GDAL/OGR 1.4.4 - Overview of Changes

The GDAL 1.4.4 release is a stable release, and contains the following bug fixes.


  • Ensure that public memdataset.h and rawdataset.h get installed on win32.


  • generate dstvalidity mask properly for multiband (#1964)

GeoTIFF Driver:

  • update from libtiff 3.9 beta branch.

MrSID Driver:

  • Added VC8 (manifest) support (#2011).

GMT Driver:

  • We output things in "pixel as area" mode. Make sure right node_offset setting is used to reflect this (#1462).

JP2KAK Driver:

  • Backported fix in building configuration of JP2KAK for libtool support to branches/1.4 (Ticket #1460)


Postgres/PostGIS Driver:

  • Replaced Primary Key detection supported by PostgreSQL 8.1+ with bloated but more portable solution (Ticket #1889). Fix ported to branches/1.4.
  • Reverting patch for #1704 from branches/1.4 as breaking C++ ABI in GDAL 1.4.3.
  • fix up configure backtick quoting for MSYS (#1984)

GML driver:

  • Backported fix for GML property truncation issue to the stable branch (Ticket #1844)

Shapefile driver:

  • Fix memory leak



  • use CPL TLS functions for CPLSPrintf() buffers (#1979)


  • exit if any submakes fail (#1994)
  • Generate old gdal_wrap.c with swig11pl5 so we are sure to not accidentally generate with wrong version of swig screwing it up. (#1954)


  • added testing for proj.4 scale precision issue (#1970)
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