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d.rast.edit.tcl: doesn't start from wxPython without aspect map

Reported by: hamish Owned by: grass-dev@…
Priority: major Milestone: 6.4.4
Component: wxGUI Version: 6.4.0 RCs
Keywords: d.rast.edit, wingrass Cc:
CPU: Unspecified Platform: MSWindows XP


this was doc issue # 406 on the old Gforge tracker. Moving it here


there's a fancy new Tcl d.rast.edit module in CVS, but its scripts/d.rast.edit/description.html file is mostly empty.

The relevant bits need to be "ported" from the old C version, in display/d.rast.edit/description.html. Lots of that will be irrelevant, so a straight copy is no good.

e.g. explain what the aspect option is used for.



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comment:1 by hamish, 15 years ago

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comment:2 by hamish, 14 years ago

Component: DocsTcl
CPU: Unspecified
Platform: Unspecified
Summary: d.rast.edit: new script needs docs ported from old C moduled.rast.edit.tcl: doesn't start from wxPython without aspect map
Type: taskdefect
Version: unspecified6.4.0 RCs

help page edits done in r36170 etc. grass7 wxpython version of d.rast.edit needs to be checked for compatibility.

from the wxpython gui in 6.4.0rc3 WinGrass, trying to launch d.rast.edit.tcl gives an error:

Error in startup script
no such variable
(read trace on "env(GIS_OPT_ASPECT)")
invoked from within "set aspect $env(GIS_OPT_ASPECT)"
(file "C:/OSGeo4W/.../etc/d.rast.edit.tcl line 15)

aspect= should be optional.


comment:3 by hamish, 11 years ago

Keywords: d.rast.edit wingrass added
Platform: UnspecifiedMSWindows XP

in the 6.4.2rc3 standalone wingrass installer Raster -> Change cat values and labels -> Interactively edit cat values (launches Glynn's tcl/tk d.rast.edit tool) still gives the same "aspect map" error. if you give it an aspect map then it starts up ok.

it works ok for me on linux.


comment:4 by hamish, 11 years ago

Component: Tcl/TkwxGUI

comment:5 by hamish, 9 years ago

requirement to have an aspect map for wingrass avoided in devbr6 with r56745.

traceback and crash due to's env = copy.deepcopy(self.env) returning None side-stepped in devbr6 with r56751. I'm not sure if that actually makes a difference to the actually-needed search path since it's sys.path not os's $PATH, but it seems to work and doesn't make the PYTHONPATH list longer each time you run something, so even if it's useless it's not too polluting.

I notice when the module is done (on linux) the wxGUI module wrapper never returns, you have to close it with the windows's upper-right "X" button since the close button remains shaded out. Also error messages (such as map already exists and no --o given) end up in the terminal not the wxGUI output window.


comment:6 by hamish, 9 years ago


mandatory aspect map fix and wingrass PATH env work-around backported to 6.4svn in r56784.

the d.rast.edit.tcl module gui still never gets the message that the child process has returned (both Windows and Linux), stays with greyed out buttons until you "X" its window, and the no --overwrite error message still ends up in the cmd.exe terminal window, but neither is critical for 6.4.3 so bumping down the road.


comment:7 by hamish, 9 years ago

for the record: aspect maps + d.rast.edit.tcl work on WinGrass now, so the aspect map workaround isn't just ignoring a bigger problem. (it may well be ignoring some other problem, but seeing that tcl from wx on wingrass is pretty rare, I'll worry about that problem when it arrives)

comment:8 by wenzeslaus, 8 years ago

The original description does not match the summary. It is not clear what the ticket is about. If it is not bothering anybody, I suggest to close it as fixed or wontfix, whatever is appropriate.

Create a new ticket if needed.

comment:9 by neteler, 7 years ago

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