GDAL/OGR 2.3.0 Release Notes

Note: due to the change of SCM during the development, #XXXX still refers to Trac tickets. GitHub tickets are explicitly indicated with github #XXXX

In a nutshell…

  • New GDAL drivers:
    • PDS4: read/write
    • RDA: DigitalGlobe Raster Data Access (read-only)
  • New OGR drivers:
    • MVT: add read/write driver for Mapbox Vector Tile standalone files or tilesets
    • ESRIJson and TopoJSON: read-only, splitted from existing code of the GeoJSON driver
    • WFS3: *experimental* read-only driver
  • RFC 68: Make C++11 a build requirement

  • RFC 70: Guess output format from extension of output filename, if no explicit format passed to C++ or Python utilities

  • RFC 71: Move to GitHub for source code repository and issue tracker.

  • Significantly improved drivers:
    • MBTiles (vector tiles support)
    • DXF
    • GRIB (GRIB2 write support)
    • WCS (support WCS 2.0)
  • Improvements in network-based /vsi handlers: /vsicurl, /vsis3, /vsigs. Add:
    • /vsiaz for Microsoft Azure Blobs
    • /vsioss for Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service
    • /vsiswift/ for OpenStack Swift object storage
  • Command line utilities: use Unicode main on Windows to avoid issues with non-ASCII characters (#7065)
  • Update to EPSG v9.2 (#7125)
  • Update data/esri_extra.wkt and add data/esri_epsg.wkt, taken from (Apache v2 license) (#2163)
  • Add support for PROJ.5 new API (requires proj 5.0.1 or later). PROJ 4.X is still supported
  • More than 1000 fixes for issues/vulnerabilities found by OSS-Fuzz
  • Remove raster OGDI driver (vector OGDI driver still there) (#7087)

New installed files

  • data/pds4_template.xml
  • data/esri_epsg.wkt

Backward compatibility issues


GDAL/OGR 2.3.0 - Build changes


  • refresh config.{guess,sub} from latest upstream; upgrade to libtool 2.4.6 files
  • add a --with-rename-internal-shapelib-symbols option that defaults to yes if --with-hide-internal-symbols is set; and make -with-rename-internal-libtiff/libgeotiff-symbols also defaults to yes when --with-hide-internal-symbols is set
  • add a --with-charls switch (enabled by default) to compile that JPEGLS driver
  • make --without-static-proj and --with-fgdb an error when filegdb (>= 1.5) embeds proj.4 symbols
  • add --with-zstd switch (for GTiff ZStd compressino with internal libtiff)
  • add support for ECW SDK 5.4, by detecting if we must link against the newabi or oldabi link
  • fix detection of 64bit file API with clang 5 (#6912)
  • GNUmakefile: add a static-lib and install-static-lib targets
  • use .exe extension when building with mingw64* toolchains (#6919)
  • Pass --silent to libtool in compile (C and C++), link, install and clean modes.
  • Limit number of installed cpl*.h files installed to a fixed list.
  • configure / m4/acinclude.m4: replace use of CCFLAGS by plain CFLAGS (github #529)
  • configure / m4/acinclude.m4: require 'long long' type (github #530)


  • always build the PDF driver, even when none of poppler/podofo/pdfium are available, in which case it is write-only (#6938)
  • add new targets bindings, bindings_install and bindings_clean that depend on the new BINDINGS option in nmake.opt (#6948)
  • for Kakadu, add capability to build as a plugin, and make it possibly to link only against the Kakadu .lib/.dll instead of incorporating some of its .obj (#6940)
  • nmake.opt: Ensure PDB is included in release DLL if WITH_PDB requested (#7055)
  • nmake.opt: use /MDd for OPTFLAGS for DEBUG=1 builds (#7059)
  • nmake.opt: avoid some settings to be defined unconditionally (#5286)
  • nmake.opt: add configuration to enable openssl (which is needed for thread-safe curl use)


  • fix compilation error with Crypto++ 7.0.0 (github #541)

Developer corner:

  • Add scripts/ to setup env variables needed for running GDAL without installing it

