GDAL/OGR 2.2.2 Release Notes

The 2.2.2 release is a bug fix release.


  • Windows build: always build the PDF driver, even when none of poppler/podofo/pdfium are available, in which case it is write-only (#6938)
  • Compilation fixes on Ubuntu 16.04 with explicit --std=c++03 (#6952)


  • /vsigzip/: make Eof() detect end of stream when receive a Z_BUF_ERROR error. Fixes #6944.
  • Fix memleak in VSIGSFSHandler::GetFileList()
  • /vsigzip/: avoid trying to write a file on a /vsicurl/ file (#7016)
  • Fix registration of /vsicrypt/ file system handler when compiled as a plugin (#7030)
  • CPLStrtod(): parse string like '-1.#IND0000000' as NaN instead of -1 (#7031)


  • Warper: when operating on single-band, skip target pixels whose source center pixel is nodata (2.2 regression, #7001)
  • Warper: avoid blocking when number of rows is 1 and NUM_THREADS > 1 (#7041). Also limit the number of threads so that each one processes at least 65536 pixels

GDAL core

  • GDALGCPsToGeoTransform(): add GDAL_GCPS_TO_GEOTRANSFORM_APPROX_OK=YES and GDAL_GCPS_TO_GEOTRANSFORM_APPROX_THRESHOLD=threshold_in_pixel configuration option (#6995)
  • Fix issue with GDALProxyRasterBand::FlushCache() not flushing everything required (#7040)
  • RawDataset::IRasterIO(): don't assume all bands are RawRasterBand

GDAL utilities

  • fix GDAL 2.2 regression where tilemapresource.xml was no longer generated (#6966)
  • gdal_translate/DefaultCreateCopy(): do not destroy target file in case of failed copy wen using -co APPEND_SUBDATASET=YES (#7019)
  • gdal_translate: make -b mask[,xx] use the appropriate band data type (#7028)

GDAL drivers

GeoRaster driver:

  • add support for GCP (#6973)

GPKG driver:

GSAG driver:

  • fix reading issue that could cause a spurious 0 value to be read and shift all following values (#6992)

GTiff driver:

  • fix reading subsampled JPEG-in-TIFF when block height = 8 (#6988)
  • when reading a COMPD_CS (and GTIFF_REPORT_COMPD_CS=YES), set the name from the GTCitationGeoKey (#7011)

GTX driver:

  • do not emit error when opening with GDAL_PAM_ENABLED=NO (#6996)

HF2 driver:

  • fix reading tiles that are 1-pixel wide (2.1 regression, #6949)

IDRISI driver:

  • Fix memleak in IDRISI Open()

ISIS3 driver:

  • make sure that -co USE_SRC_HISTORY=NO -co ADD_GDAL_HISTORY=NO results in remove of History section (#6968)
  • fix logic to initialize underlying GeoTIFF file in IWriteBlock(), and implement Fill() (#7040)

JPEG2000 driver:

  • Fix build failure in C++03 mode on Jasper inclusion in RHEL 6 (#6951)
  • Fix build failure with recent Jasper that no longer define uchar

JP2OpenJPEG driver:

  • Add support for building against OpenJPEG 2.2 (#7002)
  • fix performance issues with small images with very small tile size, such as some Sentinel2 quicklooks (#7012)
  • properly use the opj_set_decode_area() API (#7018)

netCDF driver:

  • avoid vector vs raster variable confusion that prevents reading Sentinel3 datasets, and avoid invalid geolocation array to be reported (#6974)

PDF driver:

  • add support for Poppler 0.58 (#7033)

PDS driver:

  • fix parsing of labels with nested list constructs (2.2 regression, #6970)

SRTMHGT driver:

  • recognizes the .hgt.gz extension (#7016)

VRT driver:

  • avoid stack buffer read overflow with complex data type and scale = 0. (oss-fuzz#2468)
  • fix uninitialized buffer in areas without sources when using non pixel packed spacing (#6965)
  • Warped VRT: correctly take into account cutline for implicit overviews; also avoid serializing a duplicate CUTLINE warping options in warped .vrt (#6954)
  • Warped VRT: fix implicit overview when output geotransform is not the same as the transformer dst geotransform (#6972)
  • fix IGetDataCoverageStatus() in the case of non-simple sources, which unbreaks gdalenhance -equalize (#6987)

OGR core

  • OGRCompondCurve::addCurveDirectly(): try reversing non contiguous curves (for GML/NAS)
  • OGR API SPY: fix the way we map dataset handles to variable name, to avoid invalid reuses of variable still active
  • OGRParseDate(): avoid false-positive time detection, in particular for GeoJSON (#7014)
  • OGRCurve::get_isClosed(): do not take into account M component (#7017)
  • OGRLineString::setPoint() and addPoint() with a OGRPoint* argument. properly takes into account ZM, Z and M dimensions (#7017)


  • Fix OGRSpatialReference::IsSame() to return FALSE when comparing EPSG:3857 (web_mercator) and EPSG:3395 (WGS84 Mercator) (#7029)
  • importFromProj4(): implement import of Hotine Oblique Mercator Two Points Natural Origin, and fix OGRSpatialReference::Validate() for that formulation (#7042)

