26 Sep 2017:

12:12 Ticket #1398 (QGIS's processing (sextante) toolbox hijacks grass's .rc file) closed by jef
fixed: QGIS ticket fixed.

17 Sep 2017:

12:40 Ticket #1997 (osgeolive-docs deb update) created by darkblueb
Installing the latest dot-deb osgeolive-docs, and then using `dpkg …

12 Sep 2017:

15:05 Ticket #1995 (Resize of VM window fails) created by bufferclip
I started the "vmdk" (OSGeo-live 11.0) file like explained in the …

4 Sep 2017:

14:46 Ticket #1993 (new logo for OSGeo-Live) created by astrid_emde
OSGeo-live project is looking for a new logo that fits with the new …
02:35 Ticket #1992 (Add user to vboxsf group to ease mounting of shared folders) created by kthujvu
You can easily share folders between the guest and host system with …

3 Sep 2017:

11:40 Ticket #1991 (Kinds of contributions (external volunteers)) created by cvvergara
== kinds of contributions || Repository || Task || OSGeoLive-doc || …
09:05 Ticket #1990 (Description of tasks (to make a release)) created by cvvergara
As far as I can see there are specific tasks (I might miss some) to …
08:14 Ticket #1989 (OSGeoLive kinds of volunteers) created by cvvergara
I don't see in the wiki a clear definition of the volunteers on this …
07:27 Ticket #1988 (OSGeoLive Status on OSGeo) created by cvvergara
Based on this: - Link: …

23 Aug 2017:

13:27 Ticket #1987 (Add CONTRIBUTING.md files in github repo) created by bakaniko
A common practice in FOSS is to provide in github repositories a …
12:36 Ticket #1986 (There is no more liveDVD distribution through torrent) created by bakaniko
This section speaks about uploading the liveDVD to an torrent …

21 Aug 2017:

14:52 Ticket #1984 (Updating the R overview and quickstart and making them more appealing) created by bakaniko
Actually self-teaching R, I can see in tutorials and articles some …
14:17 Ticket #1983 (Git usage for updating documentation is not well enough explained) created by bakaniko
When I first get into the project, by doing translations, I didn't …

15 Aug 2017:

06:12 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by manuelgrizonnet
00:18 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by robe

14 Aug 2017:

00:34 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by robe
00:27 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by robe
00:25 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by robe
00:23 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by robe
00:22 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by robe
00:17 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by robe

13 Aug 2017:

22:13 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by robe
22:02 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by robe

7 Aug 2017:

01:12 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde
01:12 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde

2 Aug 2017:

02:39 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by akelux

25 Jul 2017:

04:51 Ticket #1978 (Mapbender3 access rights for files are not right - user is set to 1000 ...) created by astrid_emde
access rights for mapbender3 files are not right - user is set to 1000 …

23 Jul 2017:

02:14 Milestone OSGeoLive11.0 completed

22 Jul 2017:

15:39 Ticket #1974 (Unused welcome_message.txt ?) closed by astrid_emde
06:31 Ticket #1974 (Unused welcome_message.txt ?) created by thomasg
Doing the French translation, we've seen welcome_message.txt file but …
05:34 Ticket #1973 (gdal compilation error on v 10.5) created by egonzale
[…] Example error: […]
01:51 Ticket #1972 (Remove "planet" prefix from OSM data in PostGIS) created by bufferclip
The tables of the OSM data in PostGIS are called like: …

21 Jul 2017:

08:53 Ticket #1967 (conficts in file overview.rst at the bottom - looks like a merge error) closed by cvvergara
01:08 Ticket #1959 (update presentation to fit with version 11.0) closed by kalxas
01:07 Ticket #1951 (Change logos as part of OSGeo re-branding) closed by kalxas
01:07 Ticket #1958 (artwork for 11.0) closed by kalxas

18 Jul 2017:

18:11 Ticket #1968 (GeoNode pycsw endpoint version mismatch) created by tomkralidis
On OSGeo-Live 10.5, the GeoNode (2.4) pycsw endpoint returns …
06:04 Ticket #1967 (conficts in file overview.rst at the bottom - looks like a merge error) created by astrid_emde
* …
02:22 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde

17 Jul 2017:

22:32 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by dkastl
pgrouting workshop (diff)
11:54 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde

