GDAL/OGR 1.11.1 Release Notes

The 1.11.1 release is a bug fix release.

Security announcement

Robert Coup has noticed a security problem with the OGR WCTS service. This code is not part of the standard build process, nor usually packaged by binary distributions, so most users should not be affected by this problem unless they have compiled it by themselves. This code still lies in the ogr/wcts directory from the source distribution of the 1.11 branch. For more details, you can read the "Security Concern" paragraph at


  • Fix compilation errors with json-c 0.12 (#5449)
  • configure: fix for cpl_recode_iconv.cpp compilation error on freebsd 10 (#5452)
  • Fix compilation error in alg/gdalgrid.cpp when AVX is available, but not SSE (#5566)
  • Fix wrong include order in ingr and nitf subdirs w.r.t internal libtiff (#5644)
  • Add CPL_UNUSED for gcc >= 4 (#5414)


  • CPLSpawn() on Windows: quote arguments with spaces in them (#5469)
  • /vsigzip/: avoid infinite loop when reading broken .gml.gz file (#5486)
  • /vsizip/: fix bug that caused premature end of file condition with some read patterns (#5530)
  • /vsizip/: on >4GB zips: accept .zip declare 0 disks (#5615)
  • Fix stack corruption upon thread termination with CPLSetThreadLocalConfigOption on Windows 32 bit (#5590, reported by cleo)
  • cpl_http.cpp: truly set CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL if available (#5568)


  • EXIF reader: add missing validation for some data types (#3078)
  • Fix segfault in GDALPamRasterBand::SerializeToXML() when saving an empty RAT (#5451)
  • Windows plugin: complementary fix to #5211 to avoid error dialog box when there are dependency problems (#5525)
  • RPC transformer with DEM: fix near interpolation (patch by liminlu0314, #5553)
  • OpenCL warper: remove unused variable in bilinear resampling that can cause compilation error (#5518)
  • GDALCreateTPSTransformer(): fix crash if the forward or backward transform cannot be computed (#5588)
  • Overview: ignore alpha=0 values when compute an average overview of an alpha band; and also avoid memory errors when calling GetMaskBand()/GetMaskFlags() after overview computation if GetMaskXXX() has been called before (#5640)


  • fix inverted long/lat in BoundingBox and Origin elements of tilemapresource.xml (#5336)
  • make it work (again) with color tables with less than 256 entries (#5555)

GDAL drivers

BAG driver:

  • change nodata value for uncertainty band to 1e6; and do not expose wrong values of minimum and maximum of uncertainty band (#5482)

DIMAP driver:

  • DIMAP 2: handle the case where the Raster_Data element is in main file; fix to extract geodetic SRS; fix to extract geotransform from JPEG2000 file if not available in XML (#5018, #4826)

ENVI driver:

  • avoid generating potentially corrupted .hdr files when opening in update mode; Write 'Arbitrary' instead of 'Unknown' as the projection name for an undefined SRS; when writing, consider that LOCAL_CS SRS is like ungeoreferenced (#5467)

ERS driver:

  • reset RasterInfo.RegistrationCellX/Y if setting a new geotransform on an updated .ers file (#5493)

MBTILES driver:

  • better detection of 4 bands dataset (if sample tile is a paletted PNG with transparency) (#5439)
  • take into account alpha component of color table in RasterIO() (#5439)
  • avoid wrong detection of 3 bands when finding paletted PNG in /vsicurl mode (#5439)

GIF driver:

  • add compatibility with giflib 5.1 (#5519)

GeoRaster driver:

  • fix Oracle SRID authority (#5607)

GRIB driver:

  • avoid divide by zero while setting geotransform on 1xn or nx1 grib file (#5532)

GTiff driver:

HFA driver:

  • fix recognition of Hotine Mercator Azimuth Center in Imagine format (and Swisstopo GeoTIFF) (#5551)

JP2KAK driver:

  • fix bug in vsil_target::end_rewrite() that prevented TLM index to be generated (#5585)

JPIPKAK driver:

  • avoid symbol collision with kdu_cpl_error_message from JP2KAK driver (#4865)

MSG driver:

  • fix compilation problem (#5479)

NITF driver:

  • HISTOA TRE: put definition of TRE in conformance with STDI-0002 (App L page 14) and STDI-0006 (Page 57) (#5572)

OpenJPEG driver:

  • fix warning when reading a single tile image whose dimensions are not a multiple of 1024 (#5480)

OZI Map driver:

  • retrieve the image filename in a case insensitive way (#5593)

PDF driver:

  • fix compilation problem with Podofo on Windows (#5469)

PostGISRaster driver:

  • Fix read of metadata for tables with multiple raster cols (#5529)

