GDAL/OGR 1.4.5 - Overview of Changes

The GDAL 1.4.5 release is a stable release, and contains the following bug fixes. It is anticipated that GDAL 1.4.5 will be the last release produced from the 1.4 stable branch.


  • Fix memory leak of saved histograms (#2226)
  • Preliminary GMLJP2 axis orientation workaround (#2131)
  • Remove spurious printf() in GDALOpen() (#2166)

MRSID Driver:

  • Fix windowing problem with large files (#2689)

NITF Driver:

  • Improve georeferencing over dateline handling (#2135)

GeoTIFF Driver:

  • Fix creation options XML for parsability (#2322)

PAux Driver:

NetCDF Driver:

  • Handle very large attributes properly (#2196)

PNM Driver:

  • Fix problems identifying PNM files and overflow with corrupt files (#2190)


  • Fix georeferencing computation in yllcorner case (#1794)

HFA (Imagine) Driver:

  • Fix creation of duplicate table nodes in tree (#2043)


GML Driver:

  • Fix potential buffer overflow (#2708)

Postgres/PostGIS Driver:

  • Fix buffer overflow (#2303)
  • Fix improper reporting of tables with no primary key as having a multi column primary key (#2082)

DGN Driver:

  • Fixes with color computation (#2035)


  • Fix error code detection when opening large files on Solaris (#2437)
  • Serious fixes for Thin Plate Spline warper (#2300, #2301)
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