GDAL 2.3.0 - Overview of Changes


  • Add CPLJSONDocument/Object/Array - C++ thin wrapper around json-c library. (github #282)
  • /vsicurl/: fix occasional inappropriate failures in Read() with some combinations of initial offset, file size and read request size (#6901)
  • /vsicurl/: add a CPL_VSIL_CURL_NON_CACHED configuration option, so as to be able to specify filenames whose content must not be cached after dataset closing
  • /vsicurl/: honour GDAL_HTTP_MAX_RETRY and GDAL_HTTP_RETRY_DELAY config options. Add extended filename syntax to pass options use_head, max_retry, retry_delay and list_dir.
  • /vsicurl/: enable redirection optimization on signed URLs of Google Cloud Storage. Helps for the PLScenes driver (fixes #7067)
  • /vsicurl/ and derived filesystems: redirect ReadDir() to ReadDirEx() (#7045)
  • /vsicurl/ and related file systems: add compatibility with HTTP/2 (requires recent enough curl, buit against nghttp2). Can be controlled with the GDAL_HTTP_VERSION=1.0/1.1/2/2TLS
  • /vsicurl/: fix 2.2 regression regarding retrieval of file size of FTP file (#7088)
  • /vsicurl/: when stat'ing a file, fallback from HEAD to GET if the server issues a 405 error
  • Add a VSICurlClearCache() function (bound to SWIG as gdal.VSICurlClearCache()) to be able to clear /vsicurl/ related caches (#6937)
  • CPLHTTPSetOptions(): use SearchPathA() for curl-ca-bundle.crt on Windows. See
  • CPLHTTPFetch() / vsicurl: add retry on HTTP 429, and add exponential backoff logic for retry delay
  • CPLHTTPFetch(): when openssl is enabled, and used by libcurl, use openssl thread safety mechanism to avoid potential crashes in multithreading scenarios
  • CPLHTTPFetch(): add a SSL_VERIFYSTATUS option / GDAL_HTTP_SSL_VERIFYSTATUS configuration option to check OCSP stapling
  • CPLHTTPFetch(): add a USE_CAPI_STORE option / GDAL_HTTP_USE_CAPI_STORE configuration option to use certificates from the Windows certificate store
  • Ignore SIGPIPE that may arose during curl operations (mostly when using OpenSSL for TLS)
  • Add CPLHTTPMultiFetch() and CPLMultiPerformWait()
  • /vsis3/: support reading credentials from ~/.aws/credentials, ~/.aws/config or IAM role on EC2 instances
  • /vsis3/: properly handle cases where a directory contains a file and subdir of same names; implement Mkdir() and Rmdir()
  • /vsis3/: fix Seek(Tell(), SEEK_SET) fails if current position is not 0 (#7062)
  • /vsis3/: properly handle 307 TemporaryRedirection (#7116)
  • /vsis3/: fix support of bucket names with dot in them (#7154)
  • /vsis3/: make multipart upload work with Minio
  • /vsigs/: add new authentication methods using OAuth2 refresh token or service account or Google Compute Engine VM authentication, or using ~/.boto file
  • /vsigs/: add write, Unlink(), Mkdir() and Rmdir() support
  • /vsigs/: allow authentication to be done with the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS configuration option pointing to a JSon file containing OAuth2 service account credentials
  • /vsis3/ and /vsigs/: take into account user provided x-amz- / x-goog- HTTP headers with GDAL_HTTP_HEADER_FILE
  • Fix CPLReadDirRecursive() to behave properly on /vsis3/ buckets that have foo (file) and foo/ (sub-directory) entries (#7136)
  • /vsis3/: add a AWS_NO_SIGN_REQUEST=YES configuration option to disable request signing (#7205)
  • /vsis3, /vsigs, /vsioss, /vsiaz: fix support of non-ASCII characters in keys (#7143)
  • Add VSIGetActualURL(), typically to expand /vsis3/ paths to full URLs, and bind it to SWIG as gdal.GetActualURL()
  • Add VSIGetSignedURL()
  • Add VSIGetFileSystemsPrefixes() and VSIGetFileSystemOptions()
  • CPLFormFilename() / CPLProjectRelativeFilename(): add /vsis3 and similar file systems to the list of filesystems requiring unix separator (github #281) ù Make CPLFormFilename() properly work with http[s:] filenames
  • Add a CPLGetErrorCounter() function that can be used to test if new errors have been emitted
  • Add cpl_safemaths.hpp to detect integer overflows (#6229)
  • /vsigzip/: avoid trying to write a file on a /vsicurl/ file (#7016)
  • CPLStrtod(): parse string like '-1.#IND0000000' as NaN instead of -1 (seen when looking at refs #7031, but does not fix it)
  • Fix CPLCopyTree() that doesn't properly on MSVC 2015 (and possibly other platforms) (#7070)
  • /vsimem/: to improve Posix compliance, do not make Seek() after end of file error out in read-only mode
  • define HAVE_LONG_LONG 1; cpl_port.h remove MSVC specific logic for int64 (github #264)
  • /vsisparse/: make Read() detect end of file
  • GDALVersionInfo("BUILD_INFO"): report if GEOS is available
  • Add VSIMkdirRecursive() and VSIRmdirRecursive()
  • Add CPLGetHomeDir()
  • CPLSetErrorHandler(): avoid later crashes when passing a null callback (github #298)
  • CPLHTTPParseMultipartMime(): make it format the pasMimePart[].papszHeaders in a standard key=value format without EOL
  • CPLString: avoid std::string symbols to be exported with Visual Studio (#7254)
  • I/O on Android: add support for 64-bit file operations if API level >= 24 (Android 7.0 or later) (github #339)


  • add GDALDataTypeIsFloating, GDALDataTypeIsSigned, GDALDataTypeUnionWithValue, GDALFindDataType, GDALFindDataTypeForValue (github #215). Add GDALDataTypeIsInteger()
  • Cleanup ARE_REAL_EQUAL() and GDALIsValueInRange() (#6945, #6946)
  • Various SSE2/AVX2 optimizations for GDALCopyWords()
  • GDALGCPsToGeoTransform(): add GDAL_GCPS_TO_GEOTRANSFORM_APPROX_OK=YES and GDAL_GCPS_TO_GEOTRANSFORM_APPROX_THRESHOLD=threshold_in_pixel configuration option (#6995)
  • RawDataset::IRasterIO(): don't assume all bands are RawRasterBand
  • GDALOpenInfo: make number of bytes read at opening configurable with GDAL_INGESTED_BYTES_AT_OPEN
  • GDALCopyWholeRasterGetSwathSize(): try to use at least 10 MB for swath size
  • GDALDatasetCopyWholeRaster(), GDALRasterBandCopyWholeRaster(), GDALCreateCopy(): always call AdviseRead() on the full extent of the source dataset (#7082)
  • make DefaultCreateCopy() copy RAT
  • Generate gcore/gdal_version.h from git date and sha for a dev version (Unix builds only)
  • Add GDALDataset::Open()
  • Add C++ iterators for layers, bands and features in GDALDataset
  • External .ovr: make sure that ExtraSamples tag is written
  • Overview creation: avoid creating too many levels, and fix related heap buffer overflow (github #557)
  • SetStatistics(): write a STATISTICS_APPROXIMATE=YES metadata item if bApproxOK=true, and take it into account in GetStatistics() (#4857,#4576)


  • Contour: make sure no 3D geometry is created unless -3d switch is defined (#336)
  • Warper: revise/improver how working data type is inferred from other parameters
  • Warper: when operating on single-band, skip target pixels whose source center pixel is nodata (2.2 regression, #7001)
  • Warper: avoid blocking when number of rows is 1 and NUM_THREADS > 1 (#7041). Also limit the number of threads so that each one processes at least 65536 pixels
  • Warper: use AdviseRead() when source chunks are sufficiently compact (#7082)
  • Warper: fix rounding error in scale factor computation (github #273)
  • Warper: use panSrcBands[0] in the single band case (regression fix, github #295)
  • Warper: add very special case to handle situation where input raster edge touches dateline, but proj.4 transformation involves a discontinuity (#7243)
  • Geoloc transformer: fix systematic pixel shift (github #244)
  • RPC transformer: set output coordinates to HUGE_VAL when failure occurs, so that a following coordinate transformation can detect the error too (#7090)
  • RPC transformer: return NULL at instantiation if the specified RPC_DEM file cannot be opened
  • Export GDALRegisterTransformDeserializer() and GDALUnregisterTransformDeserializer() (#5392)
  • GDALRasterize(): avoid hang in some cases with all_touched option (#5580)
  • Optimize GDALResampleConvolutionVertical() and GDALPansharpenOperation::WeightedBroveyPositiveWeightsInternal() for SSE2 / AVX
  • Overview / resampling: speed-up bicubic upsampling for SSE2
  • GDALGrid() with linear algorithm: avoid assertions/segmentation fault when GDALTriangulationFindFacetDirected() fails (#7101)
  • GDALComputeProximity(): fix int32 overflow when computing distances on large input datasets (#7102)
  • GDALAllRegister(): make sure that all drivers that need to look for sidecar files are put at the end


