--August 18, 2009 -- this is a work in progress

Create a windows setup exe using NSIS

This is what is used by PostgreSQL Application Stack Builder to deploy PostGIS and may be something you want to do if you are deploying your own applications.

  1. Download and install Null Soft scriptable installation system (NSIS).

As of this writing 2.45 is the latest version

  1. Download Execdos plugin from and copy the .dll into your Program Files/NSIS/Plugins directory
  1. Download the appropriate NSIS installer scripts for PostGIS from
  1. Create a distfiles folder on same level as wininst and copy your compiled libraries etc. into that folder

(to get a sense of how the folders are structured in versions extract an existing nsis setup (you and just use 7zip on any unzipper)

  1. Modify the inputfiles.nsh accordingly to copy the files from distfiles to install directory
  1. Make modifications to postgis.nsi accordingly (mostly just the PostgreSQL version needs to be unremarked.
  1. Right-mouse click on the postgis.nsi and choose "Compile NSIS Script"
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