16 Jul 2017:

13:59 Ticket #1219 (GeoNode throws 404 when creating a map) closed by kalxas
wontfix: This error message is still shown in 2.6, but it can be ignored. I …
13:58 Ticket #1886 (PyWPS quickstart not working) closed by kalxas
wontfix: PyWPS has been retired from OSGeo-Live 11.0 due to this issue.
13:56 Ticket #1947 (istSOS Quickstart not working) closed by kalxas
fixed: There has been an update in the istSOS quickstart recently.
13:54 Ticket #1397 (welcome message needs updating for language & keyboard l10n) reopened by kalxas
This is a valid ticket, I had a question like this from a user …
10:58 Ticket #616 (better screenshot for Viking) closed by darkblueb
wontfix: Viking is retired in Live11
10:57 Ticket #836 (link beginner docs for linux and xfce desktop from main help page) closed by darkblueb
10:56 Ticket #969 (Ushahidi port to PostgreSQL) closed by darkblueb
wontfix: install_ushahidi.sh is retired for Live11
10:54 Ticket #1937 (Integrate LearnOSM documentation for OSM quickstart) closed by darkblueb
fixed: LearnOSM material for iD app added en/overview/ideditor_overview.html
10:47 Ticket #1397 (welcome message needs updating for language & keyboard l10n) closed by darkblueb
wontfix: reopen with a patch if desired

15 Jul 2017:

12:01 Ticket #1529 (Cesium self-tests crash Firefox) closed by kalxas

14 Jul 2017:

16:48 Ticket #1965 (ipywidgets unresolved?) created by darkblueb
the current collection of components for ipython and Jupyter
14:30 Ticket #1964 (docs missing files in non-english sections) created by darkblueb

13 Jul 2017:

22:20 Ticket #1962 (mapnik docs page not retired) closed by darkblueb
invalid: not retired in live11 -- mapnik 3.0.11 included, with docs
22:07 Ticket #1634 (PostGIS Quickstart needs updating) closed by darkblueb
fixed: top of postgis_quickstart.rst shows: […]
21:52 Ticket #1963 (overview page - put historical links somewhere else) created by darkblueb
per IRC discussion in weekly meeting 10jul17 it may be desirable to …
21:36 Ticket #1641 (mbm_plot does not work out of the box, tries to run mapproject executable) closed by darkblueb
wontfix: mb-system is retired from Live11
21:34 Ticket #1894 (GMT quickstart doesn't follow quickstart format) closed by darkblueb
fixed: fixed in commit 041d8eb47a047ca2ac57b24a72f731e2bd65a7f3 and others..
21:23 Ticket #1962 (mapnik docs page not retired) created by darkblueb
here …

10 Jul 2017:

16:48 Ticket #1175 (Update Kosmo Desktop quickstart) closed by kalxas
wontfix: Kosmo retired now
16:47 Ticket #1912 (Move Cartaro doc reference into "On prior releases") closed by kalxas
16:47 Ticket #1080 (Ushahidi Quickstart review) closed by kalxas
wontfix: Ushahidi retired now
16:47 Ticket #629 (osgearth script improvements) closed by kalxas
16:26 Ticket #1899 (Jupyter Notebook is selectable within the OSGeo-Live menu) reopened by camerons
16:05 Ticket #1360 (Iris quickstart and launcher link missing) closed by kalxas
wontfix: Iris will be hidden from docs on OSGeo-Live 11.0.
16:05 Ticket #1762 (ossim profile not properly setup) closed by kalxas
fixed: Fixed in master.
16:04 Ticket #1220 (osgEarth: some keys not working) closed by kalxas
wontfix: osgearth retired in OSGeo-Live 11.0
16:03 Ticket #1954 (Cesium 1.34 Install seems to fail?) closed by kalxas
fixed: Fixed in master.
16:02 Ticket #1953 (uDig installer leaves a __MACOSX dir in /usr/lib) closed by kalxas
fixed: looks good now, thanks!

9 Jul 2017:

12:42 Ticket #1959 (update presentation to fit with version 11.0) created by astrid_emde
* https://github.com/OSGeo/OSGeoLive-doc/tree/master/en/presentation

6 Jul 2017:

10:18 Ticket #1958 (artwork for 11.0) created by kalxas
How about something based on this? …
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.