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Downloading GDAL/OGR Source

Packaged Source

All source releases are available for download from:

1.6.0 Latest Stable Release - December 2008

1.6.0 Release News

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1.5.3 - October 2008

1.5.3 Release News

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1.5.2 - May 2008

1.5.2 Release News

1.5.1 - March 2008

1.5.1 Release News

1.5.0 - December 2007

1.5.0 Release News

1.4.5 - December 2008

1.4.5 Release News

1.4.4 - November 200

1.4.4 Release News

1.4.3 - Retracted

1.4.3 Release News

1.4.2 - June 2007

1.4.2 Release News

1.4.1 - April 2007

1.4.1 Release News

1.4.0 - January 2007

Nightly Snapshots

Each night two snapshots are created from the subversion current development version (1.6.0 dev) and the latest stable branch (1.5), and made available at the following url. These nightly snapshots may be broken on any given night. Use at own risk!


The GDAL/OGR software lives in the Subversion source control system. It can be browsed online using the Browse Source button on the top bar.

With the subversion client software installed, the current development version can be extracted using the command:

  svn checkout gdal

To extract the current stable version use the command:

  svn checkout gdal

Update access to the Subversion repository is governed by RFC 3: GDAL Commiter Guidelines. Commiters should take care to use https for access, and use their OSGeo Userid for authentication. A commit command might look something like:

  svn commit -m "fix buffer overwrite in RawRasterBand::RasterIO() (bug #999)" rawdataset.cpp --username warmerdam
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