixed 32bit int overflow in sceneWidth/Height calc (#2689)

MSG driver:

  • Fixes and improvements to enable compilation with GCC 4.x (Ticket #2168).

NDF driver:

  • Support NDF2 files in other than the current directory (#2274)
  • Added somewhat improved coordinate system support (#2623)

NetCDF driver:

  • Handle very large attributes properly (#2196)
  • NETCDF plugin name doesn't correspond to the loader entry name causes an error in AutoLoadDrivers (#2464)
  • Fix allocation of panBandZLev (#2582)
  • Fix accidentally too large memory allocation (#2591)
  • Do not report char variables as subdataset (#2599)
  • Fix LAEA projection (#2584)

NITF driver:

  • Add support for RPB and IMD files
  • Handle NITF JPEG-compressed image with data mask subheader (IC=M3) multi-blocks (#2364)
  • Implement SetProjection for NITF (#2095)
  • Added support for decoding 12 bit images (#2532)
  • Added support for writing TEXT segments in CreateCopy()
  • Added support for writing arbitrary user defined TREs
  • Fix #2249 : shift when writing NITF color table with nColors < 256
  • Prevent crash with LUT entry count > 256
  • Disable unnecessary VSIFFlush() calls that slowdown writing on some systems
  • Apply untested RPC00A remapping (#2040)
  • Fix #2135 by narrowing workaround test made for #1750
  • Prevent crash on NITF file without image segment (#2362)
  • Additionnal fix for handling 1-bit uncompressed NITF images with NITF_IC=NM (#1854)
  • Set IREP=RGB implicitely when the first 3 channels of an image are R,G,B (#2343)
  • Allocate one extra byte for the NULL terminating character when reading TEXT data in NITF file (#2366)
  • Fix 'adding BLOCKA TRE precludes writing IGEOLO' (#2475)
  • Prevent crash when using a bad value for TRE creation option
  • Fallback to pam info for nodata (#2596)

PAUX driver:

PCRaster driver:

  • Add overview support
  • Added support for CSF version 1. Updated nodata values to be equal to gdal's internal ones.

PDS driver:

  • Add support for # style comments (#2176)
  • Improve PDS dataset identification & fixes image segment offset (#2397)

PGCHIP driver:

  • Many memory leak fixes & cleanups, add an extra parameter '%name=my_name' for handling several rasters in the same table, add support for reading&writing geotransform

PNM driver:

  • Fix potential buffer overflow in case of bad PNM file
  • Fix logical tests in PNM Identify (bug #2190)

RAW drivers:

  • manage RawRasterBand NODATA values at PAM level
  • RawRasterBand : add extra parameter bOwnsFP to enable the RawRasterBand to take ownership of the fpRaw so as to close it properly in its destructor
  • Fix crash in rawdataset.cpp with pixeloffset=0 (#2576)

RMF driver:

  • Do not forget to swap block size/offset table on big-endian archs. (#2169)
  • Added support for reading and writing extended header..
  • RMF driver can crash / corrupt stack when importing projection from Panorama (#2277)
  • Fixed error checking code returned by color table read function.
  • Added support fo reading big endian variant of the RSW files.
  • Report units and dataset statistics (#2670)

RPFTOC driver:

  • Enable external overview building on RPFTOC subdatasets
  • Use new proxy API instead of RPFTOCGDALDatasetCache
  • Initialize PAM for RPFTocDataset
  • Implement GetFileList() for RPFTOCDataset and RPFTOCSubDataset

RS2 driver:

  • Added projection reading
  • Updates to RADARSAT-2 driver to account for tiled GeoTIFF images.
  • Capture all files for GetFileList().
  • Support selecting directory as well as product.xml to open the dataset.
  • Various other enhancements

SDTS driver:

  • Prevent infinite recursion in SDTSRasterReader::GetBlock when CEL0 file is truncated
  • SDTS DEM : Read metadata in the IDEN file

SGI driver:

  • Implemented SGI write support (always RLE)
  • Fix SGI driver that misidentified SRTMHGT files as SGI files (#2289)

Terragen Driver:

  • Fix overflow in implicit constant conversion (#2119)

Terralib driver:

  • New for 1.6.0

TSX driver:

  • Added support to extract GCPs from XML metadata for TerraSAR-X SSC products.
  • Provide an error message if the sceneInfo tag cannot be found in the TerraSAR-X image metadata.
  • Fix lat/lon inversion (whoops, #2565); expose additional metadata items

USGSDEM driver:

