7.0.x (stable)

  • Package: grass
  • Current version: 7.0.1
  • currently 32bit only

6.4.x (old stable)

  • Package: grass6
  • Current version: 6.4.4
  • currently 32bit only (64bit still contains 6.4.3)

7.1.svn (daily builds, development version)

  • Package: grass-daily
  • Daily builds of SVN trunk
  • currently 32bit only

User Notes

  • A desktop raster/vector GIS system (command line and graphical user interface)
  • Main site:
  • The available interfaces are the new wxPython GUI (wxGUI), the older Tcl/Tk GUI (GIS.m), and a plain text curses DOS box command prompt (DOS box has no access to display monitors).
  • First time users should explore the first steps tutorial after installing.


  • Get the OSGeo4W Installer. (400k network-installer, full download is approx 60-80mb)
    • Generic installer help can be found on the main OSGeo4W wiki page.
  • Choose grass package from Desktop section.


The application can be run through:

  • a desktop shortcut (icon)
  • a menu shortcut
  • on the osgeo4w shell through the grass64.bat

To start GRASS with graphical user interface, click on the desktop icon.

How to get command line:

  • Start the osgeo4w shell. Then type:
       grass64 -text

How to start GRASS with the new wxPython GUI:

  • Start the osgeo4w shell. Then type:
       grass64 -gui

Alternatively from the Tcl/Tk GUI go to Config -> GRASS working environment -> Change settings -> GRASS variable to set -> "GRASS_GUI=wxpython" If it doesn't work, make sure that python is in the path.

Later Installation Update

  • It is sufficient to re-run the installer which fetches the list of packages to then suggest available updates for the individual packages.

Lab Installation as offline set of packages

While the OSGeo4W installer is nice for individual installs, it may be problematic for institutional lab installs, where IT managers want to have stand alone applications that they can test, install, and remove easily. To install OSGeo4W-GRASS package as stand alone, see


  • Test, test test!


  • While the GRASS libraries and modules are typically extremely well tested and stable, this new Windows install package is not. Because we are very confident in the underlying GIS code we hope that any problems due to the new Windows packaging efforts will be superficial and quickly resolved. You can help this process by reporting bugs: if it seems to be the fault of the installer report bugs to the OSGeo4W bug tracker, if it seems to be the fault of GRASS, report bugs to the GRASS bug tracker. You will need to create yourself an OSGeo ID to submit and comment on bugs. Bugs don't get fixed unless people point them out! It is expected that some issues related to spaces in the path names still exist, but we hope to have found most of these by now. Also it is likely that the wxPython GUI still has some gremlins in it, please help us find and fix them by reporting any errors you come across! Typically once found they are easy to fix. You can help to find spaces-in-the-path bugs by installing OSGeo4W into "Program Files\OSGeo4W" and setting the GRASS data directory to "Documents and Settings\username".
  • If a bunch of errors appear in the DOS command window (e.g. "Traceback ..., line 1234") you can cut and paste these to a text file or bug report by right-clicking on the window and selecting "Mark". Scroll up to the top of the text and drag the highlight box down over the text with the left mouse button. When you are done highlighting right click. You can then Paste the text from the clipboard.
  • GRASS "monitors" are not present in this build due to an unresolved problem replacing Unix-domain sockets with pipes or TCP sockets and so some interactive modules which require them, such as i.class and, will not work. You will need to use a Cygwin build for Windows to use those modules or help port them to the new multi-platform wxPython GUI.
  • Probably more ...

See also the known issues wiki page.

Open Tickets

grass-pkg: make icon "GRASS GIS"
python programs that uses do not work with --interface-description, --help, or --ui
svn for osgeo4w
Can't start nviz from qgis grass toolbox
Add gdal-grass plugin to OSGeo4W

Closed Tickets

grass: wxpython gui issues
Gdal/Proj problems with Grass installation
duplicate gdal-grass and grass-gdal-plugins packages
Dependencies not automatically selected
Grass Raster Fails to Load in QGIS
g.proj.exe crashes on Windows Vista
Error creating a new GRASS location inside QGIS
Add Cairo support for grass-7.0
grass64 file has non-general file path
add a menu entry for new GRASS gui
qgis-grass plugin: "Cannot start module ... --interface-description"
grass would not start
grass pkg: terminal not available until you exit the gui
grass needs wxWidgets to compile some GUI tools
grass-pkg: typo in iexplorer path
grass-pkg: wrong version in apps/grass/bin/ scripts
"import grass.script as grass" in Python GRASS AddOns doesn't work
User Account Control problem with v.patch (grass) (was: grass (v.patch) need libintl-8.dll)
Old version of msys in package causes problems on Windows Vista (x64)
osgeo4w needs newer tcl version due to bug in file encodings
gpsbabel: missing libexpat XML parsing support (GPX)
Upgrade GRASS to 6.4.0 release
The express desktop install does not install gdal1.7
please include a daily build for GRASS
Missed grass-devel-vc package
build GRASS with GEOS Support
please updgrade GRASS to 6.4.1
Upgrade QGIS/Grass and Grass plugin problem
GRASS6.4.1 is not well work.
add python-pil
GRASS osgeo4w shortcut launchers do not work
Virus alert installing grass-6.4.3RC2\...\g.echo.exe
PROJ_LIB wrongly set in env.bat
g.proj: projection can't be determined (64bit)
Windows 64-bit installer does not include GRASS 7

Packager Notes

Package: msys-grass

GRASS MSYS common dependencies

  1. List of DLL libraries from mingw package to be copied
    • libiconv-2.dll, libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll, libstdc++-6.dll
  1. Download extra pre-built binaries
  1. Unpack into C:\OSGeo4W\bin
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