  • GDAL and OGR C++ and Python utilities: accept -f or -of to specify output format
  • --optfile: re-parse inlined content with GDALGeneralCmdLineProcessor(), in particular to support --config key value in option file
  • gdalsrsinfo: for consistency with other output, do not quote the proj.4 string output
  • gdal_rasterize: fix segfault when rasterizing onto a raster with RPC (#6922)
  • gdal_rasterize: add a -to option to specify transformer options
  • gdal_rasterize / GDALRasterizeGeometries(): optimize rasterization for large number of small geometries (#5716)
  • gdal_rasterize: fix crash in some situations with ALL_TOUCHED option (#7176)
  • gdaladdo: support not specifying explicitly overview factors, and add -minsize option
  • gdal_translate: add -a_scale / -a_offset (#7093)
  • gdal_translate: add -colorinterp / -colorinterp_X options
  • DefaultCreateCopy()/gdal_translate: do not destroy target file in case of failed copy wen using -co APPEND_SUBDATASET=YES (#7019)
  • gdal_translate: make -b mask[,xx] use the appropriate band data type (#7028)
  • gdal_translate property copy RAT (or not-copy RAT when -norat is specified)
  • gdalwarp: make -crop_to_cutline works when RPC transform is involved
  • gdalwarp: for RPC warping add a few extra source pixels by default
  • gdalwarp: -crop_to_cutline: reduce number of iterations to find the appropriate densification (#7119)
  • gdalwarp: do not set implicitly nodata on destination dataset when -dstalpha is specified (#7075)
  • gdalwarp: display errors (such as invalid open options) on successful opening of destination dataset
  • gdalwarp: fix "-dstnodata inf" (#7097)
  • gdalwarp: fix when several input datasets with different SRS are specified, and no explicit target SRS is provided (#7170)
  • gdalwarp: make sure to try to redefine the destination nodata value from the source nodata even if the newly created dataset has already set a default nodata value (#7245)
  • gdalwarp: improve progress meter when using multiple source files. For GDALWarp() function, make sure that the progress goes monotonically from 0 to 1. (#352)
  • fix GDAL 2.2 regression where tilemapresource.xml was no longer generated (#6966)
  • gdal2tiles: add --processes=intval option to parallelize processing (#4379)
  • gdalinfo --format / ogrinfo --format: report extra metada items in a 'Other metadata items:' section (#7007)
  • gdalinfo: make sure to display geodetic coordinates always in degree (and not potentially in another unit such as grad) (#4198)
  • gdalinfo: report 'Mask Flags: PER_DATASET NODATA' when NODATA_VALUES metadata item is specified
  • add a -colorinterp_X red|green|blue|alpha|gray|undefined option to change band color interpretation
  • gdal_contour: return with non-0 code if field creation or contour generation failed (#7147)
  • fix failure if the filename contains % (percent) symbol (#7186)
  • gdalbuildvrt: make warnings about heterogeneous projection/band characteristics more explicit (#6829)
  • gdalbuildvrt: add support for band scale and offset (#3221)
  •,,,,, avoid potential problem on Windows in verbose mode (github #458)

Sample Python scripts:

  • Add, and samples scripts
  • fix use of GCP related API (github #255)
  • automatically set relativeToVRT=1 for input and output filenames givn in relative form in the same directory

Multi driver changes:

  • tag (and do needed changes) CALS, FUJIBAS, PAUX, SGI, RS2, GXF, TERRAGEN, Rasterlite, CPG, MSGN, Leveller as supporting GDAL_DCAP_VIRTUALIO


  • fix handling on raw 32-bit AIG blocks (#6886)

BT driver:

DIMAP driver:

DTED driver:

  • Support VerticalCS for DTED and SRTM drivers when REPORT_COMPD_CS config option is set (github #237)

ECW driver:

  • fix Windows compilation against old ECW SDK and VS < 2015 (#6943)
  • make AdviseRead() to store its call parameters, and only do the actual work in RunDeferredAdviseRead() if TryWinRasterIO() determines that the IRasterIO() parameters are compatible of the AdviseRead() ones (#7082)
  • data/ecw_cs.wkt: fix PRIMEM of MONTROME (#2340)

EHdr driver:

  • support reading/writing .clr as/from RAT (#3253)
  • only write .stx if bApproxOK=false (github #514)

ENVI driver:

  • support 'major frame offsets' keyword (#7114)

ERS driver:

add extension metadata (github #320)

GeoPackage driver:

  • update from 'tiled gridded extension' to now OGC approved 'tiled gridded coverage data extension' (OGC 17-066r1) (#7159)
  • avoid corruption of gpkg_tile_matrix when building overviews, down to a level where they are smaller than the tile size (#6932)
  • fix opening subdatasets with absolute filenames on Windows (
  • fix possible assertion / corruption when creating a raster GeoPackage (#7022)
  • properly handle non-0 nodata value in edge tiles, especially with TILING_SCHEME creation option
  • do not write empty tiles for Float32 data type
  • speed-up statistics retrieval on non-Byte datasets (#7096)
  • make DELLAYER:rastertable / DROP TABLE rastertable delete the table and all references to it (#7013)
  • create single tiled TIFF tiles if they are not bigger than 512x512 pixels
  • avoid multi-threading issues when creating TIFF tiles with GDAL_NUM_THREADS defined.
  • fix overview creation with big overview factors on some datasets

GeoRaster driver:

  • handle memory allocation failures (#6884)
  • add support for GCP (#6973)

GTiff driver:

  • add support for ZSTD compression/decompression (requires internal libtiff, or libtiff HEAD)
  • when IRasterIO() realizes that several blocks are going to be needed, use MultiRangeRead() interface for /vsicurl/ related file systems to get data in parallel
  • change default value of BIGTIFF_OVERVIEW to be IF_SAFER (github #231)
  • make sure that -co PHOTOMETRIC=RGB overrides the color interpretation of the first 3 bands of the source datasets (#7064)
  • allow modifying color interpretation on existing file opened in update mode
  • Internal libtiff: resync with upstream HEAD (post 4.0.9)
  • Internal libgeotiff: resync with upstream HEAD: use ProjScaleAtCenterGeoKey for CT_Mercator if ProjScaleAtNatOriginGeoKey is not set (github #296)
  • fix compilation without BIGTIFF_SUPPORT (#6890)
  • fix reading subsampled JPEG-in-TIFF when block height = 8 (#6988)
  • when reading a COMPD_CS (and GTIFF_REPORT_COMPD_CS=YES), set the name from the GTCitationGeoKey (#7011)
  • on reading use GeogTOWGS84GeoKey to override the defaults TOWGS84 values coming from EPSG code (#7144)
  • when writing SRS, do not drop EXTENSION PROJ4 node if the projection is unknown (#7104)
  • make it accept to write SetGeoTransform([0,1,0,0,0,1]) as a ModelTransformationTag, and remove particular cases with the [0,1,0,0,0,1] geotransform (#1683)
  • warn when SetNoDataValue() is called on different bands with different values (#2083)
  • add a GTIFF_HONOUR_NEGATIVE_SCALEY=YES config option that can be set to honour negative ScaleY value in GeoPixelScale tag according to the GeoTIFF specification (#4977)
  • read/write Z dimension for ModelTiepointTag and ModelPixelScaleTag and translate it into/from band scale and offset, when there's a SRS with a vertical component (#7093)
  • fix reading PCSCitationGeoKey (#7199)
  • add support for reading and writing TIFF_RSID and GEO_METADATA GeoTIFF DGIWG tags
  • use consistently multiplication/division by 257 when converting between GDAL [0,255] range to TIFF [0,65535] range for color map values (#2213)
  • don't write <GDALMetadata> colorinterp when writing a file with a color table
  • copy georeferencing info to PAM if the profile is not GeoTIFF

