20 Nov 2011:

00:12 Ticket #836 (link beginner docs for linux and xfce desktop from main help page) created by hamish
both linux and the xfce desktop are new to many users, so some links …

18 Nov 2011:

20:25 Ticket #823 (ushahidi overview page is missing) closed by hamish
invalid: suspect it was a local connectivity problem, seems ok now.

17 Nov 2011:

07:51 Ticket #833 (Redirect if the browser/window language is one of the supported) created by fgdrf
in case of the browser has set en, de, el, jp, es or pl the relevant …

23 Oct 2011:

09:39 Ticket #823 (ushahidi overview page is missing) created by hamish
Hi, on both the live.osgeo.org site and the nightly build site the …

27 Sep 2011:

10:53 Ticket #808 (USB, Persistant file system corruption) created by micha
I am making a batch of LiveUSB disks created with Unetbootin and using …

19 Sep 2011:

04:28 Ticket #804 (Wrong icon in MetaCRS Overview) created by camerons
The MetaCRS Overview includes the GDAL icon instead of a MetaCRS icon. …

8 Sep 2011:

15:44 Ticket #797 (maptiler should be recategorised as a web service) created by camerons
In our categorizing of applications in the osgeolive documentation, …
15:37 Ticket #796 (Create a larger maptiler screenshot image for overview page) created by camerons
The maptiler Project Overview is not consistent with our standard, in …

30 Aug 2011:

13:45 Ticket #794 (update mapfish logo to say "OSGeo Project") created by camerons
On 31 August, the Mapfish project completed incubation, so we should …
03:25 Ticket #793 (Move documentation translations to Transifex) created by hamish
Hi, if the translators can provide the words, I thought it might be …

29 Aug 2011:

03:28 Ticket #780 (OSGeoLive Desktop crash) closed by hamish
fixed: presume this one was an out of RAM problem, fixed in #786. reopen if …
03:12 Ticket #781 (Help button slow to start up) closed by hamish
03:10 Ticket #786 (Increase recommended RAM to greater than 512Meg) closed by hamish

28 Aug 2011:

17:30 Ticket #765 (tomcat not working on the ISO version, ok on the VM version) closed by camerons
fixed: Tried rerunning the rasdaman steps as described in the original bug …
17:27 Ticket #772 (rasdaman build errors in 5.0rc2) closed by camerons
fixed: On 5.0rc6, running ISO in a VM, with 768 Meg RAM: I successfully ran …
17:09 Ticket #792 (misc notes from carl - RC6) created by darkblueb
15:59 Ticket #790 (52N SOS doesn't have a stop icon) closed by hamish
duplicate: see #791
15:37 Ticket #543 (Reduce the footprint of the image) closed by camerons
fixed: Alex has confirmed that we have sufficient space for a 4 GIG USB and …
15:34 Ticket #791 (52N WSS doesn't have a stop icon) created by camerons
52N WSS has a start icon that can be selected, but not a stop. Can a …
15:33 Ticket #790 (52N SOS doesn't have a stop icon) created by camerons
52N SOS has a start icon that can be selected, but not a stop. Can a …
15:30 Ticket #777 (error in 52n-start.sh) closed by camerons
fixed: Verified fixed in 5.0RC6, ISO in a VM with 768Meg RAM, for 52N WPS, …
15:22 Ticket #754 (GeoMajas doesn't work on first click) closed by camerons
fixed: Also verified as fixed in 5.0rc6, ISO in a VM with 768 RAM. Issue closed.
15:21 Ticket #771 (AtlasStyler does not open from ISO, but seems to work from VM) closed by alfonx
fixed: tested on rc6 iso - also works here now. closing as fixed.
15:03 Ticket #789 (add casoil lab docs to the LiveDVD) created by darkblueb
found here: http://casoilresource.lawr.ucdavis.edu/drupal/node/300
01:00 Ticket #785 (admin geoserver leads to a 404 not found page.) closed by darkblueb
fixed: fixed in RC6
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