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  • Milestone: 7.0.2
  • SVN Checkout latest 7.0 release branch (including yet unpublished bugfixes):
      svn checkout

Overview of changes

A series of stability fixes, manual improvements and a few language translations have been added.

The GRASS GIS 7.0.2 release provides more than 190 fixes and improvements with respect to GRASS GIS 7.0.1.

New modules

  • G70:r.import - Imports raster data into a GRASS raster map using GDAL library and reprojects on the fly.
  • G70:v.import - Imports vector data into a GRASS vector map using OGR library and reprojects on the fly.

Major module changes

  • G70:i.modis.qc: sync to trunk for various bugfixes
  • G70:v.buffer: implement -c -s flags also for GEOS; explain corners (caps) with screenshots

Minor module changes

  • fix when DB connection is not defined
  • G70:g.proj: fix compilation issue when OGR is disabled
  • add -j flag to perform projection check only (used by r.import) (r65911, fixes r66466)
  • G70:r.patch: call Rast_cell_size just once, not for every cell (backport r64877 and part of 66449)
  • G70:r.unpack/v.unpack: fix importing to xy location, see #2726
  • G70:t.shift: fixed wrong type in t.shift
  • temporal library: Ignore the warning of missing mapset ownership
  • temporal modules (t.*): Fixed usage of the 'z' flag; inform user then -z flag is switched on (much slower then) (trunk, r66319 + r66341)
  • G70:v.distance: tell user if input is 3D (esp. relevant for v.what.vect)
  • wrong projection check when importing geometry column from table with multiple geometry columns (#2740)
  • G70:v.kernel: always show target raster resolution; fix dangling curly braces -Wdangling-else
  • G70:v.krige: updated to rgrass7 - sync to trunk (contributed by pvanbosgeo)
  • G70:v.pack: also package PROJ_EPSG if available (as available in newer locations)
  • G70:v.unpack: fix unpacking when name of archive and the packed map differ (merge from trunk, r66021)

GUI changes

  • wxGUI: add waiting cursor for histogram +scatter wxplot tools
  • wxGUI: add r.import and v.import to menu
  • wxGUI: fix import order so that GUI doesn't crash when there is a problem with ctypes (merge from trunk, r66065)
  • wxGUI: fix GDALImport dialog to add multiple imported layers to layer manager; update onDone methods to pass event as argument (merge from trunk, r64372 and r64373)
  • wxGUI/vnet: fix known problem with StaticBoxes on Mac (merge from trunk, r66497)
  • wxGUI/vdigit: fix attribute dialog blocking window on MacOSX with wxpython 3 (merge from trunk, r65606)
  • wxGUI/animation: backport improvements from code sprint (resizing, text color, nprocs)
  • wxGUI/modeler: fix for wxPython3
  • wxGUI/nviz: fix coloring isosurfaces

Library changes

PyGRASS changes

  • pygrass modules: Fixed #2731 reading gisrc with multiple : in an entry caused problems (trunk, r66061)
  • sphinx Python lib docs: fix language definition for 'make libpythonlatexpdf'

Map projection changes

  • none

Portability changes

MS Windows
  • fix font list creation during installation
  • GRASS-Installer.nsi.tmpl: sync with trunk regarding g.mkfontcap run during standalone installation
  • GRASS-Installer.nsi: SetOnFile -> GrantOnFile
  • winGRASS installer: offer Spearfish Location (spearfish60_grass7) for GRASS GIS 7, not 6
  • wxGUI: fix loading workspace on Windows when workspace was saved when map window is minimized

Manual pages

Message translation updates

  • Sylvain Maillard: FR translation cont'ed

Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

v.buffer flags -s and -c not working(?)
Fix Python ctypes conversion for stat64 struct on GNU/Hurd
PyGRASS Raster execution error
Raster query fails with unicode error
get_np_array() calls grass.script.array without importing the module
Grass 7.0.0 installed from QGIS Repository
#2720 don't start on wingrass 7.0.1
wxGUI vector digitizer error
Various typo fixes
v.unpack fails when importing into a cartesian CRS
g.gui.animation (wx3): TypeError : in method 'new_SpinCtrl', expected argument 9 of type 'int'
#2740 wrong projection check when importing geometry column from table with multiple geometry columns
wxgui digitizer: display/update category values button does not work
Network Analysis tool doesn't work on Mac
Installing addons for windows gives error that File is not zip file
grass-7.0.1 fails to build when compiled with -Werror=format-security"
Various typo fixes
v.external compile error --without-gdal --with-postgres
gmodeler loops fail with wxpython3
add a g.mkfontcap run for OSGeo4W wingrass
pygrass util set_path bug
tplot doesnt unregistrate cursor(coor,cats)

Closed wishes since the last release

patch proposal: new option for v.category to copy category values from one layer to another
[PATCH] v.kernel: improve documentation to complete switch from notion of 'standard deviation' to that of 'radius'

Closed tasks since the last release

No results

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