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Description of tasks (to make a release)

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As far as I can see there are specific tasks (I might miss some) to make a release.

This is list is based on self assigned tasks done by the internal volunteers of the project. (see #1989)

I am attempting to define those tasks based on what I've seen in the release of version 11. And also added some for tasks for the future 12 regarding transifex, and the change documentation is handled due to the interaction with transifex.

This definition attempt, once refined, maybe can be placed in the wiki

Building the release

  • Package Installation scripts
    • writes scripts needed to install the project in the disk
    • verifies the validity of the scripts (version etc).
    • make suitable changes to the scripts so that the project is installed correctly.
  • Data
    • Specify the BBOX of the area for the data on the release
      • Normally is based on the Location of FOSS4G
    • Install script on the disk
    • Publish the data on the downloads
  • Desktop Image Design
    • Design the image to be used on the desktop
      • Normally is based on the Location of FOSS4G
    • Image is used on the documentation also


  • Documentation Generation
    • Creates the documentation release
    • Uploads the generated documentation to the website
      • has administrator rights
  • Documentation Reviewer
    • Reviews the overviews
    • Reviews the quickstarts
    • Checks that the documentation standards are followed.
    • Makes suitable changes on the documentation to match the standards, without losing the essence of the documentation.
  • Documentation writer
    • Writes overviews
    • Writes quickstarts
    • Follows the documentation standards.
  • Documentation Generation
    • Maintenance of code used to generate the documentation.
    • Scripts
      • For generating automatically
        • overiview.rst
        • Metrics,rst
      • Including scripts to help verify if standards are followed on:
        • <project>_overview.rst
        • <project>_quickstart.rst
      • CMakeLists.txt files


  • Transifex Translations (general)
    • Keeps files up-to-date on Transifex
    • Assigns priorities on transifex files
    • Has administrator's rights

  • Interaction with Transifex
    • <language> translations
    • Reviews translations of <language>
    • Translates to <language>


  • Communications Liaison
    • NEWS Mail, for releases information
    • Mails In General: to other projects, initiating communication.
    • Twitter
    • Youtube

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