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r.covar: output N (number of cells considered)

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I just committed (r60035) a small addition to r.covar to output the N value.

In light of recent discussions: What is our current policy on backporting this to grass70release and to grass64release ?

It's a new feature, but extremely uninvasive (just an additional fprintf). Can I backport ?


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comment:1 by martinl, 10 years ago

Well, such change is really cosmetic...

  • relb70 - only bugfixes and non-invasive changes (including new features). Feature freeze will come later with RC1 (I hope later in the summer or in the worst case in the autumn). RCs shouldn't take more then one/two months. I hope that we will have defined release policy in the near future, so it will be more clear.
  • relb64 - we are close to RC, so feature freeze (well the change reported by you is really minor changes, so no big deal).

Go ahead with backport if you feel that is useful.


comment:2 by mlennert, 10 years ago

Backported to all branches (including grass64_release).

I still do think that we should develop a more clearcut policy on this, and have one person, or a team, decide what can and cannot go into a release branch.


comment:3 by mlennert, 10 years ago

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