List of new features in GRASS GIS 7.8

GRASS GIS 7.8 is actively developed and maintained with a first 7.8.0 stable release in Sep. 2019. In total, it comes with more than 840 fixes and improvements with respect to the previous stable releases 7.6.x. This page summarizes the manifold new features which have been added to GRASS 7.8.

What's new in a nutshell

After more than 1 year of development the new stable release GRASS GIS 7.8 is available. Efforts have concentrated on making the user experience even better, providing many new useful additional functionalities to modules and further improving the graphical user interface.

Breaking news: Python 3, PROJ 6 and GDAL 3 compatibility

This re-established compatibility with QGIS and other connected software packages.


Graphical User Interface

GRASS GIS 7.8 graphical user interface comes with many fixed for Python 3 and wxpython4.

Modules (commands)

A series of relevant improvements has been done (selection):

General modules

Raster modules

Vector modules

The following vector modules have been significantly improved with new options, flags, fixes and other enhancements:

Imagery modules

  • G78:i.pansharpen: updated i.pansharpen to handle pixel depths from 2-30 bits, and quashed some bugs
  • G78:i.zc: avoid integer overflow with large maps

Temporal GIS modules

Graphical user interface

  • wxGUI: numerous fixes for Python3 and wxpython4


Major efforts have been done to port all Python scripts to Python 3.

Python 3 support

The deprecated shebang #!/usr/bin/env python has been changed to #!/usr/bin/env python3

User Manuals - Documentation


Translations are managed in Transifex (please join and translate messages):

User manual pages improvements

Many user manual pages have received major or minor improvements.

GRASS GIS 7 Library changes

  • libsegment: the all-in-memory cache has been improved

PROJ support

In addition to PROJ 4 and PROJ 5 now also PROJ 6 compatibility implemented.

  • convert lowercase epsg to uppercase EPSG
  • axis order of a CRS is no longer always easting, northing, it can also be northing, easting, e.g. EPSG:4326. If source and target CRS are available, axis order is adjusted using proj_normalize_for_visualization() to easting, northing if needed.
  • previously, GRASS GIS did conversions of degress to/from radians and meters from/to map units. Now PROJ6+ might do these conversions itself, or not. GRASS GIS is now doing the conversions only if needed.
  • in PROJ6+, there can be several different operations to transform coordinates from one CRS to another CRS. If more than one operation is available, information is provided about these different operations. The current region is used by PROJ to select an appropriate operation.

GDAL support

GDAL 3 compatibility added.

Source Code Portability

  • Python-3 support implemented across the tree
  • OSGeo4W: build fixes, rewrite of, GDAL3/PROJ6 support added

JSON / REST support

  • json parser: change + to @ for URLs: Since + is used in algebraic expressions, this char is unsuitable for the indication of external URL resourcs as used by the importer of actinia (

Docker support

GRASS GIS 7.8 Addons

There are numerous new addons which enlarge the already impressive list of addons available (see

Migrating from GRASS GIS 6 to version 7.x

If you are still using GRASS GIS 6, here details upgrade instructions for own scripts:

  • see here for changes in parameter names and changed flags
  • see here for removed modules and renamed modules
  • see here for renamed options
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