VRT driver:

  • make sure nodata value set on VRT raster band is taken into account in statistics computation (#5463)
  • fix ComputeStatistics() on VRT that are a sub-window of source dataset (#5468)
  • VRT raw: fix corrupted serialization on Windows (#5531)
  • Implement heuristics to determine if GetMinimum()/GetMaximum() should use the implementation of their sources of not. Can be overriden by setting VRT_MIN_MAX_FROM_SOURCES = YES/NO (#5444)

WMS driver:

  • fix to make GDAL_DEFAULT_WMS_CACHE_PATH configuration option work as expected (#4540)

XYZ driver:

  • fix back line seeking with datasets that have not the same number of values per lines (#5488)
  • report correct values of min/max for GDT_Float32 bands (#5492)

OGR core

  • Fix OGRFeature::SetGeometryDirectly() and SetGeomFieldDirectly() to free the passed geometry even if the method fails (#5623)
  • OGRLayerDecorator: remove return statements from void methods (#5618)
  • OSR proj.4 import: for HOM, make sure +no_off/no_uoff is preserved, and change default value of gamma parameter to be the same as alpha (#5511)

OGR utilities

  • ogr2ogr: fix problem with SRS when copying layers with multiple geometry columns with different SRS (#5546)
  • ogr2ogr: turn string value to one element list if destination field is stringlist

OGR drivers

CSV driver:

  • fix to avoid truncation of WKT geometries to 8000 characters (#5508)


  • use LatestWKID when available, and turn importFromEPSG() errors into warning (#5638)

GeoJSON driver:

  • accept and skip UTF-8 BOM (#5630)

GME driver:

GML driver:

  • fix bug that prevented multiple instanciation of the reader with Xerces backend (#5571)
  • update GFS files for RUIAN (#5610)

GPKG driver:

  • fix crash on ogr2ogr -f GPKG with non-spatial layer (#5445)
  • fix GetExtent() crash on layers without extent set in gpkg_contents (#5471)
  • put correct value (1) in gpkg_geometry_columns for 2.5D tables (#5481)
  • fix component geometry type of GPKG 3D MultiGeometries (#5629)

IDRISI driver:

  • fix support for multi-ring polygons (#5544)

VFK driver:

  • change default DB filename

MapInfo File driver:

  • MIF: Remove duplicate OLCSequentialWrite test and report OLCCreateField (#5477)
  • MIF: don't write field width for integer fields in .mif, which is incompatible with MapInfo (#3853)
  • MIF: close polygon rings when reading Region from MIF file (#5614)

MSSQL driver:

  • Fix schema handling (#5401)
  • Fix spatial geometry field handling (#5474)

MySQL driver:

  • thread-safe initialization of mysql client library (#5528)

NAS driver:

  • implement wfs:update (adds new context 'update' and fields "endet" and "anlass" to "delete" layer).
  • also assign xlink:href attributes as layer attribute, not only in "alkis_beziehungen" layer; (#5372)

OCI driver:

  • fix memory leaks (#5599)
  • fix creation of DATE fields (#5600)
  • fix creation of columns whose name length is longer than 30 characters (#5466)

OpenFileGDB driver:

  • fix occasionnal write-after-end-of-buffer (#5464)
  • fix spatial filter with GeneralPolygon shapes (#5591)
  • add compatibility with .gdbtable files bigger than 4 GB (#5615)
  • remove not really justified check in .gdbtablx that prevents legit GDB to be read (#5635)
  • fix for reading GDB with string fields with a default value length > 127 (#5636)
  • support opening files with ConfigurationKeyword=MAX_FILE_SIZE_4GB or MAX_FILE_SIZE_256TB (#5615)
  • use LatestWKID when available, and turn importFromEPSG() errors into warning (#5638)
  • increase accepted size for field description zone up to 10 MB (#5660)

OSM driver:

  • fix random crash, particularly on MacOSX (#5465)

PG driver:

  • fix crash when writing a StringList with 0 element (#5655, derived from patch by rtorre)

PGDump driver:

  • fix crash when writing a StringList with 0 element (#5655, derived from patch by rtorre)

Shapefile driver:

  • fix writing values up to 253 in OFTReal fields with 0 decimal places (#5625)

TIGER driver:

  • Fix potential buffer underflow when providing /vsistdin/ to Tiger driver (#5567)

VFK driver:

  • recode also header values (#5631)
  • process DKATUZE from header properly (#5633)

SWIG Language Bindings

Java bindings:

  • Pass eRWFlag to allow both reading or writing (#5506). Write was broken in DatasetRasterIO().

Perl bindings:

  • Fix schema corruption when 'Index' is a field (#5662)
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