10 Aug 2010:

06:06 Ticket #622 (udig wms fails to renderer) closed by jive
fixed: 1.2.0 now in use; problem is fixed.

9 Aug 2010:

03:50 Ticket #624 (livedvd/content.html lists wrong versinos of Geopublsiher and AtlasStyler) created by alfonx
Talking about: http://download.osgeo.org/livedvd/content.html 1. …

7 Aug 2010:

02:20 Ticket #622 (udig wms fails to renderer) created by jive
This is a known issue with udig-1.2-RC3 included on the live dvd; will …
02:03 Ticket #621 (symbolic link data /usr/local/share/udig/udig-data) closed by jive
fixed: I was not able to sort out a symbolic link; but did change the …
01:48 Ticket #621 (symbolic link data /usr/local/share/udig/udig-data) created by jive
This was formally available via the users home directory "data" …

5 Aug 2010:

22:07 Ticket #620 (MapGuide menu locations, shortcut, passwords.txt file) created by jbirch
Just finished some basic testing of the MapGuide component of the …

4 Aug 2010:

21:43 Ticket #430 (Create documentation for the LiveDVD) closed by hamish
21:42 Ticket #421 (Put common sample data on the DVD/VM) closed by hamish
21:42 Ticket #609 (VM Screensaver off?) closed by hamish
21:41 Ticket #486 (ECW and Mrsid for GDAL) closed by hamish
wontfix: AFAIK their license won't allow it.
21:40 Ticket #487 (List project licenses) closed by hamish
21:39 Ticket #484 (provide language support) closed by hamish
21:38 Ticket #601 (errors in install_R.sh) closed by hamish
21:37 Ticket #544 (Order of documentation seems random) closed by hamish
21:36 Ticket #612 (deegree quickstart contains uDig content) closed by hamish
20:17 Ticket #619 (Live HD Install refers to Arramagong) closed by hamish
fixed: where? I think Alex fixed a few a couple of days ago, and r4514
13:12 Ticket #619 (Live HD Install refers to Arramagong) created by darkblueb
when using the LiveDVD to install a system on a hard disk, the install …
03:43 Ticket #617 (improve content.html build logic) created by hamish
Hi, OpenJUMP's overview page fails to link from the content.html …
03:23 Ticket #616 (better screenshot for Viking) created by hamish
If would be good to have a less generic screenshot for viking. idea: …

1 Aug 2010:

09:27 Ticket #614 (OpenJUMP fails to launch) created by darkblueb
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Can't load …

30 Jul 2010:

02:37 Ticket #541 (Incorrect hostname on ISO) closed by darkblueb
fixed: fixed in 4b4
02:17 Ticket #613 (make better use of the Geospatial Databases menu) created by darkblueb
Add 'Spatialite GIS' and 'Spatialite GUI'
02:14 Ticket #569 (GeoKettle installed properly?) closed by darkblueb
fixed: team lead T.Badard adds docs to svn, while swfr remains frozen

25 Jul 2010:

15:02 Ticket #612 (deegree quickstart contains uDig content) created by hamish
source:livedvd/gisvm/trunk/doc/quickstart/deegree_quickstart.rst seems …

19 Jul 2010:

20:09 Ticket #609 (VM Screensaver off?) created by darkblueb
Can we disable the screensaver by default? When running as a Virtual …

8 Jul 2010:

02:55 Ticket #602 (osgearth fails to install) closed by hamish
fixed: > install_osgearth.sh fails - see /var/log/osgeolive/main_install.log …

7 Jul 2010:

21:08 Ticket #602 (osgearth fails to install) created by darkblueb
install_osgearth.sh fails - see /var/log/osgeolive/main_install.log …
21:05 Ticket #601 (errors in install_R.sh) created by hamish
Alex already mentioned this, for the record- there were a couple of …
20:31 Ticket #519 (livedvd: new way to set desktop background) closed by hamish
fixed: ./install_desktop.sh now seems to work ok in the Lucid release. closing.
20:24 Ticket #483 (maptile exe download crawls) closed by hamish
fixed: maptiler download ran at 449 KB/s for 4.0rc1, closing ticket. also …
20:21 Ticket #473 (install_arram2_fixes.sh ?) closed by hamish
wontfix: putting this ticket to sleep until such time as a nasty bug in a final …

