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Overview of changes

Key improvements of the GRASS GIS 6.4.4 release include a complete rewrite of the suite, major fixes for buffers (v.buffer, now based on GEOS library), major speedup for some vector modules (v.rast.stats and, various fixes for the wxPython based portable graphical interface (wxNVIZ, Location Wizard or Cartographic Composer), enabled Cairo dependency for MS-Windows, and more message translations.

Since its initial release in September 2010 more than 2400 source code modifications have been made to the 6.4 release branch. Between 6.4.3 and the current 6.4.4 more than 300 updates have been applied.

Full details of all changes can be viewed in the ChangeLog since 6.4.3.

New modules

  • none

Major module changes

  • suite: backport of complete rewrite from GRASS GIS 7
  • v.buffer: fixed (now requires the GEOS library)
  • v.voronoi: backport fixes for bug tickets #957, #1682, #2019

Minor module changes

  • d.correlate: Added option to draw a trend line and calculate linear regression formula
  • d.profile: close file once done with it (#1323), quote path
  • d.shadedmap: Added option to save draped image to a new raster map
  • fixes for bug ticket #2138
  • modify bat files similarly to bash scripts, use GRASS_ADDON_PATH instead of hardcoded path
  • g.mkfontcap: Also scan for locally installed fonts on Linux systems
  • g.mlist, g.mremove: examples improved
  • g.setproj: Added option to print and reset the Location's one-line description
  • i.his.rgb: Added support for NULL cells
  • i.landsat.toar: fixes for Landsat-8 metadata file support (author: E. Jorge Tizado)
  • i.rgb.his: Added support for NULL cells
  • r.contour: write attributes in one commit (speed-up)
  • r.horizon: added sanity check for dist parameter
  • fix creation of configuration file using circle
  • r.out.gdal: close raster band
  • Added support for multiple file export
  • r.ros: do not double close spotdist map (fixes crash)
  • r.watershed: standardize basin parameter description
  • v.colors: Added option to name placeholder map containing data for creating a legend
  • v.colors: add v.colors placeholder raster map naming option (#1693)
  • v.external: remove formats from module description (#2159), backport -f flag
  • fixed possible infinite loop
  • Major speedup, better support for MS Windows (spaces in paths)
  • v.patch: create index for table (speed-up)
  • v.rast.stats: use DB TRANSACTION (speed-up)
  • fix perimeter
  • v.transform: Added option to swap x for y coordinates
  • v.vol.rst: finally fixed mask issue

GUI changes

  • wxGUI: check for invalid map size
  • wxGUI: fix for not closing of attribute dialog
  • wxGUI: show GRASS version in Layer Manager and Map Display frame title
  • wxGUI/d.histogram: fix export histogram on Windows
  • wxGUI/location wizard: fixes for wxPython 3
  • wxGUI/psmap: update PIL import for pillow
  • wxGUI: more GUI sections for various dialogs
  • wxNviz: point size and height are float (fix #2072)
  • wxNviz: fix displaying 3d points on surface and with z coordinate
  • wxNviz: fix error when switching to 3D second time for 3d raster maps

Library changes

  • Vlib: fix linkm usage (fixes spurious segfaults in special cases)
  • libgis: backport fix FPE error tolerance for plotting
  • diglib: fix support for BIG ENDIAN
  • ogsf: change field size to prevent crash, see #1736
  • libgis: Protect against fatal error handlers calling G_fatal_error() (#1073)

Portability changes


  • fix msvcrt path (32bit)
  • unix2dos on bat files
  • Major clean up of standalone installer
  • Cairo dependency enabled
  • Better handle spaces in GISDBASE (#1683)
  • Installer - copy DLL files to extrabin, remove extralib
  • Fix msvcrt path (32bit)

(Mac OSX)

  • Compilation fixes in build scripts


  • Compilation fixes


  • Support for newer svnversion output string (#587)
  • Also search for locally installed fonts
  • Don't encourage bashism
  • Update config.guess/config.sub

Message translation updates

  • French updated
  • Latvian translation added
  • Italian updated
  • Korean updated
  • Portuguese updated
  • Greek updated

See also statistics


Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

d.rast.edit.tcl: doesn't start from wxPython without aspect map
change fprintf to G_debug in do_proj.c
r.viewshed precision bug
doxygen comments in get_row.c are wrong?
WinGRASS not deleting temp ppm files from map display
i.pca fails to center data prior to analysis
r.proj's "use different location" error while working in different dbases
#718 forgets mask/illegal filename
#721 don't modify the WIND file
v.rast.stats to table connected to layer 2 fails
wxvdigit not functional with 3D vector maps
r.watershed doesnt consider longer distance to diagonal neighbouring pixels
v.voronoi has extra lines in output
G_fatal_error segfault outside of GRASS session
Thematic map layer problem
#1214 segmentation fault
DebCheck QA: Passing value -1 to sqrt() leads to undefined result
#1328 bogus table connection created when input Shapefile has spaces in it's name
WinGRASS 6.4.1: SQLite driver errors: `Unable to open database'
#1413 overwrite problem
Buffer overrun in vector/diglib dig__fread_port_L with big-endian negative values on LP64 systems
#1451 (mean patch size): SIGPIPE at ipc.c:31
wx location wizard doesn't ask for datum transform options because proj4 4.7.1's epsg file is broken
python-scripts in wingrass64svn
OS X: Files are installed outside of --prefix
incorrect output from v.voronoi
Bulk import from multilayer geotiff adds wrong map names to layer tree
wxNVIZ volume display crashes Mac
v.rast.stats on dbf shapefile not enough precision even with DOUBLE PRECISION
wingrass6.x: python addon scripts aren't working
#1797 broken
WinGrass v.buffer memory issue
wxGUI command console: "ls -" causes a traceback error
v.overlay.and gets "stuck"
d.vect wx module GUI forgets column names
#2016 very incorrect results
v.voronoi Segmentation fault
#2024 generates incomplete conf file
G_legal_filename() cleanup patch for GRASS 6
Failed watershed analysis on Grass
GRASS doesn't build on FreeBSD
d.barscale module gui doesn't start from the command line
Memory leak in Rast_read_color_rules() ?
Saving the display as an image in wxGUI fails
diglib build failure on IBM s390x and ppc64
grass64 man page: missing words
--interface-description option broken for some commands
r.kappa: call to r.stats fails if spaces in path
winGRASS6.4.svn - addon python script status?
winGRASS6.4.svn - GUI problems with postgres as database backend
v.external gui exceeds the border of the screen
"About GRASS GIS" - invalid column index
can't close vector map query results window
Support for wxWidgets/wxPython 3.0
#2179 -
#2180 -
missing ) in ./lib/ogsf/gsd_legend.c
Run properly v.clean in v.mkhexgrid
r.covar: output N (number of cells considered)
Unable to locate GDAL library (installed on the system)

Closed wishes since the last release

#722 respect for WORKERS enviro var
WinGrass64 - windows-commandline not released
include/gis.h hard-coding version a the SVN revision level
v.colors placeholder raster map naming option
layer remove does not work on multiple selections
Inherited Verbosity level for grass array .write()
wingrass wx carto composer: please add grid and geogrid
provide downloadable tar balls of html man pages
Typo in v.overlay HTML description

Closed tasks since the last release

opt->guisection and opt->label for a better GUI world
The ordinal 32 could not be located in the dynamic link library proj.dll

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