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Everybody is welcome to contribute to this wiki. This wiki is designed for individuals who want to contribute to PostGIS by developing patches or testing out changes.

There will be some sections that are of equal value to both PostGIS users and Developers such as compiling source etc. Feel free to contribute to this and make any corrections you see fit.

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Debugging Guides

PostGIS Work Branches

Doxygen Autogenerated Developer Documentation

Other stuff

Compilation and Installation Guides

Patch Submission Guidelines

General model Major.Minor.Micro (1.3.6, 1.4.0,1.5.0SVN)

Basic Steps noted here

We do not release additional functions to micro (aka Patch) releases.

Micro releases will be focused primarily on bug fixes and secondly speed enhancements to existing functions.

PostGIS 3.1 and below will be critical bug and security fixes.

This means that only currently documented functions for PostGIS 3.2 are all you will see in 3.2.1

Bug fixes to existing functions go into latest micro release.

New functions submitted will have to go into the next release (always master branch).

New functions/features that require on disk structural changes will go into next major release.

Additional Testing

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