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List project licenses

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It seems that there are some projects which are not purely Open Source, and as such we should be listing the licenses somewhere in the documentation.

Jody Garnett wrote:

uDig includes ECW and MRSID support which is not under an open source license (not available for use on servers, software is limited in the size of image it can support or something). The license is included in the udig directory along with the LGPL.


So we should:

  1. Define how each project should describe their license. I assume as a HTML snippet?


  1. Incorporate into the documentation build process.

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comment:1 by hamish, 15 years ago

how's this:

Index: doc/template_description.html
--- doc/template_description.html       (revision 2476)
+++ doc/template_description.html       (working copy)
@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@
   for ease of operations. GRASS can interface with commercial printers,
   plotters, digitizers, and databases to develop new data as well as manage
   existing data.</p>
+   GNU General Public License (GPL)
   <p>To run GRASS on the Live DVD, click on the GRASS link on the desktop.
   Then you can try ...</p>


comment:2 by vmische, 15 years ago

Every project can add to the description whatever they want and might even be the licenses they use. Or an easier way might be to add some information to the index page (that's the index_pre/post.html) that all projects use different licenses (even non-free stuff) and that you would need to checkout the projects website for further details.

comment:3 by hamish, 14 years ago

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