GRASS GIS 7.0.1 Release Candidate


Release Candidate 2 (RC2):

Release Candidate 1 (RC1):

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  • Milestone: 7.0.1
  • SVN Checkout latest 7.0 release branch (including yet unpublished bugfixes):
      svn checkout

Overview of changes

A series of stability fixes, manual improvements and a few language translations have been added.

The first release candidate GRASS GIS 7.0.1RC1 provides 168 fixes and improvements with respect to GRASS GIS 7.0.0. The second release candidate GRASS GIS 7.0.1RC2 provides 55 fixes and improvements with respect to the first release candidate.

Major module changes

  • none

Minor module changes

GUI changes

  • G70:g.mapsets: fix -s GUI dialog
  • wxGUI/animation: fix speed dialog problem caused by granularity problem
  • wxGUI/animation: fix setting region, broken in r65226
  • wxGUI/animation: fix exporting animation with multiple views and no data frames
  • wxGUI/composer: catch error due to Ghostscript missing or not in path
  • wxGUI/dbmgr: add clear button to reload all data
  • wxGUI/dbmgr: improve handling string where values (check for quotes)
  • wxGUI/dmgr: fix focus on Deselect all
  • wxGUI/iclass: fix basic functionality for Windows
  • wxGUI: change default command dialog style on Linuxù
  • wxGUI: copy button added (#2313)
  • wxGUI: don't fail when loading map layers in quiet mode (from workspace)
  • wxGUI: encode from unicode when saving module output to file, see #2614
  • wxGUI: fix change current writing directory on Mac OSX - style=wx.DD_CHANGE_DIR is not working on Mac OSX
  • wxGUI: fix #2634 by bringing back r64834 and removing unnecessary decode()
  • wxGUI: fix extension manager when metadata are not available
  • wxGUI: fix importing vectors with one geometry column
  • wxGUI: fix layertree error when switching to different location
  • wxGUI/profile: fix truncating values when exporting to csv
  • wxGUI: import only after grass.script.parser() call g.gui.*
  • wxGUI/nviz: fix the name in the toolbar
  • wxGUI/toolboxes: make tooboxes a little bit more independent from GUI
  • wxGUI/ws: fix dialog for wxPython 3.0
  • wxGUI: fix sqlbuilder verify button (#2661)

Library changes

  • dbmilib: fix db_copy_table() - overwrite existing table
  • libgis: fix missing std options in r64733
  • libgis: create standardized option for location and dbase, use it in r.proj, v.proj, g.mapset
  • libgis: Improve consistency of rand() between 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • libraster: use strerror(errno)
  • libraster: get_row.c: Fix NaN check in GDAL (r.external) support

PyGRASS changes

  • fix exception check, remove unused or duplicated code
  • removed references to RasterNumpy
  • add VARCHAR column support on Table
  • fix undefined limits in the Parameter class
  • fix Area.boundaries()
  • backported RasterSegment fix r65174 related to #2599
  • include in command also parameters with value equal 0
  • documentation improvements
  • Add a new method to check the correctness of the provide parameter, a new special parameter: check_ is added to skip the check

Map projection changes

  • various modules: improve and streamline "override projection" message

Portability changes

  • gettext message macros: Rename _n macro to n_ to avoid clashes with other libs
  • Compile.make: change order of ldflags (gcc 4.8+ is more sensitive)

Manual pages

Message translation updates

  • Many languages updated with many new translations (see stats)
  • Maris Nartiss: Latvian translation (port from trunk)
  • Shulin Yang: Chinese translation cont'ed
  • Sylvain Maillard: French translation cont'ed
  • Stanislav Horáček: Czech translation updated

Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

problems compiling map swipe, animation, modeler, and
#2577 entire screen version frame
#2597 fails on windows
GUI preferences dialog fails to open
grass 7 startup problem
wxgui Output save fails with UnicodeEncodeError
grass.script.array cannot write raster
#2619 compile error
r.random.cells should use NULL instead of 0
r.horizon problem in Windows (horizon_zud)
startup screen i18n
'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xf6 in position 8: invalid start byte
Profile surface map not working
v.concave.hull fails with small number of points
sqlbuilder: verify button
#2662 crashes on Windows ( problem)
Gtk critical message starting grass
r.hazard.flood error output
handling nulls warning on Windows
Error loading extension. File is not zip file
'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xf6 in position 12: ordinal not in range(128)
Various typo fixes
pygrass ignores option rules
error when running v.krige
gdal-grass: Wrong return type in ogrgrass.h
Examples in r.reclass.area not updated

Closed wishes since the last release

enable copying from statusbar
order parameters in g.remove window
PEP8 like code styling for the script
grass-7.0.1: libraries built and installed with no SONAME

Closed tasks since the last release

t.list hangs on newly created temporal DB

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