  • mark NTS and INTERNALNAME as legal options
  • make parser more permissive (#2348)
  • add missing ZRESOLUTION creation option in GDAL_DMD_CREATIONOPTIONLIST
  • USGSDEM: add precisions to creation options documentation; check that source dataset dimensions are at least 2x2 for CreateCopy()
  • USGSDEM: fix USGSDEMDecToPackedDMS when input is very close to an integer degree value

VRT driver:

  • Use VSIF Large API in VRTDataset::Open to fix #1070
  • recover from failure to create transformer (#2240)
  • Added LUT based transformation support to the VRTComplexSource
  • Extend the output of <SimpleSource> in a forward and backword compatibly way, and make use of GDALProxyPoolDataset when possible
  • Add the <ColorTableComponent> element to <ComplexSource> to do color table expansion in the VRT
  • Fix failure when attempting to read a warped VRT made from a 3-band dataset with -dstalpha option (#2502)
  • In VRTDerivedRasterBand::IRasterIO() don't call RasterIO() on sources with 0,0 for nPixelSpace and nLineSpace as most sources, except VRTSimpleSource, don't translate them.
  • Allow empty category in VRT rasterband (#2562)
  • Use nodata in VRTKernelFilteredSource::FilterData (#1739)
  • Fix VRT average resampling when resampling factor > 100% (#1725)

WCS driver:

  • Improvements to identify Band field name
  • More fiddling with GetCoverage() bounding boxes. Avoid half pixel bounding box shift south east. When using GridOffset/GridStep values expand the bounding box out by 1% of a pixel to avoid "on edge" rounding issues.
  • Strip namespaces off DescribeCoverage response (early), and add a bug

workaround for GeoServer WCS 1.1 responses.

  • Correct wcs 1.1 band identification logic
  • URL encode format and coverage name. Improve error recognision.
  • GridOffset should be top left corner of pixel center oriented bounds

WMS driver:

XPM driver:

  • Prevent crash when opening an XPM file with large file API

OGR 1.6.0 - Overview of Changes


  • RFC 21: OGR SQL type cast and field name alias (#2171)
  • Added support for outline color in OGRStyleLabel (#2480)
  • Added support for symbol outline color in OGR Style Strings (#2509)
  • Added geometry type merger
  • Added SetEquirectangular2()
  • Added SetLinearUnitsAndUpdateParameters() to C API
  • Add support to translate OGRPolygon to OGRMultiLineString
  • Add a segmentize() method to OGRGeometry to modify the geometry such it has no segment longer then the given distance; add a -segmentize option to ogr2ogr
  • Many performance fixes in OGRGeometryFactory::organizePolygons (#1217, #2428, #2589)
  • Changed OGRFeature::GetStyleString() to return the value of the OGR_STYLE field if no style string have been specified.
  • Ensure OpenShared sharing is only with same thread (#2229)
  • ogrfeaturestyle : OGRSTBrushAngle parameter should not be georeferenced.
  • Strip whitespaces at the start and end of parsed pairs of style elements in OGRStyleTool::Parse(). As per #1413.
  • Remove empty linestrings from multilinestring objects
  • Allow 'POINT EMPTY' in WKT (bug #1628)
  • Fix OGRGeometryCollection::getCoordinateDimension() (#2334)
  • Make OGRLineString::importFromWkb and OGRPolygon::importFromWkb with EMPTY geometries
  • Implement IsEmpty() for all geometries without using GEOS (for speed purpose, and also because GEOS 2.2.3 is buggy with multipolygons with empty polygon inside); Make exportToWkt() export a valid WKT when multipoints/linestrings/polygons have an empty geometry inside
  • Reintroduce OFTWideString and OFTWideStringList but mark them as deprecated (#2359).
  • Fixed segmentation fault in swq_select_finish_summarize when SQL query issued on layer without any attributes like empty shapefile (Ticket #2358).
  • Fix crash in OGRDataSource::ExecuteSQL with an empty SQL query (#2386)
  • Make OGRLayer::FilterGeometry more restrictive in the geometries it selects (#2454)
  • OGRStyleVector class and related stuff has been removed (#2070).
  • Fix OGRFeature::SetFrom() to copy OFTDateTime field to OFTDate field (and other similar combinations) (#2474)
  • Fixed OGR SQL to properly escape single quotes in string literals (Ticket #2220).
  • Prevent an OGR driver from being registered several times (#2544)


  • Start on a dissolve utility based on ogr2ogr
  • Add --version and --licence options for OGR CLI utilities


