GDAL/OGR 3.0.1 Release Notes

The 3.0.1 release is a bug fix release.



  • /vsitar/: support >100 character file names (#1559)
  • /vsicurl/: fix CPL_VSIL_CURL_ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS with query string (#1614)
  • /vsicurl/: allow 'Connection timed out' CURL errors as candidate for HTTP retry
  • /vsicurl/: GetFileSize(): when HEAD request does not return Content-Length header, retry with GET
  • /vsis3/: for a long living file handle, refresh credentials coming from EC2/AIM (#1593)

GDAL algorithms

  • GDALReprojectImage(): properly take into account source/target alpha bands
  • GDALCreateReprojectionTransformerEx(): do not emit error if reverse transformation fails, and fix crash when trying to use null reverse transformation
  • Warper: fix GDAL 2.3 regression in a situation with source nodata value, multiple bands and nearest resampling where the logic to detect which source pixels are nodata was inverted (#1656)
  • Contour generator: fix SegmentMerger list iterator skipping and out of bounds error. (#1670)

GDAL core

  • GDALInvGeoTransform(): make it work with scale and rotation/skew coefficients of small absolute value (#1615)
  • GDALCopyWholeRasterGetSwathSize(): fix potential int overflows for big values of GDAL_SWATH_SIZE or GDAL_CACHEMAX

GDAL utliities

  • gdal_translate: Make 'gdal_translate foo.tif foo.tif.ovr -outsize 50% 50% -of GTiff' work
  • gdalwarp: fix wrong axis order when using source/target CRS being a geographic3D CRS such as EPSG:4979, and with vertical shift grid application (#1561, 3.0 regression)
  • Fixed NaN-streaking in output images when the --allBands option is given to tiled images, and removed redundant calculation of nXValid.
  • fix outputing to geojson without explicit -f switch (#1533)
  • gdallocationinfo: emit verbose error when dataset canot be opened (#1684)

GDAL drivers

ENVI driver:

  • fix potential use of invalid pointer on some unusual std::string implementations (#1527)
  • add read support for reading GCPs (#1528), and fix off-by-one offset on line,pixel on reading GCP

GTiff driver:

  • make WEBP_LEVEL to be honored in Create() mode (#1594)
  • reset m_bGeoTIFFInfoChanged flag in FlushDirectory()
  • PushMetadataToPam(): early exit when PAM is disabled, to avoid error messages

GXF driver:

  • avoid closing the file pointer before being sure this is a GXF driver, otherwise this can prevent the opening of some raw format files (#1521)

HDF5 driver:

  • Make GH5_FetchAttribute(CPLString) more robust and able to cope with variable-length string

ISIS3 driver:

  • fix parsing of lists in JSon metadata, and quote string items when writing lists when needed (#1510)

KEA driver:

  • return error when deleting metadata item rather than crashing (#1681)

NITF driver:

  • fix parsing of SENSRB TRE (#1520)

RS2 driver:

  • add half-pixel shift to reported GCP line and column numbers (#1666)

TileDB driver:

  • removed ambiguous use of size_t
  • TILEDB_LIBS added for windows build

VRT driver:

  • Python pixel functions: also probe (#1660)


  • EPSG:4326 to EPSG:3857: fix invalid output with some input coordinates (3.0 regression)
  • GetAxis(): make it work with a compound CRS (#1604)
  • importFromWkt(): emit a CPLError() in case of import failure (refs #1623)

OGR drivers

EEDA driver:

  • fix startTime / endTime comparisons that were incomplete in #1506

GeoJSON driver:

  • fix recognizing some documents with members sorted alphabetically (#1537)
  • avoid SetFeature() to repeat first feature when looping over features (#1687)

ElasticSearch driver:

  • set 'application/json' in RunRequest() with POST (#1628)
  • GeoJSON type field should be mapped as text in ES>=5

GPKG driver:

KML driver:

  • set OAMS_TRADITIONAL_GIS_ORDER for SRS returned on returned layers

MapInfo driver:

  • TAB: don't left truncate numeric values in the .dat when the field formatting is incompatible, but error out (#1636)

MSSQLSpatial driver:

  • Fix handling empty geometries (#1674)
  • Fix handling mixed geometries (#1678)

MVT driver:

  • make CONF option accept a filename as well

PostgreSQL driver:

  • do not attempt to create VARCHAR(n) columns with n >= 10485760 (#1508)

Shapefile driver:

  • better deal with empty .shp+.shx and SHAPE_RESTORE_SHX (#1525)
  • fix crash when creating a layer with a wkbNone geometry type but a SRS (3.0 regression)
  • launder layer name to get Windows compatible filename

WaSP driver:

  • on creation, make sure the layer geometry type set on the feature definition is wkbLineString25D

SWIG bindings

  • add osr.SetPROJSearchPath(path) that can be used since setting PROJ_LIB from C# does no work (#1647)

Python bindings

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