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Kinds of contributions (external volunteers)

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kinds of contributions

Repository Task
OSGeoLive-doc Write a whole documentation page
OSGeoLive-doc Update a whole documentation page
OSGeoLive-doc Spelling/grammar/typos fixes
OSGeoLive Creating script for installation
OSGeoLive Updating script for installation

The contribution can be done by mail, because person, might be an external volunteer that:

  • Not know sphinx,
  • Not want to create a github account
  • Not know the directory structure and feel overwhelmed by it.

Example of contribution by mail:

Documenting Contributions

Currently, regardless of the kind of contribution, the name goes to the contributing, treating all contributors at the same level.

Contribution process

The current process of receiving contributions of external volunteers is very complex.

  • They make a PR
    • Implied is that: the contributor has a github account
  • Then "WE" ask to send a mail to osgeo live with the text:

"Hi all, I'd like to contribute XXX to OSGeo-Live. I confirm that my contributions to OSGeo-Live will be compatible with the OSGeo-Live license guidelines at the time of contribution."

  • Contributor has to create an account in live-demo mailing list
  • Sends the mail
  • Then "WE" ask the contributor to add his/her name to the contributors list
    • Contributor, updates his PR with a commit for the name OR
    • Contributor, updates makes another PR with the commit for the name OR
    • This is recent: Contributor puts the sentence on the PR as a comment

Example based on my own experience:

Simple Contributions

I can have my whole family/friends be listed as contributor, just by telling them:

  • “Make an account on OSGeo,
  • Make an account on GitHub,
  • Put your name on contributors list
  • Add a “comma”, as grammar fix of a very long sentence
  • Put your name on contributors list
  • do Pull Request.
  • Send the mail, with the text about contributions.
  • And you are done, your name will show as contributor!!!!”

Comparing with pgRouting, names of this kind of contributors are not mentioned, instead: “And all the people that give us a little of their time making comments, finding issues, making pull requests etc.”

Example: I asked a GSoC student to do this image verification on the Chinese documentation of mapbender:

My Conclusion

This Project relies heavily on external contributors for the scripts and documentation of the included projects.

And, some contributors, for bug fixes, spelling & grammar fixes are really constant, like Activityworkshop.

Treating occasional contributors to the same level of the other contributors, does not seem fair.

There is no policy about this (that I could find)

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