30 Jun 2010:

19:55 Ticket #599 (Synaptic GUI Fails) closed by darkblueb
fixed: tested on 4a4 with svn updates; re-ran setup.sh; synaptic gui works …

29 Jun 2010:

01:54 Ticket #545 (No documentation for GDAL/OGR) closed by camerons
wontfix: As I understand it, GDAL is a library, not an application. As the …

28 Jun 2010:

20:45 Ticket #599 (Synaptic GUI Fails) created by darkblueb
opening the synaptic package manager on a modified 4a4 VM in …

15 Jun 2010:

01:56 Ticket #593 (MapFish requires internet connection to work) created by camerons
MapFish currently accesses a basemap from the web (OSM?). Our aim for …

11 Jun 2010:

09:06 Ticket #296 (create OSGeo repository for .deb's for LiveDVD & documentation) closed by hamish
wontfix: speaking on behalf of both the DebianGIS and LiveDVD teams, it is not …

10 Jun 2010:

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10 May 2010:

14:13 Ticket #569 (GeoKettle installed properly?) created by tmitchell
Hi I went through a geokettle tutorial using the livedvd but found …

31 Mar 2010:

02:31 Ticket #443 (Desktop appearance) closed by hamish
fixed: this can be open to endless refinement, but that doesn't need a …
01:51 Ticket #462 (cpuload and terminal to taskbar) closed by hamish
01:48 Ticket #469 (cleanup unused -dev packages with autoremove) closed by hamish
01:43 Ticket #419 (Add all installed application to the menu at the top of the desktop.) closed by hamish
fixed: closing ticket. todo: bring beta menu into line with everything else …
01:42 Ticket #488 (no curl on LiveDVD) closed by hamish
worksforme: libcurl3 and libcurl3-gnutls are installed on the disc. closing …

24 Mar 2010:

12:01 Ticket #498 (Click2try apt sources are not updated) closed by camerons
fixed: I'm closing this issue as I expect it would have already been fixed. …

17 Mar 2010:

18:43 Ticket #537 (Documentation not up-to-date) closed by wildintellect
fixed: We should probably not keep a separate list that installs docs vs the …
17:51 Ticket #537 (Documentation not up-to-date) reopened by pka
rc5 (VM): spatialite and osgearth HTML documentation is now completely …

13 Mar 2010:

13:48 Ticket #545 (No documentation for GDAL/OGR) created by wildintellect
While GDAL isn't a directly scripted install it is a dependency for …

13 Mar 2010:

22:42 Ticket #544 (Order of documentation seems random) created by wildintellect
In the generated docs the "Contents" are listed in a really bizarre …
22:16 Ticket #474 (include postgis 1.4) closed by wildintellect
22:16 Ticket #418 (Create desktop icons for Mapserver) closed by wildintellect
22:01 Ticket #525 (pgrouting data import off) closed by wildintellect
fixed: Was a compile issue, package was updated and issue resolved.
21:56 Ticket #543 (Reduce the footprint of the image) created by wildintellect
Hamish has indicated that a target of 3.2GB image may work better for …
21:53 Ticket #542 (Postgis & pgRouting Icon) created by wildintellect
Right now we have a pgadmin shortcut but that might not be clear to …
21:47 Ticket #541 (Incorrect hostname on ISO) created by wildintellect
Remastersys seems to drop the hostname from the original build and …
21:45 Ticket #472 (user should own the desktop) closed by wildintellect
21:43 Ticket #468 (doc path on disc does not correspond to svn) closed by wildintellect
21:37 Ticket #532 (VMware client Xorg unable to log in) closed by wildintellect
worksforme: Seems to be working again as of 3.0 rc4, no idea why.
21:31 Ticket #460 (Compressing the vmdk) closed by wildintellect
fixed: Works most of the time, on 3.0 rc3 it failed on 3.0 rc4 it was done …

11 Mar 2010:

03:37 Ticket #537 (Documentation not up-to-date) closed by camerons
01:23 Ticket #537 (Documentation not up-to-date) reopened by pka
Version 3.0rc4 (VM): Documentation in /usr/local/share/livedvd-docs …

5 Mar 2010:

17:13 Ticket #522 (livedvd: update pgrouting script) closed by wildintellect
duplicate: The script was updated and led to ticket:525 so while this isn't …

