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  • Milestone: 7.0.3
  • SVN Checkout latest 7.0 release branch (including yet unpublished bugfixes):
      svn checkout

Overview of changes

A series of stability fixes, manual improvements and a few language translations have been added.

The GRASS GIS 7.0.3 release provides more than 210 fixes and improvements with respect to GRASS GIS 7.0.2. Of particular interest is the new winGRASS 64 bit support.

New modules

  • G70:g.gui.tplot - Allows the user to see in a plot the values of one or more temporal raser datasets for a queried point defined by a coordinate pair. Also allows plotting data of vector dataset for a defined categories and attribute.

Major module changes

Minor module changes

GUI changes

  • wxGUI: fix launching v.krige, fix encoding issues
  • wxGUI/colortable: fix saving color table to file
  • wxGUI/dbmgr: fix removing layer together with table
  • wxGUI/modeler: fix setting parametrized options multiple times, overwrite flag handling fixed, various fixes
  • wxGUI/modeler: check validity of input file when loading
  • wxGUI/forms: fix g.remove/g.list all selection
  • wxGUI/gmodeler: fix add command dialog layout
  • wxGUI/gmodeler: replace wx.TextEntryDialog with gui_core.TextEntryDialog (fix set comment multiline input)

Library changes

  • libgis: Fix handling of quotes in G_tokenize()
  • vedit vector lib: forward port r58512 and r58516 (fixing #719: unexpected line with v.edit tool=break)

PyGRASS changes

  • fix initialization script when is not available
  • pythonlib: implement db_begin/commit_transaction
  • GridModule: fix leaving processes behind, add option to name mapsets
  • pygrass: sync get_path_lib() and set_path() with trunk (fixes compiling of some addons)
  • pythonlib: fix db_connection(True) when default DB connection is not defined

Map projection changes

  • n/a

Portability changes

MS Windows
  • Proj.4 library (included in binary) upgraded to 4.9.2
  • winGRASS 64 bit support (via OSGeo4W 64bit Installer)
  • winGRASS-R-integration: fix check R installation
  • wingrass: add psycopg2 to OSGeo4W dependecies

Manual pages

  • Examples added to various manual pages (i.landsat.toar,, r.buffer, r.grow.distance, v.buffer, v.rast.stats, t.rast.aggregate.ds, ...)

Message translation updates

  • messages catalogue files (.po) updated
  • French messages updated
  • Latvian messages updated
  • Spanish messages updated

Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

grass libraries sonames
v.edit tool=break: breaking more then 6 coords and producing of an unexpected line
#1468 only produces 0 value maps
r.fill.dir leaves unresolved areas
v.out.ogr: spatialite support not working
Conflicting definitions of db__driver_describe_table
#2434 WARNING: Unable to rename null file / WARNING: Unable to write quant rules:
Underscore to avoid Python keywords used improperly in grass.script
vector digitizer crashing with _breakLineAtIntersection
g.extension compilation fails
pygrass: grid module still contains references to old type names
wxgui Raster query redirect to console UnicodeDecodeError
Text interface quits immediately when run from zsh shell
r.thin crashes
#2692 does not handle text in qoutes
v.patch -e crashes
wxGUI startup: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 15: ordinal not in range(128)
r.import latlong bug
i.cluster: report file has wrong linebreaks on Windows
v.rast.stats and mySQL
Broken URL in wiki page
Hangs when closing db drivers
mswindows / osgeo4w / grass.tmpl: OSGEO4W_ROOT_MSYS="@OSGEO4W_ROOT_MSYS@" not updated
db.describe and mysql
v.krige fails to launch from wxgui menu if a vector map is selected
db.databases will not connect to postgres database in GRASS 7.0.2RC2 on Win7 and Ubuntu 15.10
wxGUI modeler: encoding issue
wxGUI modeler: overwrite flag not saved when reopening module dialog
Various typo fixes
Error in the example of r.lake
grass --version throws an exception
grass --version displays the wrong release number
Wrong command r.lake.series examples
Grass and Pillow > 3.0.0
v.db.renamecolumn mysql error
g.gui.timeline throws exception when trying to display temporal dataset.
Update ppa package for 7.0.2
wxGUI: encoding issues
wxGUI: encoding error in error messages
t.rast.list gives error message if there are other mapsets with temp. database in search path
v.rast.stats does not respect layer option
r.damflood return code
g.gui.metadata export to pdf fails
wxgui: encoding error in manually entered rules
Patch for spelling errors in 7.0.3RC1
g.remove gui - selecting all types doesn't work
Copy 'Windows batchfiles for use with R' (GRASS-R-integration) from source to PACKAGE_DIR\extrabin not done
v.dissolve not working
d.fontlist crashes on Windows
grass --version fails

Closed wishes since the last release

wingrass 64bit branch
Drop menu file in favor of desktop file
t.rast.univar lacks "output" option to get output in text file
Reduce number of Start menu shortcuts on MS Windows

Closed tasks since the last release

No results

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