GRIB driver:

  • add GRIB2 write support
  • update to degrib 2.14 and g2clib 1.6.0
  • add support for GRIB2 template 4.32 (github #249)
  • add support for GRIB2 template '4.32 Simulate (synthetic) Satellite Product'
  • add support for GRIB2 template 4.40 (Analysis or forecast at a horizontal level or in a horizontal layer at a point in time for atmospheric chemical constituents)
  • update table 4.2-0-7 current (github #274)
  • add support for GRIB1 products with non-zero NV (number of vertical coordinate parameters) field in GDS (NV is just ignored) (#7104)
  • add support for Rotated pole LatLon projections (#7104)
  • adjust the longitude range to be close to [-180,180] when possible for products whose left origin is close to 180deg. Can be controlled with the GRIB_ADJUST_LONGITUDE_RANGE=YES/NO config option, that defaults to YES (#7103)
  • advertize .grb2 and .grib2 extensions in metadata
  • expose product discipline of GRIB2 products in GRIB_DISCIPLINE (#5108)
  • add a GRIB_PDS_TEMPLATE_ASSEMBLED_VALUES metadata items which expose a slightly higher view of GRIB_PDS_TEMPLATE_NUMBERS
  • speed-up GetNoData() implementation of GRIB2 files by avoiding decompressing the data
  • GRIB2: add support for Transverse Mercator, Albers Equal Area, Lambert Azimuthal projections, fixes in Mercator and Polar Stereographic support, adjustment for GS80 and WGS84 datums
  • correctly read Mercator as Mercator_2SP when stdparallel1 != 0
  • GRIB2: add support for Grid point data - IEEE Floating Point Data template 5.4 encoding
  • GRIB2: report Section 1 / Identification section as GRIB_IDS metadata item
  • fix decimal_scale_factor != 0 handling with nbits = 0 for simple packing and JP2K compression/decompression, and PNG compression.
  • GRIB2: don't error out on a unhandled template in Section 4
  • remove TDLPack support

GSAG driver:

  • fix reading issue that could cause a spurious 0 value to be read and shift all following values (#6992)

GTX driver:

  • do not emit error when opening with GDAL_PAM_ENABLED=NO (#6996)

GRC driver:

  • Fix handling of alpha values in GRC color table (#6905)
  • Handle case of 0-len GRC class names (#6907)

HDF5 driver:

  • Added CInt16, CInt32, CFloat32, CFloat64 support (github #359)
  • HDF5 driver as a plugin: register the BAG driver as well (#5802)

HF2 driver:

  • creation: copy source information (including nodata) into PAM if needed (#6885)
  • fix reading tiles that are 1-pixel wide (2.1 regression, #6949)

HFA driver:

  • add GDAL_HFA_OVR_BLOCKSIZE configuration option to control HFA overviews block size (github #292)

HTTP driver:

  • do not open the underlying dataset with GDAL_OF_SHARED, to avoid later assertion

ISIS3 driver:

  • make sure that -co USE_SRC_HISTORY=NO -co ADD_GDAL_HISTORY=NO results in remove of History section (#6968)
  • fix logic to initialize underlying GeoTIFF file in IWriteBlock(), and implement Fill() (#7040)

JP2ECW driver:

  • add NBITS creation option, and automatically select codestream output for .j2k extension

JP2KAK driver:

  • add support fr Kakadu 7.A (#7048)
  • fix lossless compression with NBITS != 8 for Byte and NBITS != 16 for UInt16
  • use tile dimensions as block size up to 2048x2048 (#6941)
  • make write side honour .j2k extension to generate only codestream

JP2OpenJPEG driver:

  • add support for OpenJPEG 2.2 (#7002) and 2.3 (#7074). Drop support for openjpeg 2.0
  • fix performance issues with small images with very small tile size, such as some Sentinel2 quicklooks (#7012)
  • emit warning if GMLJP2v2 explicitly requested but georeferencing implemented
  • allow YCC for non-Byte datasets; and allow 4-band MCT with openjpeg >= 2.2

JPEG driver:

  • Add compatibility with libjpeg-turbo 1.5.2 that honours max_memory_to_use
  • add capability to write EXIF and GPS tags in a EXIF segment
  • Internal libjpeg: provide implementation of tmpfile() that works better on Windows (#1795)
  • avoid mis-identification of some SRTMHGT files as JPEG

JPEG2000 driver:

  • add NBITS creation option, and automatically select codestream output for .j2k extension

KEA driver:

  • add some additional metadata items (STATISTICS_HISTOBINVALUES and STATISTICS_HISTONUMBINS) (#6892)

L1B driver:

  • support reading NOAA18 datasets (#7115)

MBTiles driver:

  • add read/write support for Mapbox vector tiles
  • support opening and creating datasets with tiles whose dimension is not 256 (#7233)
  • default to opening as RGBA (#6119)

MEM driver:

  • Avoid Create(foo.tif) / CreateCopy(foo.tif) on the MEM or Memory drivers to delete a 'real' foo.tif file
  • add RAT support

MRF driver:

  • Add Zen chunk support
  • Open option to ignore decompression errors and missing data files
  • delay data file creation when NOCOPY is set
  • Identify MRF metadata passed as filename
  • Initialize PAM better on CopyCreate, enable external mask.
  • Fix for coordinates when opening single overview level
  • Use input mask if available to filter input data when creating JPEG compressed files.
  • Add open option to select Z-slice, also Z-slice selection in the metadata file

MrSID driver:


NetCDF driver:

