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WISH: add ENVI Create and/or CreateCopy support

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[following of a private e-mail exchange]


i am using extensively the ENVI raster format in one of my projects so
i'm centanly willing to help testing (and implementing as far as i can)
the Create and CreateCopy support for it.

i have some experience in the ENVI .hdr format as i already wrote a small
python utility to attach the header file to a pre-existent raster.

only limitation: i don't really need to write fancy map_info fields (just
standard WGS84, UTM/latlong stuff) and so i'm not volounteering for the
testing of the whole map_info parser-writer (far too much work :).


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comment:1 by alessandro_amici@…, 22 years ago

100th bug ;)

comment:2 by warmerdam, 22 years ago


OK, here is your work item.  I would like you to implement ENVI write support

 o A Create() method. 
 o Change the Open() to support update mode if it does not already.  The update
   should include the ability to rewrite the header file with updates to 
   projection info. 
 o No need to get fancy on the projections support, but try to do some common
   ones if it isn't too hard, and you can test it properly.
Assuming you can do a good job on the Create() and update in place, we should
not need a CreateCopy() method. 

Please warn me if this involves more than 16 hours of work. 

comment:3 by dron, 21 years ago


comment:4 by dron, 21 years ago

test again

comment:5 by dron, 21 years ago

Create() method fully implemented now. `map info' record will be written for UTM
projection only. Considered as fixed.
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