  • RFC 20: Axes methods
  • Upgrade to EPSG 6.17
  • Added support for "International Map of the World Polyconic" and "Wagner I-VII" projections.
  • Add EquidistantCylindricalSphere and GaussSchreiberTMercator (#2134, #2663)
  • Correct treatment of equirectangular lat parameter to be standard_parallel_1 (#2706)
  • Fix exportToProj() translation for OSGB36 (#2160)
  • ogr_srs_panorama.cpp : Fixed search in ellipsoid list
  • ogr_srs_pci.cpp : List of ellipsoids updated
  • Treat spherical mercator 1SP similarly to normal mercator 1sp (proj #9).
  • Ensure Clear() clears the bNormInfoSet flag and use Clear() from the various import methods to wipe old state (#2533).
  • add import/export for MITAB CoordSys
  • Added declarations for OSRImportFromMICoordSys()/OSRExportToMICoordSys(); make OSRImportFromPanorama()/OSRExportToPanorama() externally visible again.
  • Ensure rectified_grid_angle gets stripped for HOM projections (#2575)
  • ogr_srs_esri.cpp: Correct test of iRGAChild (#2575).
  • Recent EPSG releases seem to use PolarLongOrigin instead of ProjCenterLong for the Krovak projection parameters. Handle either (#2559).
  • Test that input pointer is not NULL in OGRSpatialReference::importFromWkt().

AVC driver:

  • Make AVCE00 a distinct driver
  • Update from AVCE00 master, includes the fixes for #2495 (GCC warnings)
  • Detect compressed E00 input files and refuse to open them instead of crashing (#2513)
  • Avoid scanning the whole E00 input file in AVCE00ReadOpenE00() if the file does not start with an EXP line (#1989)

BNA driver:

  • Fix crash when trying to write features with empty geometries
  • Add support for Unix End-Of-Line characters on Windows

CSV driver:

  • Add support for writing the geometry of features through the new GEOMETRY layer creation option
  • Allow to define field width via .csvt text file (bug #2142)
  • Handle more gracefully CSV files with an empty column title (#2538)

DGN driver:

  • add some experimental linkage testing

DODS driver:

  • add using namespace libdap for version 3.8.2 (#2404)

Geoconcept Export driver:

  • New for 1.6.0

GeoJSON driver:

  • Fixed GeoJSON driver crash when writing features with null geometry (#2212)
  • GeoJSON: enabled read/write of 25D geometry types.
  • Improved GeoJSON driver to gracefully handle JSON strings that do not encode GeoJSON content.
  • Support GeoJSON 1.0 Spec CRS 'link' and 'name' members. (#2665)

GPX driver:

  • XML Datetime can be expressed without explicit timezone mention
  • <extensions> is valid inside <rtept> and <trkpt> too
  • Add support for GPX 1.0 reading
  • Handle degenerate and NULL geometries in creation mode
  • Remove noisy CPL_DEBUG message when GPX driver built without Expat and when the input file doesn't look like GPX (#2394)
  • Prevent GPX and KML drivers to read too much of a non GPX/KML file (#2395)
  • GPX writer: Remove leading spaces for a numeric field (#2638)
  • Add compatibility stuff to make GPX and KML driver compile against expat >=1.95.0 and < 1.95.7 (#1866)

GML driver:

  • Support reading GML 3 posList geometry (#2311)
  • Add logic to potentially track geometry type (mostly for NAS just now)
  • Fix #2141 : GML driver recognizes improperly strings as integers
  • Do geometry element name test (IsGeometryElement) case sensitive to avoid false positives on property names, and such (#2215).
  • Fix memory bug in OGRGMLLayer::GetNextFeature() when using attribute filter (#2349)
  • Fix GML driver behaviour with Xerces 3.0.0

GMT driver :

  • Remove spaces from numeric field values before writing to avoid unnecessary quoting.

GRASS driver:

  • Call Vect_close() in the OGR GRASS driver (#2537)

INGRES driver:

  • New for 1.6.0

Interlis 1 driver:

  • Support for SURFACE polygons spread over multiple OBJECTs Polygonize on demand. Generation of area layer
  • Fix a crash (#2201)
  • Fix memory leaks & apps/test_ogrsf correctness in OGRILI1 (#2203)
  • Prevent crash in OGRILI1DataSource::Open with an empty string (#2335)
  • Fixed column order detection for some Interlis 1 models (#2595)

Interlis 2 driver:

  • Fix memory usage and leaks in OGRILI2 (bug #2203)
  • Fix logic to detect ILI2 datasets (#2516)

KML driver:

