GDAL/OGR 1.4.2 - Overview of Changes

The GDAL 1.4.2 release is a stable release, and contains the following bug fixes. There should be no noteworthy changes in interfaces or APIs.


WCS Driver:

AIGrid Driver:

  • Support multi-tile grids. #1198

VRT Driver:

  • Initialize bNoDataSet to FALSE to fix nodata value problem.
  • Fix problem in subwindowing support. #1562

ENVI Driver:

  • Improve precision of location values in "map info" header line. #1644

HFA (Imagine) Driver:

  • Fix GetNoDataValue?() method to allow pbSuccess to be NULL. #1646
  • Support reading large metadata values. #1640
  • Support PE String mechanism for otherwise unsupported SRSes. #1588

GRASS Driver:

  • Add version detection to handle changes to GRASS error handler prototype in GRASS 6.3 #1587

JP2KAK (JPEG2000) Driver:

  • Fix bug in multi-tile datasets. #1636

HDF4 Driver:

  • Fix handle/memory leak for swath datasets. #1485
  • Fix crash/corruption for some GRID datasets. #1331


  • Fixed bug for datasets without NBITS. #1573



  • Closing a ring no longer forces it to 3D. #1673
  • Fixed case where pszColor is NULL in GetRGBFromString(). #1571
  • Fix flattenTo2D() for polygons. #1619

Shapefile Driver:

  • Fix SHPRewind() confusion when two rings touch at a point. #976, #1415

MapInfo? Driver:

  • Problem with isspace() assertion. #1678
  • Fix support for non-greenwich prime meridians. #1416

Memory Driver:

  • Record name of dataset when it is opened or created. #1674

S-57 Driver:

  • Avoid crash when applying updates to records without existing ATTF. #1648

UK NTF Driver:

  • Fix recognision name for NEXTMap Britian DTM product. #1657

Interlis Driver:

MySQL Driver:

  • Implemented BLOB support. #1622

SQLite Driver:

  • Implemented BLOB support. #1623

PG/PostGIS Driver:

  • Escape schema names with postgres. #1412


  • Avoid crash with peculiar SRS. #1656


  • Fix libiso8211 to use VSI io functions to avoid crash on windows in some circumstances (S-57, SDTS). #1659
  • Fix Minixml parser problem with complex doctypes. #755
  • Fix CPLRemoveXMLChild() in minixml parser. #1598
  • Rename cpl_vsi_private.h, install and export interfaces. #1585

SWIG (General):

  • Fix reference counting problem with reference counting via SWIG interfaces of GetSpatialRef?() #1680
  • Reimplement GetDriver?() via SWIG to avoid crashes. #1674
  • Improved error handling around gdal.Open() #1513, #1635
  • Improved error handling around ogr.Open() #1636
  • Added exception handling for osr classes. #1630
  • Removed OSRReference() call in constructor which caused leaks. #1614
  • Rework perl docs.


  • Avoid running autoheader in
  • Check for Python.h before enabling python. #1508
  • Export CPLMutexHolder class from DLL for use in plugins.
  • WinCE building fixes. #1634
  • Fixed Python 2.5 build problems on 64bit linux. #1379
  • Include climits in ILWIS driver to fix build problems. #1579


  • Fix handling of lat and long values when importing old style (ArcInfo? 7) Transverse Mercator .prj files. #1649
  • Make Release() operator safer. #738
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