4 Mar 2010:

20:59 Ticket #520 (postgis install script triggers "obsolete major version 8.3" message) closed by wildintellect
fixed: Yes as far as I know this is now fixed.
16:18 Ticket #471 (grass data: symlink to other datasets) closed by hamish
fixed: ortho drape documented in r3254. didn't bother with making the …
14:52 Ticket #479 (udig data directory buried) closed by hamish
14:39 Ticket #485 (marble needs a desktop icon) closed by hamish

27 Feb 2010:

03:33 Ticket #537 (Documentation not up-to-date) closed by hamish
fixed: documentation (and everything else) is added to the ISO at build time. …

26 Feb 2010:

05:48 Ticket #537 (Documentation not up-to-date) created by pka
Documentation in 3.0rc seems to be generated on 20/02/10. There are …

20 Feb 2010:

03:20 Ticket #477 (Add symbolic link to data directory from /home/user) closed by camerons
03:03 Ticket #464 (set startup sound to be a Kookaburra call) closed by camerons
wontfix: As the FOSS4G conference in Australia is over, we missed our best …
03:00 Ticket #499 (Updated GeoNetwork install scripts to be tested) closed by camerons
fixed: Issue was checked as part of version 2.0.3 testing. Hence this issue …
02:56 Ticket #478 (deegree start user confusion) closed by camerons
fixed: Close this issue, based on recommendation by jmays

11 Feb 2010:

15:55 Ticket #532 (VMware client Xorg unable to log in) created by wildintellect
On VMWare Server 2.x It does appear that using any kernel newer than …

1 Feb 2010:

04:35 Ticket #519 (livedvd: new way to set desktop background) reopened by hamish
Replying to wildintellect: > I did not get this error in …
02:51 Ticket #519 (livedvd: new way to set desktop background) closed by camerons
invalid: I can confirm that the desktop background was loaded successfully when …

28 Jan 2010:

02:59 Ticket #461 (remove old dev ISOs to free up disk space) closed by camerons
fixed: Old ISOs were removed a while back.
02:58 Ticket #497 (click2try - no way svn update files in gisvm/bin/) closed by camerons
fixed: This was fixed some time ago in version 2.0
02:57 Ticket #495 (click2try VM user/password should be same as LiveDVD) closed by camerons
fixed: Resolved in version 2.0.
02:56 Ticket #429 (Create a rsync system to sync local VMs with a master) closed by camerons
wontfix: We have other ways now to collaborate development. In particular, we …
02:36 Ticket #476 (localhost not viewable in offline mode) closed by camerons
fixed: I was able to verify that this was fixed in arramagong 3.0alpha3 In …
02:35 Ticket #525 (pgrouting data import off) created by wildintellect
pgrouting seems to build ok but the data import doesn't work out, for …
02:22 Ticket #524 (consistent /tmp/ build dir) closed by camerons
fixed: Updated tmp filenames in scripts in revision 2984.

27 Jan 2010:

12:23 Ticket #524 (consistent /tmp/ build dir) created by hamish
Hi, as per …

26 Jan 2010:

05:02 Ticket #481 (deegree shutdown) closed by jmays
fixed: The deegree stop script has been moved to OSGeo SVN into folder …
04:21 Ticket #522 (livedvd: update pgrouting script) created by hamish
Hi, the pgrouting install script needs its package depends updated …
03:55 Ticket #470 (write an install script for GMT) closed by hamish

25 Jan 2010:

21:58 Ticket #466 (further deinteractivate apt-get install) closed by hamish
fixed: seems this one is done.

14 Jan 2010:

12:24 Ticket #520 (postgis install script triggers "obsolete major version 8.3" message) created by camerons
In building the 3.0-alpha3 version of the liveDVD, I'm getting the …

13 Jan 2010:

20:19 Ticket #519 (livedvd: new way to set desktop background) created by hamish
Hi, our install_desktop.sh script uses the xfconf-query program to …

12 Jan 2010:

00:31 Ticket #448 (All files should be owned by root, and writable by all) closed by camerons
fixed: As we have already built an ISO successfully, I think the problems …

14 Oct 2009:

13:31 Ticket #499 (Updated GeoNetwork install scripts to be tested) created by ticheler
I updated the GeoNetwork install scripts in the hope they resolve the …
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