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Ozi .ozf2/.ozfx3 case sensitivity issue

Reported by: nsands Owned by: warmerdam
Priority: normal Milestone: 1.11.1
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This driver works by matching Ozi .map files (with georeferencing data) with a corresponding image file. The image file is matched with the .map file using the last path component in the 3rd line of the .map file.

This is case sensitive.

However, these files are often ported between system with case insensitive file systems, and then end up on a case sensitive file system. This can cause the image file to end up with a different case to that specified in the .map file, and on the case sensitive file system it is not found, and therefore opening the data source fails.

The work around is to manually open the .map file in a text editor, see what the precise file name is that it wants, then manually edit the name of the image file to match (ie, change the case).

Could this driver be updated to handle such case sensitivity issues?

I often get users sending me .map/.jpg pairs that GDAL won't read on a case sensitive file system (iOS in this case). Their .map files look like the example below:

OziExplorer Map Data File Version 2.2 580_4_novi_pazar.jpg C:\Users\SNEZANA\Desktop\PRETVORENO U WGS84\TK 50 NOVI PAZAR\580_4_Novi_Pazar.jpg ... ... ...

and their image file is named more like: 580_4_novi_pazar.jpg

This fails to open as a GDAL data source. It would be really useful if the GDAL driver could work around this issue, for example, by checking for the case sensitive filename first, then look for the image with a case insensitive search.

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trunk r27559, branches/1.11 r27560 "OZI Map: retrieve the image filename in a case insensitive way (#5593)"

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