PostGIS Support and Consulting Services

This section lists the support options both free and paid support available for PostGIS users.

Free Support

  • PostGIS Users Newsgroup If you have quick questions on how to do things in PostGIS — the PostGIS news group is very inviting. Often you will get a response in a matter of minutes from experienced PostGIS users, PostGIS Project Steering Committee, and Developer members. PostGIS users are a bright community that are into challenges. If you have a hard spatial SQL question, bring it on.
  • PostGIS IRC channel If you are looking for a slightly more interactive medium than email, try the PostGIS IRC. The PostGIS IRC is a common hang-out for experienced PostGIS users and PostGIS Core Developer members.
  • PostGIS Developer Newsgroup Interested in developing new features for PostGIS or the internals of PostGIS, then the PostGIS developer News Group is a good place to ask techie questions. Also checkout our PostGIS Developer Wiki for details on how to get started exploring and enhancing PostGIS code.

Paid Support

If you fit one of the below:

  • You would like to contribute monetarily to a new feature in PostGIS particularly features on Wish List.
  • You need more hand-holding than what is provided via newsgroup and IRC.
  • You need someone to install PostgreSQL/PostGIS, configure your server, load data , and give you hands-on training or remote or phone support.
  • You need custom programming support.

Then paid support is probably the best option for you.

Project Steering Committee and Core Developers Member Support Companies

The PostGIS Project Steering committee and PostGIS core development members are a globally distributed crew often employed/self-employed and thru their companies provide paid PostGIS support, mentoring, and continued development of the PostGIS spatial database engine. These companies are listed below:

Other PostGIS Consultants / GIS Guides

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