Research and Development page

Old and not in use anymore. Please refer to the Github WIKI

This page is a Developer scratch pad for new ideas that could evolve into functionality implemented in the GeoNetwork software.

Jose Garcia, Heikki Doeleman ebXML Wiki for the GeoNetwork ebXML interface project
Emanuele Tajariol Persistence Using a persistence framework (e.g. Hibernate, TopLink, ...)
Heikki DoelemanMVC_Framework Using an MVC framework (e.g. Struts2, Spring MVC, ...)
Heikki Doeleman10,000 Apps
tichelerGUI for version 2.2 with integrated Web Map ClientMock-ups of GN version 2.2
tichelerPossible localization / Translation approachesHow to make localization easier
tichelerMetadata CrawlerA tool to automatically generate metadata and prepare data for cataloging
tichelerBlue MarbleProcess to create the Blue marble backdrop layer
fxprunayreThesaurus & KeywordsHow to improve thesaurus and keyword managment in GeoNetwork opensource
tichelerW*S links in RSSDefine a proper way to include links to OGC W*S services in Atom / RSS feeds
tichelerISO19115-19139 standards confusionThe ISO19115/ISO19139 metadata standards confusion
tajariolRefactoring GeoNetwork into multiple projects for Maven buildImprove the code structure to be more modular
fxprunayreXLinkedFragmentssub-template mechanism using XLinked fragments
heikkiMultiple instances of GeoNetworkwhy GeoNetwork cannot be scaled, and suggestions to improve that
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