GeoNetwork 3.x ebXML interface

author: Heikki Doeleman

This is the start page for the GeoNetwork 3.0.x ebXML interface project's Wiki.


See our presentation on CSW ebRIM at FOSS4G 2009 in Sydney online at GeoNetwork TV

Relevant OGC specs

CSW-ebRIM Registry Service - Part 1: ebRIM profile of CSW (1.0.0) - 07-110r2

CSW-ebRIM Registry Service – Part 2: Basic extension package (1.0.0) - 07-144r2

OGC Cataloguing of ISO Metadata (CIM) using the ebRIM profile of CS-W (0.1.7) - 07-038

Each of the themes below will be described as and when it is worked on.

For more information please contact one of these project members:

Erik van Ingen, Heikki Doeleman, Jeroen Ticheler and Jose Garcia

Open Design Decisions

Design Decisions

TODO list

Meeting minutes

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