  • avoid vector vs raster variable confusion that prevents reading Sentinel3 datasets, and avoid invalid geolocation array to be reported (#6974)
  • fix raster read as nodata with Byte datatype, (valid_range={0,255} or _Unsigned = True) and negative _FillValue (#7069)
  • be more tolerant on the formatting of standard parallel (space separated instead of {x,y,...} syntax), and accept up to 2/1000 error on spacing to consider a regular grid, to be able to read files provided by the national weather institute of Netherlands (KNMI) (#7086)
  • on creation, attach grid_mapping attribute to all bands
  • netCDF: support UTF-8 filenames on Windows (#7065)
  • add support for reading files in rotated pole projection (#4285)
  • behave correctly when an extra dimension of a variable has a corresponding 1D variable of different names (#7165)
  • netCDF: fix bad interaction of SetNoDataValue() and SetGeoTransform()/SetProjection() for NC4/NC4C modes (#7245)

NITF driver:

  • add support for NITF CCINFA TRE (github #232)
  • data/nitf_spec.xml: fix location of PIAPRD TRE (github #234)
  • make sure that BLOCKA_ or TRE=BLOCKA= creation option override source NITF metadata; add a USE_SRC_NITF_METADATA=YES/NO creation option; make sure that gdal_translate doesn't preserve source BLOCKA when georeferencing is modified
  • fix swapped lines and samples in IMRFCA (github #289)
  • allow to read single-block JPEG2000 compressed images with one dimension > 8192 pixels (fixes #407)

PCIDSK driver:

PCRaster driver:

  • fix fseek/ftell for large files on Windows (#322)

PDF driver:

  • add support for Poppler 0.58 (#7033)
  • round to upper integer when computing a DPI such that page size remains within limits accepted by Acrobat (#7083)
  • do not emit 'Cannot find GPTS object' on VP.Measure objects whose Subtype != GEO

PDS driver:

  • map STEREOGRAPHIC with fabs(lat)=90 to Polar_Stereographic (#6893)

PLMosaic driver:

  • update to use the new Basemaps and Mosaics API
  • take into account BBOX for XYZ tiles

PNM driver:

  • add .pgm and .ppm extensions in metadata

RMF driver:

  • add RMF native overviews support (github #266)
  • fix raster garbage values while reading sparse RMF files (github #267)
  • add native overview build (github #275)
  • fix NoData value update (github #312)
  • fix elevation units write and update (github #314)

RRASTER driver:

  • add support for reading creator and created metadata items, band names and color table / RAT
  • add update and create/createcopy support

SAGA driver:

  • add support for .sg-grd-z files (github #228)

Sentinel2 driver:

  • make sure that the True Color Image subdatset really uses the R,G,B bands and not the R,R,R (#7251)
  • add support for direct opening of .zip files of new safe_compact L1C products (#7085)

SNODAS driver:

  • accept header lines up to 1024 characters (github #506)

SRTMHGT driver:

  • set appropriate description when opening a file
  • recognizes the .hgt.gz extension (#7016)
  • add support for reading files (GRASS #3246)

USGSDEM driver:

  • properly handle southern hemisphere UTM projections (#344)

VICAR driver:

  • optimize nodata handling, and map STEREOGRAPHIC with fabs(lat)=90 to Polar_Stereographic (#6893)

VRT driver:

  • add option for separable kernel (github #216)
  • warn if band attribute of VRTRasterBand is not the one expected
  • implement FlushCache()
  • fix use of VRTs that point to the same source in multi-threaded scenarios (#6939)
  • Warped VRT: correctly take into account cutline for implicit overviews; also avoid serializing a duplicate CUTLINE warping options in warped .vrt (#6954)
  • Warped VRT: fix implicit overview when output geotransform is not the same as the transformer dst geotransform (#6972)
  • fix IGetDataCoverageStatus() in the case of non-simple sources, which unbreaks gdalenhance -equalize (#6987)
  • re-apply shared='0' on sources if existing in original VRT when rewriting it due to invalidation
  • avoid error being emitted when opening a VRTRawRasterBand in a .zip files (#7056)
  • implement VRTDataset::AdviseRead() (in the particular case of a single source) (#7082)
  • allow to incorporate a warped VRT as CDATA in the SourceFileName field of a regular VRT
  • VRTDerivedRasterBand: fix detection of Python runtime already loaded when more than 100 modules are linked. Fixes QGIS3 use case (#7213)
  • add RAT support
  • for consistency, make sure that VRT intermediate datatype demotion is done, e.g that a VRT band of type Byte, with a source of type Float32, requested as Float32 buffer involves Float32 -> Byte -> Float32 conversions
  • VRTDataset::AddBand(): honour 'PixelFunctionLanguage' option (github #501)

WCS driver:

  • add support for WCS 2.0
  • add caching
  • add various open options

WMS driver:

  • ArcGIS miniserver: use latestWkid and wkt metadata (#6112)
  • avoid AdviseRead() to download too many tiles at once (#7082)
  • recognize /ImageServer?f=json ESRI endpoints
  • Add support for maximum size and expiration time and unique per dataset name for WMS cache

XYZ driver:

  • fix 2.2.0 regression where the driver hangs on some dataset with missing samples (#6934)
  • support non numeric characters when there is an header line (#7261)

OGR 2.3.0 - Overview of Changes


  • OGRLayer::FilterGeom(): make sure a feature with a null or empty geometry never matches a spatial filter (#7123)
  • OGRSimpleCurve::get_LinearArea(): return 0 on a non-closed linestring (#6894)
  • OGRFeature::SetField: Improve the setting for OFTInteger fields from a double.
  • OGR_G_TransformTo(): emit error message when source geometry has no SRS
  • OGR API SPY: various fixes
  • OGRCurve::get_isClosed(): do not take into account M component (#7017)
  • OGRLineString::setPoint() and addPoint() with a OGRPoint* argument. properly takes into account ZM, Z and M dimensions (#7017)
  • OGRMultiSurface: refuse to add a triangle to it. (github #357)
  • OGRPolyhedralSurface: importFromWkt(): remove support for invalid constructs, that contrary to comments are not supported by PostGIS
  • Fix OGR[Curve]Polygon::Intersects(OGRPoint*) to return true when point is on polygon boundary (#7091)
  • Emit an explicit error message for OGRGeometry::IsValid(), IsSimple(), IsRing() when GEOS is not available
  • Make OGRGeometry::assignSpatialReference() a virtual method, and make implementation recursively assign the SR to child geometries (#7126)
  • Expose OGRGeometry::swapXY() as OGR_G_SwapXY() in C API (#7025)
  • importFromWkt(): fix import of GEOMETRYCOLLECTION ending with POINT EMPTY or LINESTRING EMPTY (#7128, 2.1 regression)
  • OGRSQL: avoid silent cast so that int64->int overflow is better signaled
  • OGRSQL: accept using the real FID column name (in addition to the special 'FID' alias) (#7050)
  • Add GDAL_DCAP_NONSPATIAL capability to ODS, REC, XLS and XLSX drivers
  • Add DMD_CREATIONFIELDDATASUBTYPES metadata type (github #278)
  • OGRParseDate(): only accept seconds up to 60 included for leap seconds (#6525)
  • Fix OGRPolygon::IsPointOnSurface() broken with polygons with holes
  • OGRFormatDouble(): add a OGR_WKT_ROUND config option that can be set to FALSE to disable the heuristics that remove trailing 00000x / 99999x patterns (#7188)
  • Add C++ iterators for feature in layer and field values in features.
  • Add C++ iterators for "sub-parts" of geometry classes
  • Const-correctness fixes in signatures of methods of OGRFeatureDefn, OGRFeature, OGRFieldDefn and OGRGeomFieldDefn classes.
  • Fix constness of OGR_G_CreateFromWkb(), OGR_G_CreateFromFgf(), OGR_G_ImportFromWkb() and related C++ methods
  • Fix const correctness of OGRGeometry::importFromWkt() and OGRGeometryFactory::createFromWkt(), and add compatibility wrappers


