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Overview of changes

Key improvements of the GRASS GIS 6.4.5 release include stability fixes (esp. vector library), some fixes for wxPython3 support, some module fixes, and more message translations.

Since its initial release in September 2010 more than 2500 source code modifications have been made to the 6.4 release branch. Between 6.4.4 and the current 6.4.5 about 90 updates have been applied.

Full details of all changes can be viewed in the ChangeLog.

New modules

  • none

Major module changes

  • v.mkgrid: optionally generate lines instead of areas (new -l flag); precision fixes (more vertices)
  • v.rast.stats: fix wrong SQL TRANSACTION implementation for DBF driver
  • r.carve: Add points closest to the center of each stream grid rather than adding each vertex multiple times at the same location

Minor module changes

  • d.vect.chart: bugfixes
  • i.smap: larger default block size for speed
  • fix edge count
  • v.distance: adding geodesic point to boundary distance measurement for lat-long locations
  • OFTStringList is supported column type
  • v.univar: remove duplicate layer option

Command line changes

  • batch job: do not show welcome message and require 'hit return' when running a batch job

GUI changes

  • wxGUI: wxpython 3 compatibility patches from Debian project applied + some more
  • wxGUI: added v.vect.stats to menu
  • wxGUI: fix window too wide

Library changes

  • dblib: no more db driver zombies in wingrass
  • dglib: fix sp cache initialization
  • libvector: numerical stability fixes for topology; fix reattaching centroids and isles; fix memory leak


  • elevation: elevation color table: brighten up high values

Portability changes


  • enabled modules

(Mac OSX)

  • n/a


  • n/a

Message translation updates

  • user message harmonization update (to reduce number of similar but slightly different messages)
  • Chinese updated
  • French updated
  • German updated
  • Italian updated
  • Spanish updated

See also statistics


Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

v.buffer2: difference between Linux 32bit and 64bit
help page temp files not cleaned by distclean and shipped in source tarball
cruft in release tarball
v.vect.stats not in GUI
v.distance in Long/Lat Locations
error message when renaming attribute table column using v.db.renamecol
DBF driver: stub functions for SQL TRANSACTION
Python OSError: [Errno 7] Argument list too long when running grass.pipe_command repeatedly
Java runtime error
#2505 options aren't working
r.out.gdal wrongly messes with SetColorInterpretation
#2562 docs: GLOBE DEM Moved
grass command welcomes batch job and requires user input
v.rast.stats not working on GRASS 6.4.4

Closed wishes since the last release

Wish: port the new wxgui histogram plotting tool from grass7 to grass6
d.out.file: Add PNG/Cairo support

Closed tasks since the last release

No results

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