30 Jun 2022:

06:56 Ticket #2335 (Jupyter Notebook R example) closed by darkblueb
duplicate: see ticket #2145
06:42 Ticket #2287 (duplicate Marble launcher in **Other** sub menu) closed by darkblueb
06:37 Ticket #2287 (duplicate Marble launcher in **Other** sub menu) reopened by darkblueb
06:36 Ticket #2287 (duplicate Marble launcher in **Other** sub menu) closed by darkblueb
fixed: not a problem in ol15 build_105 ; every installed app shows in …

28 Jun 2022:

07:10 Ticket #2374 (python Iris3 on OSGeoLive) created by darkblueb
world-scale meteorological analysis software from the Crown Research …

27 Jun 2022:

14:04 Ticket #2373 (upgrade deegree from v3.4.1 to v3.4.31) created by darkblueb
install_deegree.sh here: https://github.com/OSGeo/OSGeoLive/pull/326

26 Jun 2022:

13:29 Ticket #2369 (GeoExt fails to launch) closed by kalxas
fixed: Fixed in build 96
03:57 Ticket #2372 (GeoNode fails to start after upgrade to 3.3.2) created by kalxas
The dependency list has been updated: …

23 Jun 2022:

14:55 Ticket #2171 (otb Monteverdi crashes on image open) closed by darkblueb
fixed: fixed in ol15 build94
08:54 Ticket #2370 (pycsw GetCapabilities causes shapely bug with numpy) closed by kalxas
fixed: Confirmed fixed in build94

22 Jun 2022:

16:56 Ticket #2351 (openJUMP 2.0 install) reopened by darkblueb
15:23 Ticket #2371 (QGIS Server demo problems) created by darkblueb
build93 test shows warning: Non-existing plugin: IdentifyRegion […]

21 Jun 2022:

08:26 Ticket #2363 (gdal's ogr2ogr misses libgrass_vector.8.2.so) closed by kalxas
fixed: confirmed fixed in build89
06:44 Ticket #2370 (pycsw GetCapabilities causes shapely bug with numpy) created by kalxas
06:01 Ticket #2362 (libssl versions) closed by kalxas
invalid: […]
05:58 Ticket #2369 (GeoExt fails to launch) created by kalxas

20 Jun 2022:

17:07 Ticket #2368 (pg_tileserv on OSGeoLive) created by darkblueb
install, demo, docs ? https://github.com/CrunchyData/pg_tileserv
12:50 Ticket #2367 (Lightweight R-spatial bundle) created by bakaniko
Trying to install the sf R package without the whole tidyverse …

18 Jun 2022:

21:53 Ticket #2366 (52NorthSOS fails to launch) created by sanak
From /var/log/tomcat9/52n-sos-webapp.log. […] There are warning …
08:48 Ticket #2365 (python3 package for cfunits depends) created by darkblueb
the python3 debian packaging needed for CFUnits may be including …

17 Jun 2022:

10:41 Ticket #2347 (sphinx problems) closed by cvvergara

15 Jun 2022:

13:32 Ticket #2364 (create osgeo_menu image for the Desktop Image) created by astrid_emde
Could look similar to the image attached - and also background in …

14 Jun 2022:

23:04 Press Release 95 edited by astrid_emde
15:22 Ticket #2363 (gdal's ogr2ogr misses libgrass_vector.8.2.so) created by edso
[…] can be fixed by adding the location to the library path …
13:07 Press Release 95 created by astrid_emde
12:37 Press Releases edited by astrid_emde
06:34 Ticket #2362 (libssl versions) created by darkblueb
on a new LUbuntu 22.04 ISO disk image, run the following: […]

12 Jun 2022:

09:42 Ticket #1881 (Vector Tiles additions) closed by kalxas
09:42 Ticket #1746 (Replacement for Tilemill: Kosmtik + Magnacarto) closed by kalxas
09:38 Ticket #2289 (OTB 7 Cookbook) closed by kalxas
wontfix: Cookbook only online now
09:36 Ticket #2348 (iso customization fails in Ubuntu 22.04) closed by kalxas
fixed: EFI setup moved to #2361
09:36 Ticket #2361 (EFI setup for Ubuntu 22.04) created by kalxas
Following the build process fix in #2348, we now need to update the …

11 Jun 2022:

16:04 Ticket #2360 (EOxServer fails to launch) created by darkblueb
.. from apache2 error log […]

10 Jun 2022:

11:07 Ticket #2358 (py3 scipy removed) closed by kalxas
fixed: Fixed package in our ppa: …
05:20 Ticket #2359 (geomoose examples not found on download server) closed by kalxas
fixed: Fixed in …
04:16 Ticket #2359 (geomoose examples not found on download server) created by kalxas
02:22 Ticket #2354 (Remove snap packages) closed by kalxas
02:17 Ticket #2250 (Installing tomcat breaks iso live session) closed by kalxas
fixed: Confirmed fixed in build70 with deegree installed.

9 Jun 2022:

21:55 Ticket #2358 (py3 scipy removed) created by darkblueb
[…] […] ##---------------------------------- manually …
08:11 Ticket #2357 (t-rex startup issue) created by kalxas
t-rex fails to start up (see attachment)
05:45 Ticket #2356 (create images for spinning icon for startup) created by astrid_emde
- we can customize, e.g. the play button of our logo, we can make it …

8 Jun 2022:

08:30 Ticket #2351 (openJUMP 2.0 install) closed by edso
fixed: files on …
06:52 Ticket #2355 (Install pgadmin or replacement) created by kalxas
On OSGeoLive 14.0 we introduced pgadmin4 (version 4.x). For Ubuntu …
06:45 Ticket #2354 (Remove snap packages) created by kalxas
Snap removal was committed in …

6 Jun 2022:

18:54 Ticket #2157 (Iris sample_data directory missing) closed by darkblueb
wontfix: close for new base OS
18:51 Ticket #2130 (python networkx missing shortest_paths) closed by darkblueb
invalid: closed for new base OS python3
18:50 Ticket #2178 (web link broken to ossim) closed by darkblueb
wontfix: closed for new base OS ol15
18:50 Ticket #2256 (python3-datacube needs cachetools) closed by darkblueb
fixed: closed for new base OS
18:43 Ticket #2316 (update to libgeos) closed by darkblueb
fixed: closed of ol15 new OS
18:43 Ticket #2247 (Python and Jupyter) closed by darkblueb
fixed: closed for ol15 new OS
18:41 Ticket #2248 (R 4.0 on Focal) closed by darkblueb
fixed: ol15 closed for new base install
18:37 Ticket #2353 (Project Branding and Table-of-Contents) created by darkblueb
consider using this OSGeo dot org page as a guide on ol15
18:33 Ticket #2352 (mapnik python demo ol15) created by darkblueb
a mapnik python demo included in the dot-deb packaging fails [0]

5 Jun 2022:

04:52 Ticket #2250 (Installing tomcat breaks iso live session) reopened by kalxas
This one is back for 15.0 when we enable tomcat installer.

4 Jun 2022:

20:48 Ticket #2351 (openJUMP 2.0 install) created by darkblueb
new openJUMP 2.0

8 May 2022:

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6 May 2022:

11:38 Ticket #2350 (Email list headers TEST) closed by robe
11:34 Ticket #2350 (Email list headers TEST) created by darkblueb
check and moderate
06:26 Ticket #2349 (QGIS/QGIS Server: Permission for data folder after install) created by fuzsin
After installing of OSGeoLive 14.0 the permissions for data folder …
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