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A short summary of changes: New features in GRASS 7.8


Stable Release

Release Candidate 2 (RC2)

Release Candidate 1 (RC1)

Git Source Code

  • Milestone: 7.8.3
  • Release branch created on 4 Aug 2019 (GH d4879d4)
  • Git clone of latest 7.8 release branch (including yet unpublished bugfixes):
      git clone
      cd grass
      git checkout releasebranch_7_8

Overview of changes

The focus of this release are stability fixes.

Important stability fixes across the tree related to Python 3.

The GRASS GIS 7.8.3 release provides more than 206 fixes and improvements with respect to the release 7.8.2.

A number of Mac-specific, more or less critical bugs have been fixed. The perhaps more notable improvement is the now working vector digitizer (G78:g.gui.vdigit).

New modules

  • n/a

Major module changes

(see also below for closed bugs)

Minor module changes

(see also below for closed bugs)

GUI: Improvements in the Graphical User Interface

  • wxGUI: Fix unable to open file from python editor (PR:288)
  • wxGUI: several fixes related to font dialog (PR:292)
  • wxGUI: fix 3D rendering in animation tool (PR:293)
  • wxGUI: Fix error message has appeared after close any module dialog (PR:249)
  • wxGUI: Show line numbers in the Python editor (pyedit and gmodeler) (PR:284)
  • wxGUI: fix Cartographic Composer Add graphic tool (Line/Rectangle), (PR:310)
  • wxGUI: wxnviz: fix for HiDPI monitors with scaling set, fix decoding (PR:307)
  • wxGUI: fix WMS (PR:242)
  • wxGUI: Fix dbmgr for Python3 (PR:344)
  • wxGUI Layer Manager: fix add layer into the new empty group (PR:413)
  • wxGUI Vector Network Analysis Tool: fix merge dicts (PR:417)
  • wxGUI Vector Network Analysis Tool: fix close dialog (PR:419)
  • wxGUI Vector Network Analysis Tool: fix ComboBox widget deprecation warning (PR:418)
  • wxGUI Vector Network Analysis Tool: fix destroy open dialog (PR:432)
  • wxGUI Layer Manager: fix close Layers Display FlatNotebook page (PR:411)
  • wxGUI Histogramming Tool: fix Plot xSpec, ySpec property value (PR:422)
  • wxGUI Graphical Modeler About Dialog: fix import (PR:438)
  • wxGUI Vector Network Analysis Tool: fix execute analysis (PR:440)
  • wxGUI fix manage color rules interactively (vector map) frame (PR:429)
  • wxGUI: fix copy-to-clipboard key binding on macOS (PR:393)

Python scripting

  • stability fixes regarding the Python 3 support
  • replace obsolete time.clock() in Python 3.3 (PR:244)

Projection support

  • GDAL/OGR import: check projection of input data (PR:317)

GDAL support

  • ...

Database support

  • PostgreSQL driver: assign 1000 to TEXT field length (PR:412)

Library changes

  • Vectlib: fix usage of vector cats in constraint (PR:262)
  • Vector network lib: fix for Python 3 (PR:279)
  • gisinit: re-enable the version check

JSON / REST support

  • ...

Unit tests / CI

  • ...

User Manuals - Documentation

  • manual: put module name at first position (PR:248)
  • full index manual: add missing pages (PR:258)
  • Cleanup of multiple manual pages
  • G78:m.measure manual: mention square feet
  • G78:r.kappa manual: example export Kappa matrix as CSV file
  • G78:r.slope.aspect manual: explain -9999 for aspect of flat areas


Docker support

  • introduce docker multistage build to alpine image (PR:276)
  • alpine docker image: work with py3.8 (PR:278)
  • updates to Alpine docker files: use proj 6.2.1 in Alpine Dockerfile (PR:255)
  • switch to Alpine 3.11 and compiled PDAL as being removed from Alpine repo (PR:399)
  • Alpine docker image: added subversion package for g.extension (PR:261)
  • docker: image with Ubuntu 19:10 (PR:260)
  • added Singularity file

Message Translations

New Addons since GRASS 7.8.2

  • TODO

Closed tickets

See GitHub.

Old trac tickets below.

Closed bugs since the last release

"Quit GRASS GIS" button only exits GUI
vector digitizer unstable
v.proj location not set in dialog
wx.metadata: several issues in syntax
Removing map layer crashes wxGUI
Map display exception when switching to vector digitizer mode
#3677 does not respect mask
addon r.connectivity.distance not working
The "Quit GRASS GIS" button does not close the GRASS shell/session
g.gui.gcp Wizard fails
Bug in modules.xml (double man1 in path)
r74307 breaks GUI: UnicodeDecodeError
Encode error in g.extension, add-ons not written in GUI
update/drop revision check after git switch
GRASS master does not compile with Python 3 on Mac
Addons missing in Makefile
r.external vs under Windows
m.measure: mention square feet
grass78 --config broken
"Add web service layer" broken with Python3
GRASS ctypes fail with Python 3.7.6+
g.gui.iclass: Unable to import packages needed for scatter plot
r.import/v.import: confusing error message "ERROR: proj"

Closed wishes since the last release

Remember recent GIS Data Directory
scalability of r.terraflow
Activate Python 3 tests on the inofficial testing site (fatra)
Update browser list to check for chrome
v.import: document snap=-1

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