GRASS GIS 6.4.1RC1 Release


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Overview of changes

Since the 6.4.0 release in September 2010 almost 390 source code modifications have been made to the 6.4.x release branch.

Between 6.4.0 and the current 6.4.1RC1 more than 390 updates have been applied.

New modules

  • Creates a lines vector map from an ASCII x,y points file.
  • r.colors.out: Exports the color table associated with a raster map.
  • new landscape fragmentation index
  • new landscape fragmentation index

Major module changes

  • several resampling methods implemented; artifacts removed; command line support added; photo.* commands renamed to*
  • r.proj: fix off by half pixel
  • added support for new GEOS operators

Minor module changes

  • d.vect: Ability to take per-feature symbol size and rotation from attribute columns (#600)
  • i.atcorr: AVNIR and IKONOS sensors added (some filter function fixes yet pending)
  • g.mapsets: sort list (-l) output
  • g.extension: fixes and support for install system-wide
  • g.transform: add new options to dump coefficients and transform arbitrary points, both fwd and reverse
  • r.distance: output correct precision for different projection types (bugs #654 and #335)
  • export floats with correct precision (trac #335)
  • flag to force the import of lat/lon imagery which is missing georef
  • r.neighbors: Gaussian and range method
  • r.out.arc: flag added to refer to cell center in header
  • r.out.ascii: output correct precision for different projection types (bugs #654 and #335)
  • r.out.png: Worldfile and transparency flags added for use with KML/web tiles
  • r.param.scale: write more metadata
  • r.proj: add flags to print source map region, simplifying workflow; cache fix
  • r.random: improve metadata writing; -b flag added to avoid generating vector topology
  • r.series: threshold and quantiles
  • r.stats: output correct precision for different projection types (bugs #654 and #335)
  • r.statistics: attempt to fix bug #1090
  • optional file output added
  • v.db.dropcol: recreate the index on the key column of the table
  • v.edit: set up default DB if it doesn't exist
  • v.generalize: do not crash, give out of memory informational messages
  • accept D:M:S coords in standard mode
  • faster polygon import, cleaner and smaller output
  • topology level 1 support added
  • v.mkgrid: optional line support added
  • v.split: do not attempt to read dead line
  • z-coordinate and zcol support
  • line azimuth support
  • v.univar: added optional geometry distances instead of table data
  • v.vol.rst: new npmax parameter added
  • v.voronoi: much less memory, a bit faster
  • v.what: shell script style output added

Library changes

  • cairo driver fixes
  • dglib: graph library cache activated
  • pythonlib: improved
  • PNG driver: Use 64-byte header to ensure frame buffer alignment (bug #937)
  • RST interpolation library: running out of memory problem fix

GUI changes

  • Major wxGUI update (based on GRASS 6.5) - r43911
  • Completely rewritten wxGUI Georectifier
  • Fixed segfault which appears while automated GUI creation (bug #928)
  • TclTk startup screen is now more friendly on small screens
  • gis.m remembers last used directory when saving files
  • gis.m menus updated to contain some of 6.4.0 new modules
  • gis.m instances are terminated on exit from GRASS CLI. No more crashes on gis.m exit.
  • gis.m PS label feature now is usable (bug #819)

Map projection changes

  • added Geostationary Satellite View support

Portability changes

  • r.sim.sediment, r.sim.water: fix MacOSX and winGRASS crashes

Message translation updates

  • message catalogue updated

WinGRASS changes

Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

r.out.gdal tiff output does not work
tac command missing in OSX
cache bug in DGLib
layers re-renamed after change properties (wxpython)
Tk interface does not handle mouse wheel events in v.digit
OSGeo4W patch for g3d lib
r.out.gdal and nodata
Problems in displaying postscript labels layer
vector libs: select 3D lines with 2D polygon
Duplicate Legend layer in tcltk
#959 Resulting range of values has an incorrect 0 minimum.
v.buffer2 creating wrong buffer around polygon edges.
WxGUI measure tool activation should switch Map Display to "Pointer" tool
strange behaviour in
wxgui: SEARCH_PATH corruption
Subgroup option is not "inserted" in command-line
#1142 fails in LL
v.extract: where letting all pass on double prec
d.out.file + cairo: errors writing the image
GRASS Working Environment - Mapset Access is Broken
WinGrass-Installer should include a working gdal-version which is built against
#1159 points import fails in WinGRASS-6.4.0-1
g.region and decimal issue when using grass python libs
g.message: unwanted expansion
newlines in sed scripts not portable for wingrass
wingrass: cs2cs fails from the msys command line
wx location wizard: proj4 terms fall off edge of window
wget misses libssl32.dll (affects
Set zoom to/from computational region in display map does not work
#1177 gives an error when adding a mutiband raster to the layers tree.
daily wingrass binary snapshots are down
g.extension fails on install step when GRASS is launched from source directory
#1185 on WinGrass: "Bad file descriptor"
TclTk digitizer does not recognize right-click
Error on compiling GRASS in Windows using osgeo4w
wxGUI: propagate option key_desc
#1194 opt=dump does not report the Z coord
d.grid fails with -g flag in winGRASS
Error while parsing file paths in WinGRASS with Scripts
3D points with attributes is broken
Error after loading projection
installation incomplete/messed
#1208 option=start/end fails to populate database
g.remove fails to remove vector files under GRASS/OSgeo4w
freeze of wxgui when changing properties of a displayed vector map
ESRI ASCII-Rasterimport
Error when creating vector(areas) from raster
gui modeler don't works as aspected
MacOSX: layer manager and mapdisplay - bad startup position
wxGUI: attribute manager reports db connection not set while existing
v.db.connect parsing
unexpected error from the wxguy using "show attribute table" from the toolbar.
v.digit line snapping fails to snap to it self
leftover node when deleting boundaries vertex-by-vertex
Georectifier is broken
r.proj broken in all dev versions
Error v.clean by menu
profile analysis plot scaling not converting from meters when PROJ_UNITS is feet
d.mon strings from grassmods po files not localised at runtime
problem about the output of g.parser
'v.vol.rst --help' fails
Windows native installers TCL lacks .enc files for non-latin 1 encodings
Wx location wizard fails to create location if it's title contains non-latin letters
v.digit crashes dbf.exe on Windows when creating attribute table
Provide user-friendly error message when trying to edit vectors in Windows
WxGUI measure tool gives wrong results
wingrass: fails to load .csv file
#1303 leaves TMP file after import
wingrass - dbf.exe-crash
wingrass: during install generating font configuration file fails
g.region compilation fails with recent proj
wxgui crashes with wx
wxGUI uses improper .grassrc syntax and may cause .grassrc file corruption

Closed wishes since the last release

sort g.mapsets -l output
#1016 support for level 1 (patch)
rfe: easier to read wx map layer list
packaging osgeo4w-gdal18 in WinGrass-installer
wingrass: include a gpsbabel with XML support
wingrass, gdal, proj4
r.out.vtk does not work as desired for RGB images
osgeo4w patch update

Closed tasks since the last release

new nViz tcl messages are not indicated for gettext

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