PostGIS 2.0 Discussion Topics

  • Serialization. GSERIALIZED structure. More things could be added: an optional hash code for fast identity checking on large objects; an optional user-data area where things like internal index trees could be serialized.
  • Typmod implications.
  • Changing the liblwgeom API
    • Modifiable pointarrays
    • GBOX as default bounding box
    • Documented and complete API for pointarray modification
    • Modifiable collections
    • Documented and complete API for collection modification
    • GEOS wrapper accessible from liblwgeom (moving down from
  • Strategy for Curves
    • Uniform strategy for "implemented but not complete" types?
    • Plan for making curves more complete?
  • Multi-dimensional indexing, what does the syntax and implementation look like?
  • 3D support for Polyhedral Surfaces, CityGML, Collada, X3D
    • implement in liblwgeom 3D primitives:
      • ST_IsValid
      • Point in Polyhedra test (and so others related 9DIM functions)
      • Polyhedra minimal distance (to a point also to an another polyhedra)
      • ST_Centroid
      • ST_Volume
  • I/O functions
    • extensions to GML and KML
    • CityGML
    • Collada
    • X3D (yes please)
  • Merging WKT Raster into PostGIS 2.0 codebase
  • Switch to always use the GEOS C-API thread-safe interface (available since 3.1.0)

Migration Guide

Known issues with PostGIS 2.0 that will affect people upgrading from 1.5

  • Dump and restore required, since disk serialization has changed
  • WKB type numbers for CurvePolygon, MultiCurve and MultiSurface are now (10, 11, 12). In PostGIS 1.5 and below they were (13, 14, 15)
  • SRID unknown will be 0 and not -1
  • Functions removed:
    • List here…
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