The PostGIS project uses docker for a number of regression tests and production use. We have two different docker setups.

On OSGeo infrastructure we have which docker images are pushed to via These are currently only used by drone agents.

Docker OSGeo

The docker osgeo infrastructure you can log in via your osgeo user id. Only PostGIS development team members have push rights to this repo. More details of the images, dockerfiles in use by it can be found at PostGIS-docker repo.

Here is an example of how you can pull an image, retag and push to

# this is old repo we used to use
docker pull
docker tag
docker login #put in your OSGeo LDAP user id /password
docker push
#confirm you can pull from the read-only repo - it should recognize you already have it and just add another tag
docker pull

#To really test, you can  (note you can add a --force at end of first to auto delete all dependent tags)
docker rmi
docker rmi
docker rmi
docker pull

Docker Hub PostGIS

Docker Hub is used for travis testing and there is also a postgis for production use. The main link to all is

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