  • Updated KML write driver to support KML v2.2.
  • Added support for "SchemaData" - typed KML fields that maintain feature data.
  • Support of date types, written out as strings (#2264)
  • Added automatic coordinate system transformation to WGS84 (the only CS that KML recognizes). (#2271)
  • Report XML parsing error in KML driver in a similar way it's done in the GPX driver
  • Speedup detection of KML documents
  • Use VSI Large File API
  • Corrected case on schemaUrl attribute and added the id attribute to the schema element. (#1897)

MITAB driver:

  • Upgraded to current dev version of MITAB - includes a number of TAB StyleString improvements
  • support OFTDate/OFTTime/OFTDateTime when reading and writing (#2585)
  • Support font point outline color

MySQL Driver:

  • Fix memory leaks in MySQL driver
  • Fix crash with very long WHERE clause in MySQL driver
  • Use assignSpatialReference for read features
  • Fix SRS cache in FetchSRS()
  • MYSQL: Add backquotes around table and column names to enable the use of reserved keywords (#2315)
  • Fix reporting of capabilities for OGRMySQLResultLayer
  • return proper results for various writing capabilities (#2184)

NTF driver:

  • Update for new meridian and strategi products (#2600)

OCI driver:

  • Fixed memory leaks in OCI driver reported by Linda Thompson (#2120)
  • Support for OCI + VRT to access non spatial data (#2202)
  • Prevent from calling CPLError when SDO_GEOMETRY is missing (non spatial) (#2202)
  • Added support for fields of type DATE and TIMESTAMP [WITH [LOCAL] TIME ZONE] as OFTDate and OFTDateTime.
  • An extra space is needed for the decimal separator when retrieving the numeric fields (#2350)
  • Improved OCI driver to query spatial extent of layer using SDO_GEOM_METADATA for better performance (Ticket #543).
  • OCI: Filter out MDSYS.CS_SRS entries with NULL value of WKTEXT.
  • add compound and stroked-arc read support

PG (Postgres/PostGIS) Driver:

  • Add the ability to specify a list of tables to be treated as layers with the 'tables=' connection string option (#1699)
  • Add SPATIAL_INDEX creation option to create GIST index. Turned ON by default (#959)
  • Add support for listing and correctly fetching geometry type of inherited spatial tables (#2558)
  • Add support for Postgis tables with multiple geometry columns (#1476)
  • Fixes to Postgres binary cursor mode and improvement/fixes to data types handling (#2312)
  • Implement efficient GetFeatureCount, SetSpatialFilter and GetExtent for OGRPGResultLayer
  • Apply spatial filter in OGRPGDataSource::ExecuteSQL()
  • Make binary cursor work with non-PostGIS geometry column
  • Fix memory leaks
  • Fix write outside of allocated buffer in OGR PG driver (#2303)
  • Use assignSpatialReference for read features
  • Fix geometry filter when there is no PostGIS geometry column
  • Fix getting the PK of a table with PostgreSQL <= 7.3; Fix CreateFeatureViaCopy when geometry column is not PostGIS geometry
  • Use the 'auth_srid' to avoid mismatches between OGR and PostGIS WKTs of EPSG codes (#2123)
  • Fix reporting of capabilities and handling of spatial and attribute filters by OGRPGResultLayer
  • Add PG_USE_POSTGIS to be able to disable PostGIS for debug purpose
  • Re-enable PQsetClientEncoding but set it to UNICODE now that the driver advertizes OLCStringsAsUTF8
  • Replace use of risky sprintf by CPLString to avoid potential buffer overflows
  • In non PostGIS mode, skip tables of schema 'information_schema'
  • Allow VACUUM through ExecuteSQL() without a transaction (#2619).

PGeo driver:

  • correct testcapability results (#2601)
  • treat type 50 geometry as SHPT_ARC (#1484)
  • add ODBC/PGEO support for date, time and datetime(timestamp) fields (#2691)
  • recognize SQL_SMALLINT as OFTInteger (#2698)
  • recognize type 9 as POINTZ (#2692)
  • add sanity checks in createFromShapeBin() similar to the ones in SHPReadObject()

SDE driver:

  • Versioned editing/write support for SDE.