OGR utilities

  • ogr2ogr: fix small memory leak when using -limit switch
  • ogr2ogr: make -f GMT work again (#6993)

OGR drivers

AVCBin driver:

  • fix 2.1 regression regarding attributes fetching (#6950)

DXF driver:

  • fix reading files where INSERT is the last entity and DXF_MERGE_BLOCK_GEOMETRIES is false (#7006)
  • avoid segfault when creating a DXF file with only the 'blocks' layer (#6998)
  • fix potential null pointer dereference in PrepareLineStyle (#7038)

GeoJSON driver:

GML driver:

GMLAS driver:

  • fix memleak in swe:DataRecord handling
  • avoid false-positive warning about attribute found in document but ignored according to configuration, when the attribute is actually not present in the document but has a default value (#6956)
  • (quick-and-not-prefect) fix to avoid a <xs:any> to prevent all other fields from being set (#6957)
  • get the srsName when set on the srsName of the gml:pos of a gml:Point (#6962)
  • CityGML related fixes: better take into account .xsd whose namespace prefix is not in the document, fix discovery of substitution elements, handle gYear data type (#6975)

GPKG driver:

  • fix feature count after SetFeature() with sqlite < 3.7.8 (#6953)
  • do not take into account gpkg_contents for the extent of vector layers when it is present but invalid (#6976)
  • fix logic to detect FID on SQL result layer when several FID fields are selected (#7026)

KML / LIBKML drivers:

  • read documents with an explicit kml prefix (#6981)

MSSQLSpatial driver:

  • fix issues on x64 (#6930)
  • properly format DELETE statement with schema (#7039)

OCI driver:

  • check view with unquoted table name (#5552)

OpenFileGDB driver:

OSM driver:

  • increase string buffer for osm XML files (#6964)

Shapefile driver:

  • use VSIStatL() in Create() to properly work with /vsimem/ directories (#6991)
  • fix regression affecting GDAL 2.1.3 or later, 2.2.0 or later, when editing the last shape of a file and growing it, and then appending a new shape, which resulted in corruption of both shapes (#7031)

SQLite/Spatialite driver:

  • escape integer primary key column name on table creation (#7007)

C# bindings

  • Implement RasterIO extensions (#6915)

Python bindings

  • fix reference count issue on gdal.VSIStatL() when it returns None, that can cause Python crashes if None refcount drops to zero
  • add C-API to create driver instances for use in SWIG (

Security oriented fixes

Note: this is only a very partial backport of more extensive fixes done in GDAL trunk. Credit to OSS-Fuzz for all of them. (oss-fuzz#XXXX is a shortcut to

  • NAS: avoid assertion / null ptr deref and possibly other failures on corrupted files. (oss-fuzz#2366, oss-fuzz#2580)
  • NTF: avoid null ptr deref. Related to
  • VSIMemHandle::Read(): avoid unwanted unsigned int overflow that cause a later heap buffer overflow. Fixes
  • MBTiles: fix use after free. (oss-fuzz#2388)
  • netCDF: fix stack buffer overflow when building vector layers from netCDF variables if they don't have the expected number of dimensions. (oss-fuzz#2400)
  • DXF: prevent infinite loop / excessive memory allocation on truncated file. (#oss-fuzz#2403)
  • DXF: avoid excessive memory allocation. (oss-fuzz#2444)
  • XYZ: fix write heap-buffer-overflow (oss-fuzz#2426)
  • GTiff: make IGetDataCoverageStatus() properly set the current TIFF directory, and only implement it for 'normal' bands. To avoid heap buffer overflows. (oss-fuzz#2438)
  • GTiff: avoid null pointer derefrence when requested implicit overviews on corrupted JPEG-compressed file. (oss-fuzz#2441)
  • GTiff: avoid potential issue on corrupted files (oss-fuzz#2481)
  • GTiff: don't override member nBlocksPerRow member of GTiffJPEGOverviewBand with unrelated value, in case of single-strip case. (oss-fuzz#3020)
  • PCIDSK: for band interleave channel, correctly use pixel_offset in case it is different from pixel_size. (oss-fuzz#2440)
  • MITAB: fix skipping of blank lines when reading MIF geometries, and avoid potential very loop loop. Fixes
  • CPLKeywordParser: avoid potential heap buffer overflow read. (oss-fuzz#2706)
  • CPLKeywordParser: avoid potential infinite loop. Fixes
  • morphFromESRI(): fixes heap-after-free uses. (oss-fuzz#2864)
  • OGR_VRT: fix null pointer dereference on GetExtent() on an invalid layer. (oss-fuzz#3017)
  • OGR_VRT: avoid crash on cyclic VRT. (oss-fuzz#3123)
  • OSM: avoid potential write heap buffer overflow on corrupted PBF files. (oss-fuzz#3022)
  • FAST: fix potential read heap buffer overflow. (oss-fuzz#3025)
  • CPG: avoid null pointer dereference on failed open. (oss-fuzz#3136)
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