  • Update to EPSG v9.2 (#7125)
  • Update data/esri_extra.wkt and add data/esri_epsg.wkt, taken from (Apache v2 license) (#2163)
  • Add support for PROJ.5 new API (requires proj 5.0.1 or later)
  • Add a OSRFindMatches() function to look for equivalent SRS in the EPSG database, map it to SWIG Python. Enhance gdalsrsinfo to use it
  • Add OGRSpatialReference::convertToOtherProjection() (bound to C as OSRConvertToOtherProjection() and to SWIG) to transform between different equivalent projections (currently Merc_1SP <--> Merc_2SP and LCC_1SP <--> LCC_2SP) (#3292)
  • Fix OGRSpatialReference::IsSame() to return FALSE when comparing EPSG:3857 (web_mercator) and EPSG:3395 (WGS84 Mercator) (#7029)
  • importFromProj4(): implement import of Hotine Oblique Mercator Two Points Natural Origin, and fix OGRSpatialReference::Validate() for that formulation (#7042)
  • morphFromESRI(): fix remapping from DATUM = D_S_JTSK + PRIMEM = Ferro to OGC DATUM System_Jednotne_Trigonometricke_Site_Katastralni_Ferro
  • Add alternate simpler signature for OGRGeometryFactory::createFromWkt()
  • Add importFromWkt(const char)


  • fix '-single -o out.shp in.shp' case (#6888)
  • allow using wildchar '*' in source names and use glob.glob to expand it
  • correctly guess vrt format
  • error when outputting to a existing vrt if -overwrite_ds is not specified
  • use ogr.wkbUnknown to fix -nlt GEOMETRY
  • ogr2ogr: fix crash when using -f PDF -a_srs (#6920)
  • ogr2ogr: make -f GMT work again (#6993)
  • ogr2ogr: make it fail if GetNextFeature() returned NULL with an error
  • ogr2ogr: honour -select when using -addfiels
  • ogr2ogr: preserve source geometry field name for output drivers that support GEOMETRY_NAME layer creation option (such as GPKG)
  • ogr2ogr: add support for circularstring, compoundcurve, curvepolygon, multicurve and multisurface in SetZ()
  • GDALVectorTranslate(): fix converting from Memory to Memory datasources (#7217)
  • gnmmanage: fix crash on shape files with linestring and multilinestring geometries mixing
  • ogrtindex: fix crash when using -f SQLITE -t_srs XXXX (#7053)
  • ogrinfo: always open in read-only mode, unless -sql without -ro is specified
  • ogrinfo/ogr2ogr with -sql @filename: remove lines starting with '--' (github #459)

Multi driver changes:

  • port/tag ILI, NAS, DGN, NTF, SDTS, OGR_GMT, Geoconcept, AVCE00, AVCBin to VirtualIO API

Amigocloud driver:

  • Fixed data field types (github #246)
  • Output list of datasets if dataset id is not provided.
  • Implemented waiting for job to complete on the server. This will improve write to AmigoCloud reliability.
  • Add HTTP user agent (github #263)
  • add OVERWRITE open option (github #268)

AVCE00 driver:

  • Make sure AVCE00 opens .e00 files and not AVCBIN one

AVCBin driver:

  • fix 2.1 regression regarding attributes fetching (#6950)

Carto driver:

  • fix append mode by retrieving the sequence name for the primary key (#7203)
  • fix insertion with ogr2ogr -preserve_fid (#7216)
  • fix missing features when iterating over a SQL result layer with pagination (#6880)

CSV driver:

  • add a STRING_QUOTING=IF_NEEDED/IF_AMBIGUOUS/ALWAYS layer creation option, that defaults to IF_AMBIGUOUS (quote strings that look like numbers)
  • temporarily disable spatial and attribute filter when rewriting CSV file (#7123)
  • fix autodetection of types when a Real value is followed by a Integer64 one (#343)

DGNv8 driver:

  • add support for building against static library (#7155)

DXF driver:

  • Support LEADER and MULTILEADER entities (#7111, #7169)
  • Support HELIX and TRACE entities
  • Support spline hatch boundaries
  • Support MLINE entity
  • Support rows/columns within INSERT
  • Add support for block attributes (ATTRIB entities) (#7139)
  • Support text styles (#7151)
  • Support cylinders (CIRCLE entities with thickness)
  • set dx and dy to DXF LABEL style string on TEXT and MTEXT objects (github #225)
  • fix reading of hatches with boundaries that contain elliptical arcs (#6971)
  • fix reading files where INSERT is the last entity and DXF_MERGE_BLOCK_GEOMETRIES is false (#7006)
  • fix ordering of vertices in a SOLID entity (#7089)
  • only apply certain escaping rules to the text of the MTEXT object (#7047)
  • Handle all known MTEXT escapes; allow user to turn off text unescaping (fixes #7122)
  • do not apply the OCS transformation for MTEXT (#7049)
  • do not output dx and dy in MTEXT style strings (#7105)
  • apply DXF codepage encoding while decoding ExtendedEntity field (#5626)
  • allow user to set the tolerance used when joining parts of a hatch boundary with a DXF_HATCH_TOLERANCE config option, and default to 1e-7 of the extent of the geometry (#7005)
  • refactor out block insertion to its own function, and transform insertion point of an INSERT entity into OCS (#7077)
  • on write side, force 'defpoints' layer to be non-displayed (#7078)
  • entities on layer 0 within a block should inherit the style of the layer the INSERT is on. Do that for entities with a PEN style string for now. (#7099)
  • OCS fixes for HATCH and INSERT entities (#7098)
  • defer inlining of blocks until actually required (#7106)
  • Read DIMSTYLEs and block record handles
  • Handle linetype scales (#7129)
  • Improved support for DIMENSION entities (#7120)
  • handle ByBlock colors (#7130)
  • Fix parsing of complex linetypes (#7134)
  • Correct color for ByBlock text features; respect hidden objects (#5592, #7099, #7121)
  • Make ACAdjustText also transform text width and offset (#7151)
  • Honor block base points (#5592)
  • Use BRUSH style tool instead of PEN when reading polygonal SOLIDs and leader arrowheads; add PEN style string to 3DFACE
  • Specify ground units for TEXT dx and dy style values; interpret dx and dy in the writer
  • Fix bug in text style property retrieval; handle text color in DIMENSION fallback renderer
  • Write text styles and HATCH elevations; fix output of invalid extent values (#7183)
  • Allow access to unused entity group codes with RawCodeValues field (github #226)
  • Reduce the size of header.dxf and trailer.dxf (tested with AutoCAD, QCAD Teigha, QCAD dxflib, FME)
  • Make the writer aware of linetype scaling
  • Don't force elevation to zero in smooth polylines (#7200)
  • Always output all edges in polyface mesh, and add styling (#7219)
  • Remove incorrect OCS transformation from MLINE entities
  • Introduce 3D extensible mode to allow translation of 3D entities

