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Error after loading projection

Reported by: andreus Owned by: grass-dev@…
Priority: major Milestone: 6.4.1
Component: wxGUI Version: 6.4.0 RCs
Keywords: Cc: martinl
CPU: x86-64 Platform: Linux


i got this error after i try open any location:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0/etc/wxpython/", line 1834, in <module>


File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0/etc/wxpython/", line 1827, in main

app = GMApp(workspaceFile)

File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0/etc/wxpython/", line 1752, in init

wx.App.init(self, False)

File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/dist-packages/wx-2.8-gtk2-unicode/wx/", line 7978, in init


File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/dist-packages/wx-2.8-gtk2-unicode/wx/", line 7552, in _BootstrapApp

return _core_.PyAppBootstrapApp(*args, kwargs)

File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0/etc/wxpython/", line 1770, in OnInit

workspace = self.workspaceFile)

File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0/etc/wxpython/", line 192, in init


File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0/etc/wxpython/", line 1248, in NewDisplay

auimgr=self._auimgr, showMapDisplay=show)

File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0/etc/wxpython/gui_modules/", line 95, in init

self.Map = render.Map() # instance of render.Map to be associated with display

File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0/etc/wxpython/gui_modules/", line 402, in init

self.projinfo = self.ProjInfo()

File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0/etc/wxpython/gui_modules/", line 765, in ProjInfo

p = gcmd.Command(['g.proj', '-p'])

File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0/etc/wxpython/gui_modules/", line 369, in init

_("Error: ") + self.GetError()))


I tryed recompile from source but error still appear.

Have Ubuntu 10.10 64bit Problem started after upgrade from 10.04

my config: cat grass_config ./configure --with-tcltk-includes=/usr/include/tcl8.4/ --with-opengl-includes=/usr/include/GL/ --with-blas --with-cxx --with-cairo --with-freetype --with-freetype-includes=/usr/include/freetype2/ --with-lapack --with-nls --with-odbc --with-wxwidgets --with-python --with-readline --with-sqlite --with-mysql --with-mysql-includes=/usr/include/mysql/ --with-proj-share=/usr/share/proj

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comment:1 by martinl, 14 years ago

Cc: martinl added

Try to run g.proj -p from command line. What do you get?

comment:2 by andreus, 14 years ago

GRASS 6.4.0+42329 (SRdata):~ > g.proj -p XY location (unprojected) GRASS 6.4.0+42329 (SRdata):~ >

comment:3 by martinl, 14 years ago

Please try out fresh code from SVN - 6.4.1. wxGUI changed a lot compared with 6.4.0.

comment:4 by andreus, 14 years ago

new 6.4.1 works fine. Thanks a lot.

comment:5 by andreus, 14 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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