GDAL/OGR 1.5.0

GDAL/OGR 1.5.0 - General Changes


  • CFG environment variable now ignored. Instead set CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS environment variables to desired compilation options, or use --enable-debug for a debug build. Default is "-g -O2" like most other packages.
  • Added --with-hide-internal-symbols to restrict exported API from .so files to be the GDAL public API (as marked with CPL_DLL).


  • OGR and GDAL C APIs now generally check for NULL objects and recover with an error report instead of crashing.

GDAL 1.5.0 - Overview of Changes


  • Enable Persistent Auxilary Metadata (.aux.xml) by default.
  • Support for "pam proxies" for files in read-only locations.
  • Create and CreateCopy pre-Delete output existing dataset.
  • Added Identify() method on drivers (per RFC 11: Fast Format Identify)
  • Implement GetFileList() on datasets (per RFC 12).
  • Implement Delete(), Rename(), Copy() based on GetFileList() (per RFC 12).
  • vrtdataset.h, memdataset.h and rawdataset.h are now considered part of the public GDAL API, and will be installed along with gdal.h, etc.
  • Support nodata/validity masks per RFC 14: Band Masks.
  • Plugin drivers test for ABI compatibility at load time.
  • Creation flags can now be validated (this is used by gdal_translate)
  • Default block cache size changed to 40MB from 10MB.

Algorithms / Utilities:

  • gdal_grid: New utility to interpolate point data to a grid.
  • is new for 1.5.0.
  • gdaltransform: stdin/stdout point transformer similar to PROJ.4 cs2cs.
  • gdalwarp: Several fixes related to destination "nodata" handling and nodata mixing in resampling kernels.
  • gdalwarp: Added Lanczos Windows Sinc resampling.
  • gdal_rasterize: added -i flag to rasterize all areas outside geometry.
  • gdalenhance: new utility for applying histogram equalization enhancements.
  • gdalmanage: Utility for managing datasets (identify, delete, copy, rename)
  • nearblack: Utility for fixing lossily compressed nodata collars.

Intergraph Raster Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.

COSAR (TerraSAR-X) Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.
  • SAR Format.

COASP Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0
  • SAR format produced by DRDC CASP SAR Processor.

GFF Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0

GENBIN (Generic Binary) Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.

ISIS3 Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.
  • Also PDS and ISIS2 driver improved substantially and all moved to frmts/pds

WMS Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.

SDE Raster Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.


  • New for 1.5.0.

PALSAR Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.
  • SAR format.

ERS Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.
  • ERMapper ASCII Header

HTTP Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.
  • Fetches file by http and then GDALOpen()s.

GSG Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.
  • Golden Software Surfer Grid.

GS7 Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.
  • Golden Software Surfer 7 Binary Grid.

Spot DIMAP Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.

RPFTOC Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.

ADRG Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.

NITF Driver:

  • Added support for writing JPEG compressed (IC=C3).
  • Added support for reading text segments and TREs as metadata.
  • Added support for 1bit images.
  • Added support for GeoSDE TRE for georeferencing.
  • Support PAM for subdatasets.
  • Improved NSIF support.
  • Support C1 (FAX3) compression.
  • Improved CADRG support (#913, #1750, #1751, #1754)

ENVI Driver:

  • Many improvements, particularly to coordinate system handling and metadata.

JP2KAK (Kakadu JPEG2000) Driver:

  • Now builds with libtool enabled.

GTIFF (GeoTIFF) Driver:

  • Now supports BigTIFF (read and write) with libtiff4 (internal copy ok).
  • Upgraded to include libtiff 4.0 (alpha2) as the internal option.
  • Support AVERAGE_BIT2GRAYSCALE overviews.
  • Produce pixel interleaved files instead of band interleaved by default.
  • Support TIFF files with odd numbers of bits (1-8, 11, etc).
  • Add ZLEVEL creation option to specify level of compression for DEFLATE method

GIF Driver:

  • Nodata/transparency support added.

JPEG Driver:

  • Support in-file masks.

AIGrid Driver:

  • Supports reading associated info table as a Raster Attribute Table.

HFA Driver:

  • Support MapInformation/xform nodes for read and write.
  • Support AVERAGE_BIT2GRAYSCALE overviews.
  • Support Signed Byte pixel type.
  • Support 1/2/4 bit pixel types.
  • Support PE_STRING coordinate system definitions.
  • Support nodata values (#1567)

WCS Driver:

  • Support WCS 1.1.0

DTED Driver:

  • Can now perform checksum verification.
  • Better datum detection.

HDF4 Driver:

  • Support PAM for subdatasets.

Leveller Driver:

  • Added write support.
  • Added v7 (Leveller 2.6) support.

OGR 1.5.0 - Overview of Changes


  • Plugin drivers test for ABI compatability at load time.
  • SFCOM/OLEDB stuff all removed (moved to /spike in subversion).
  • Various thread safety improvements made.
  • Added PointOnSurface implementation for OGRPolygon.
  • Added C API interface to OGR Feature Style classes (RFC 18).


  • All moved to gdal/apps.


  • Supports URL SRS type.
  • Upgraded to EPSG 6.13.
  • Operating much better in odd numeric locales.

BNA Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.

GPX Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.

GeoJSON Driver:

  • New for 1.5.0.


  • New for 1.5.0.

KML Driver:

  • Preliminary read support added.

DXF / DWG Driver:

  • Removed due to licensing issues with some of the source code. Still available in subversion from under /spike if needed.

PG (Postgres/PostGIS) Driver:

  • Added support for recognising primary keys other than OGR_FID to use as FID.
  • Improved schema support.
  • Performance improvements related to enabling SEQSCAN and large cursor pages

Shapefile Driver:

  • Do not keep .shx open in read only mode (better file handle management).
  • Use GEOS to classify rings into polygons with holes and multipolygons if it is available.
  • Support dbf files larger than 2GB.

MySQL Driver:

  • Added support for BLOB fields.

MITAB (MapInfo) Driver:

  • Upgraded to MITAB 1.6.4.

Interlis Drivers:

  • Support datasources without imported Interlis TID
  • Remove ili2c.jar (available from
  • Support for inner rings in Surface geometries.
  • Support spatial and attribute filters.

SWIG Language Bindings

  • The "Next Generation" Python SWIG bindings are now the default.
  • Python utility and sample scripts migrated to swig/python/scripts and swig/python/samples.
  • Added Raster Attribute Tables to swig bindings.
  • Added Geometry.ExportToKML
  • Added CreateGeometryFromKML
  • Added CreateGeometryFromJson
  • Added Geometry.ExportToJson

SWIG C# related changes:

  • Support for the enumerated types of the C# interface
  • C# namespace names and module names follows the .NET framework naming guidelines
  • Changed the names of the Windows builds for a better match with the GNU/Linux/OSX builds
  • The gdalconst assembly is now deprecated
  • GDAL C# libtool build support
  • CreateFromWkb support
  • Dataset.ReadRaster, Dataset.WriteRaster support
  • Added support for Dataset.BuildOverviews
  • More examples added

SWIG Python related changes:

  • Progress function callback support added. You can use a Python function, or the standard GDALTermProgress variant
  • Sugar, sweet, sweet sugar.
    • ogr.Feature.geometry()
    • ogr.Feature.items()
    • ogr.Feature.keys()
  • doxygen-generated docstrings for
  • geometry pickling
  • setuptools support
  • PyPi
  • setup.cfg for configuring major significant items (libs, includes, location of gdal-config0
  • support building the bindings from *outside* the GDAL source tree

SWIG Java:

  • SWIG Java bindings are orphaned and believed to be broken at this time.
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