ESRIJson driver:

  • "New": extracted from code previously in GeoJSON driver
  • avoid endless looping on servers that don't support resultOffset (#6895)
  • use 'latestWkid' in priority over 'wkid' when reading 'spatialReference' (github #218)
  • recognize documents that lack geometry fields (#7071)
  • do not attempt paging requests on a non-HTTP resource
  • recognize documents starting with a very long fieldAliases list (#7107)

FileGDB driver:

  • remove erroneous ODsCCreateGeomFieldAfterCreateLayer capability declaration (github #247)
  • add LAYER_ALIAS layer creation option (#7109)
  • FileGDB / OpenFileGDB: attempt to recover EPSG code using FindMatches()
  • FileGDB / OpenFileGDB: linearize Bezier curves with a more reasonable number of points

GeoJSON driver:

  • Add support for json-c v0.13 (github #277)
  • support loading (true) GeoJSON files of arbitrary size (#6540)
  • in update mode, support appending features, in some cases, without ingesting features of existing file into memory
  • writer: accept writing ZM or M geometry by dropping the M component (#6935)
  • fix 2.2 regression regarding lack of setting the FeatureCollection CRS on feature geometries (fixes
  • make sure that -lco WRITE_NAME=NO works even if the native data has a 'name' attribute
  • ignore 'properties' member of features whose value is null or empty array
  • fix writing of id with RFC7946=YES (#7194)
  • add ID_FIELD and ID_TYPE layer creation options

GeoPackage driver:

  • default to version 1.2 (#7244)
  • speed-up loading of databases with hundreds of layers
  • make driver robust to difference of cases between table_name in gpkg_contents/gpkg_geometry_columns and name in sqlite_master (#6916)
  • fix feature count after SetFeature() with sqlite < 3.7.8 (#6953)
  • do not error out if extent in gpkg_contents is present but invalid (#6976)
  • avoid GetFeature() to hold a statement, that can cause database locking issues (
  • emit warning when feature geometries are not assignable to layer geometry type
  • remove UNIQUE keyword for PRIMARY KEY of gpkg_metadata (doesn't hurt, but just to align with the examples of DDL in the GeoPackage spec)
  • fix logic to detect FID on SQL result layer when several FID fields are selected (#7026)
  • fix handling of spatial views
  • do not try to update extent on gpkg_contents after GetExtent() on a empty layer of a datasource opened in read-only mode
  • when inserting a SRS with a non-EPSG code, then avoid using srs_id that could be later assigned to a EPSG code
  • when deleting a layer, delete from gpkg_metadata metadata records that are only referenced by the table we are about to drop
  • fix incorrect rtree_<t>_<c>_update3 trigger statement (
  • fix definition of extensions
  • only create metadata table if needed, and register it as extension
  • declare gpkg_crs_wkt extension when using GPKG_ADD_DEFINITION_12_063=YES config option, and do not emit warning when finding it declared

GeoRSS driver:

  • fix detection of field type (#7108)

GML driver:

  • CreateGeometryFromGML(): accept gml:Arc with odd number of points > 3, even if they are invalid
  • decode gml:Solid as PolyhedralSurface (#6978)
  • JPGIS FGD v4: fix logic so that coordinate order reported is lon/lat (github #241)
  • a GML_FEATURE_COLLECTION=YES/NO dataset creation option
  • fix FORCE_SRS_DETECTION=YES effect on feature count and SRS reporting on gml files with .gfs (#7046)
  • do not try to open some kml files (#7061)
  • do not report gml:name / gml:description of features as layer metadata

GMLAS driver:


  • fix creation of several layers

IDB driver:

  • optimize spatial query using spatial index and st_intersects function (#6984)
  • close connection at dataset closing (#7024)

ILI driver:

  • declare OLCCreateField and OLCSequentialWrite capabilities

Ingres driver:

JML driver:

  • add support for reading and write SRS from gml:Box element (#7215)

KML driver:

  • KML / LIBKML: read documents with an explicit kml prefix (#6981)
  • KML/LIBKML: make sure layer names are unique (QGIS github#5415)

LIBKML driver:

  • fix reading placemarks in toplevel container, when it has subfolders (#7221)
  • improve open performance on huge number of layers

MDB driver:

MITAB driver:

  • support for additional datums (#5676)
  • add support for Reseau_National_Belge_1972 / EPSG:31370 on writing (#6903)
  • add support for SWEREF99 datum (#7256)
  • fix EPSG datum code for NTF Paris
  • support units as code instead of string when reading a coordsys string from a .mif (#3590)
  • add read/write support between MapInfo text encodings and UTF-8. Add ENCODING layer/dataset creation option (github #227)
  • do not emit error if the .ind file is missing, just a debug message (#7094)
  • accept creating files with LCC_1SP SRS (#3292)
  • support 'CREATE INDEX ON layer_name USING field_name' (if called after field creation and before first feature insertion)
  • avoid reporting invalid extent on empty .mif
  • report aspatial .tab as wkbNone geometry type
  • export BRUSH(fc:#.....) with mapinfo brush pattern 2 (solid fill)

mongoDB driver:

  • compilation fix on Windows

MSSQLSpatial driver:

  • Fix issues on x64 (#6930)
  • Implement EXTRACT_SCHEMA_FROM_LAYER_NAME layer creation option.
  • properly format DELETE statement with schema (#7039)