SQLite driver:

  • Added support for geometry_columns, and WKB support
  • Added preliminary FGF to geometry support
  • Added spatial_ref_sys support
  • Added preliminary support for spatialite geometries

SHAPE driver:

  • CreateField() now works on populated layers (#2672)
  • Cleanup to remove unused old classification code for multipolygons (#2174)
  • Fix error class in VSI_SHP_Error (#2177)
  • Fix crash with polygon with nParts == 0
  • Change SHAPE driver to return a NULL geometry instead of an empty OGRMultiPoint, OGRMultiLineString and OGRMultiPolygon (bug #2217)
  • Fix crashes on corrupted geometries (#2218 and #2610)
  • Fix crash when dealing with unhandled field types in shape driver, in DEBUG mode (#2309)
  • Add case for wkbMultiLineString and 25D in OGRShapeLayer::CreateFeature
  • Make SHPWriteOGRObject write a SHPT_NULL object for empty geometries and handle correctly multigeometries with empty geometries inside
  • Make sure field type set to OFTDate when OFTDataTime requested (#2474)
  • Implement OGRShapeDataSource::DeleteLayer() (#2561)

S57 driver:

  • Ensure SOUNDG in multipoint form is MultiPoint25D not 2D.
  • Print out contents of OGR_S57_OPTIONS evvironment variable if set (for debug


  • Correct control for applying updates, now done in Ingest method.

VRT driver:

  • carry style string through VRT layer
  • Pass the envelope of the geometry as the spatial filter in the sub-query (#2214)
  • Add "shared" attribute on SrcDataSource to control sharing. Default to OFF for SrcLayer layers, and ON for SrcSQL layers. This endevours to avoid conflicts of layer state. (#2229)

XPlane/Flightgear driver:

  • New for 1.6.0

SWIG Language Bindings

SWIG General :

SWIG C# related changes:

  • Implement GDALProgressFunc callback for C# (fix for #2122)
  • Fixed that passing null as the options parameter of Driver.CreateCopy causes access violation (#2185).
  • Added GDALCreateCopy sample application
  • Support for signing the GDAL C# assemblies (#2186)
  • Added raster specific tests
  • Reworked the wrapper implementation
  • Added the bandMap parameter to the C# Dataset.ReadRaster and Dataset.WriteRaster API.
  • Added a C# sample to demonstrate the GDALDatasetRasterIO operations.
  • Added Band.GetHistogram to the C# bindings
  • Sample application for Band.GetHistogram.
  • Added the GDALAdjustContrast sample to demonstrate the image correction at the C# side.
  • Added Dataset.GetGCPs, Dataset.SetGCPs and GCPsToGeoTransform in the C# bindings (bugs #2426, #1986 and #1677
  • Added support for using OGR.Layer in Gdal.Polygonize
  • Changed the behaviour to use OSR.SpatialReference and OSR.CoordinateTransformation instead of defining the same classes in the OGR namespace
  • Changed the scope from internal to public of the required functions

SWIG Python related changes:

  • Fix layer getitem bug (#2187)
  • add some sugar to ogr.DataSource.DeleteLayer to be able to take in either an index or a layer name. If you give it a name, it *will* loop through all of the layers on the datasource. This might be expensive depending on the driver.
  • add date/time fetching support to the generic GetField implementation... note this is not real 'datetime' support yet
  • a typemap for taking in lists of GDAL objects #2458
  • don't always return 0 for OGRErrs #2498
  • Added GetDefaultHistogram() with Python implementation
  • support for mingw Windows builds
  • Link with gdal_i.lib instead of gdal.lib when building with MSVC compiler. (#2578)


  • Added a more verbose description to the error message if projection method test fails. Skip testing parameters of International Map of the World projection since it fails (a bug?).
  • driver's create method's 2nd parameter, if given, is a listref
  • Support Cygwin by adding -lstdc++ to LIBS if OS is cygwin
  • Add GetDriver method as an alias to _GetDriver for DataSource. This fixes an unnoticed side-effect of rewrapping GetDriver for root class OGR.
  • force name to be a string for _GetLayerByName and make default for name 0
  • fix Layer::Schema
  • use perl hash also for fields in schema (the new API was not really implemented), add Schema method also for Feature
  • croak in Geometry::create unless type, wkt, wkb, or gml given
  • do not call UseExceptions when booting OGR wrappers since it is only done once when booting GDAL (of which OGR is a part), do not include inline functions from cpl_exceptions.i into OGR wrappers
  • add exception support as for OGR
  • use geometry factory methods in Geometry::create; accept also only coordinate parameters (i.e. auto-add 0 if needed) in Point method for Point type
  • Add wrappers for field types datetime and lists. Do not use the overloaded (field name) versions of the get/set functions.
  • GetField and SetField methods, which check for goodness of the field (name, index) and support dates, times, datetimes, and lists. In Row and Tuple the field value may be a listref.
  • Support HEXWKB in Geo::OGR::Geometry::create.
  • As* methods for Geometry as aliases for ExportTo; SpatialReference->create constuctor
  • made needed links from parameters to typemaps to make Get- and SetDefaultHistogram methods work in Perl
  • support for mingw Windows builds

SWIG Java:

  • removed colortable from java bindings for now (#2231)
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