• Release date / schedule
  • Features not yet implemented, but to be done?
  • GeoCoder? future?
  • PostGIS 2.0 ticket triage?
  • Links between PostGIS and other (non-GEOS topology libraries)
  • Documentation / tutorials and starting points? (for raster? for topology?)
  • 3D visibility calculations?
  • Core vs Raster vs Topology

Features To Be Implemented Before Feature Freeze

  • [raster] Two raster ST_Intersects (dustymugs - October 7) DONE
  • [raster] Two raster version of MapAlgebra? (dustymugs - Nov. 30) DONE
  • [raster] Neighbor version of MapAlgebra? (David - November 30) DONE
  • [raster] C version of raster2pgsql (dustymugs - now!) DONE
  • KNN GiST (PR mid-October) DONE
  • GSERIALIZED clean-up (PR mid-October)
  • GML 3.2 ouput (OC end October)
  • 3D storage review (OC end November)
  • ST_GeomFromJSON (end September) DONE
  • Extensions for deployment for 9.1 (eta 2011-10-15 - work out kinks) robe -- more or less DONE
  • Extensions for deployment for 9.1/9.2 have install as part of core install
  • [topology] Finish ISO functions set (strk - end October) DONE
  • [topology] Geometry->TopoGeometry (strk - end December)
  • BOX (ENVELOPE?) as a GEOMETRY sub-class? (PR end November)-- We are punting this
  • raster2pgsql as C utility instead of python (BP end November) (think this is a dupe

Release Date

  • Feature Freeze (November 30) (this is a real freeze -- hmm didn't happen yet!!) - perhaps end December
    • Q Branch (no!)
    • A No, branch at beta at the earliest.
  • Alpha-1 Release (December 29)
  • Developer Ticket Triage Event (January 5)
  • Beta-1 Release (January 31)
    • Branch?
  • Profit!

Boxes: Points of Discussion

  • People want to sometime store boxes, how should they do ?
  • Polygon as boxes are kind of bigger than it could be
  • BOX2D lacks SRID (and is only 2d)
  • We have some more BOX%%% which make people confused (me, at least)
  • Having ops defined for boxes would allow extension (raster?) to only define casts to boxes in order to have proper indexing.
  • As per the indexing argument, the box I have in mind is the equivalent of the box which is cached in normal Geometries


  • Discussion
  • Some are enthuastic
  • Others are +/-0
  • General opinion, defer until 2.1 cycle (so that 2.1 comes out from git ? in that case we should start pretty soon after feature freeze, for any further development to happen)
  • Pierre raises BIG issue: trac/git integration

Geocoder Discussion

  • DBB, should it be part of core?
  • Dbitner, so many tickets are geocoder, distracting to project
    • extras/geocoder ticket category ?
  • Resolution: suck it up! Good functionality.

Core vs Raster vs Topology

  • Should Raster be a mandatory part of the build and part of the postgis_core extention?
  • Answer: yes, if we can get a binary raster2pgsql loader completed.
    • strk is always against mandatory stuff... could default to ON and allow --without-raster
  • Implication: GDAL as mandatory dependency
  • Research: can we figure out SRID automatically on load using OGR

Raster Discussion

  • Subtiling
    • Future development, support internal tiling scheme in the serialized form for raster (see: GDAL internal tiling / GeoTIFF internal tiling. 1 bit for tiled/not tiled and tile size will have to be fixed e.g. 100x100 or 256x256 otherwise we have to wait for 3.0)

*raster2pgsql cleanup - Bug fixes and remove overviews

  • To be done using rt_api.c? (overviews as post-process SQL call)
    • yes
  • Aggregate versions of stats function (polygons versions?)
  • documentation section about Best practices and PostGIS Raster rationale
  • raster_column views? YES - DONE
  • weighted summary functions for

3D external libraries discussion

  • Can we start linking to other libraries for 3D support?
  • Yes, OK.
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