  • fix compilation issue with MariaDB 10.1.23 (#6899) and MariaDB 10.2 (#7079)
  • make sure geometry column name is properly set (GDAL 2.0 regression, github #397)

NAS driver:

  • [NAS/GML] try reversing non contiguous curves
  • Allow usage of a GFS template file for type assignment and mapping of element paths to attributes and remove arbitrary hacks that used to avoid attribute name conflicts:
  • New option: NAS_GFS_TEMPLATE: specify gfs template
  • New option: NAS_NO_RELATION_LAYER: skip unused alkis_beziehungen (also makes progress available)
  • Multiple geometries per layer
  • NAS_INDICATOR updated to "NAS-Operationen;AAA-Fachschema;aaa.xsd;aaa-suite"
  • use single geometry column name from input (like GMLAS)
  • accept unqualified attribute name in wfs:Update

NTF driver:

NULL driver:

  • Generalize OGR NULL development driver as a GDAL raster+vector one; enable to compile it --with-null

OCI driver:

ODBC driver:

  • deal with table names that require double quoting (#7242)

ODS driver:

  • add read/write support for Boolean sub datatype

OSM driver:

  • performance improvements
  • increase string buffer for osm XML files (#6964)
  • OGR_SQL/OSM: avoid OSM driver warning about attribute filter not being taken into account when issuing a 'select * from X limit Y' request on a OSM datasource

OpenFileGDB driver:

PDF driver:

  • make OGR_PDF_READ_NON_STRUCTURED=YES configuration option work with documents without layers (#6359)
  • Improvements to text and dash pattern support in writer (#7185)

PDS driver:

  • fix reading 8-byte IEEE_REAL fields (github #570)

PG driver:

  • do not be confused by a 'geometry' table in a non-PostGIS enabled database (#6896)
  • PG/PGDump: make sure serial sequence is updated at layer closing/end-of-copy if we inserted features with fixed ids (#7032)

PLScenes driver:

SEGY driver:

*report more attributes from Segy Standard Trace Header (github #315)

Shapefile driver:

  • Fix GetFeatureCount() to properly take into account spatial filter when attribute filter also in effect (#7123)
  • use VSIStatL() in Create() to properly work with /vsimem/ directories (#6991)
  • fix regression affecting GDAL 2.1.3 or later, 2.2.0 and 2.2.1, when editing the last shape of a file and growing it, and then appending a new shape, which resulted in corruption of both shapes (#7031)
  • hide shapelib symbols on Unix
  • improvements auto-identification of EPSG codes from input SRS, using OSRFindMatches()
  • Improve guidance on use of SHAPE_RESTORE_SHX in SHPOpenLL() (#7246)

SQLite/Spatialite driver:

  • SQLite/GPKG: report SQLITE_HAS_COLUMN_METADATA=YES as driver metadata item when it is available (#7007)
  • escape integer primary key column name on table creation (#7007)
  • don't invalidate statistics when running a PRAGMA (
  • SQLite dialect: avoid erroring out if source layer has a OGR_STYLE field
  • SQLite dialect: support SQLite 3.21, and LIKE, <>, IS NOT, IS NOT NULL, IS NULL and IS operators (fixes #7149)
  • SQLite/GPKG: avoid parsing of OGR_SQLITE_JOURNAL to stop on JOURNAL_MODE keyword

VFK driver:

  • fix collecting linestrings for sbp layer
  • collect geometries also for zvb layer
  • Improve VFK parser logic (github #365)
  • add option to suppress geometry (github #371)

VRT driver:

  • increase maximum size limit to 10 MB (instead of 1MB), and add config option to be able to force loading if above that

XLS driver:

XLSX driver:

  • avoid 'ogr2ogr -f XLSX out.xlsx in.shp -preserve_fid' to overwrite the first record. Note however that FID preservation itself doesn't really work with XLSX (#6994)
  • fix non working detection of Date/Time fields in some documents (#7073)
  • fix opening of documents with x: namespace in xl/workbook.xml (#7110)
  • fix misdetection of field type if first cell blank (github #291)
  • fix updating multi layer document where existing layers where dropped (#7225)
  • add read/write support for Boolean sub datatype
  • on writing, use %.16g formatting for floating point numbers (#7230)

SWIG Language Bindings

All bindings:

CSharp bindings:

Java bindings:

  • create single JNI shared library ( (github #286)

Perl bindings:

  • Keep parent geometry alive if an object is created from a child geometry. Experimental methods Features and Geometries. Catch an error in storing a geometry into a feature. Prefer GeometryCount over GetGeometryCount and Geometry over GetGeometryRef.
  • Set INSTALLSITEMAN1DIR and INSTALLSITEMAN3DIR according to what is in GDALmake.opt if INSTALL_BASE is set. (#6142)
  • ignore no data cells in ClassCounts and Reclassify for real valued rasters.
  • support for number line (or decision tree) classifiers also for integer bands.
  • Set error handler separately in all modules (required by Strawberry Perl build).

Python bindings:

  • add scripts to python module (#342)
  • make sure that errors in Open() related functions, that do not prevent dataset opening in C/C++, do not either prevent it in Python (#7094)
  • avoid hang when calling gdal/ogr.UseExceptions()/DontUseExceptions() in wrong order (#6891)
  • accept callback = 0 since SWIG generates it as the default argument of BandRasterIONumPy(). (github #219)
  • fix 2.2.0 regression preventing use of callback function in Band.ComputeStatistics() (#6927)
  • fix reference count issue on gdal.VSIStatL() when it returns None, that can cause Python crashes if None refcount drops to zero
  • avoid potential cross-heap issue on Windows with numpy (
  • fix potential alignment issues when reading double values with ReadRaster() or ReadBlock()
  • fix issue with PyInstaller (#7044)
  • add a addAlpha option to gdal.DEMProcessing()
  • fix for include files when building .cpp files (github #258)
  • make gdal.Transform() return None in case of an error (instead of an invalid Transformer object)
  • emit exceptions if VSI_RETVAL methods (such as gdal.Rename()) fail and gdal.UseExceptions() is enabled
  • add addFields and forceNullable options to gdal.VectorTranslate()
  • for command line utilities as functions, serialize number of floating-point arguments with higher precision
  • Fix python 3.x package installation in custom prefixes (#6671)
  • lots of PEP8-related fixes in scripts and autotest
  • add NULL checks after PyUnicode_AsUTF8String() in case the unicode cannot be translated to UTF-8 and workaround SWIG bug to avoid crashes with Python 3. (github #356)
  • make sure gdal.VectorTranslate() and gdal.Grid() open their source dataset with a vector driver (github #449)
  • make 'for field_val in feature' work (github #451)
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