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Building OEM on Gentoo or any Newer Linux Distro
Bug in Firefox? after onclick event mapviewer go up. (Digitalizing and Readlining function)
Symbolization: Fix vector symbol line joins for symbolization
Symbolization: Line caps / joins not yet fully supported in Path
Symbolization: Add support for round symbol joins
Symbolization: Certain StartOffset / EndOffset / Repeat combinations are unhandled
Symbolization: Line wrapping off when a symbol definition not centered around (0,0)
Symbolization: Custom line style renders wrong
1.2.0 Beta 2, GDAL and Tiling Service crashes
Web Tier Test page failure for Java (no serveradminhelper.jsp file)
Projection: Coordinate System web tests broken in 1.2 RC1
Bad labels
Buffer performance
Flyout menu in the toolbar shows the command name and not the command label
Poor error message from "MapGuide Site Administrator" when server not running
WMS GetFeatureInfo Returns Data From Only One Layer
Buffer is not Accurate
Replace FastCGI Agent with ISAPI and Apache map agents
Server Performance and Stability Improvement
Move hardcoded text string to localization file
Stylizer not properly parsing the geometry
Relax type checking on resource identifier
MapGuide RFC 23 - Berkeley DB XML 2.3 Upgrade
Update version number from 1.2 to 2.0
Update online documentation to version 1.2
Upgrade third party components
Failed Layer Filters should be logged to error.log
MapGuide RFC 27 - New DWG Load Procedure schema
Performance of multiple featureclasses in 1 sdf vs multiple sdf's is more than 10x faster
KML Renderer typo in <tessellate>
Adding code to support the display of formatted text
MapGuide RFC 37 - New Provider Capabilities schema
Add Fusion framework to vault for installation
RFC 35 - Coordinate System API Cleanup
MgSelection does not work with multiple identity properties
Add JSON response format support
Buffer improvements
Add support for FDO computed fields
Symbolization: Fix various problems in the stylization code
Filter layer on joined table doesn't work.
Thread safety issue with adding DWF content.
Isapi and Apache agents return incorrect status codes
Feature source tags %MG_LOGIN_USERNAME% and %MG_LOGIN_PASSWORD% not being substituted for actual values
Implement RFC #40 (AGG-based renderer)
Fix Java and ASP scripts so that the web tier can be localized
Install creates /usr/local/mapguideopensource/lib as a file
Server does not free up current FDO connections right away
AGG: Rendering glitch and error
Fusion: Initial map view of all templates starts at 1/2-1/3 view instead of full map extents
Fusion: Bounding box of Sheboygan Dataset is too small
Fusion: Missing icons for maroon and limegold templates (pathing issue)
Fusion: status bar layout/css bugs.
Districts layer of Sheboygan dataset does not show its feature labels.
add ability to modify 'ratio' on singleTile layers through ApplicationDefinition
Fusion: error property in JSON object of mapLoaded is incomplete.
Fusion: ApplicationDefinition resources do not load if its resource id has spaces.
Unable to preview extended feature class created by adding a calculated property
Fusion: Aqua fails on updateSlider when switching to a non-SingleTile Map.
Server crash when rendering data from #313
MapGuide RFC 38 - GETDYNAMICMAPOVERLAYIMAGE Enhancements for Selection
MgPropertyCollection:: Remove() returns true when trying to remove a non-existing element
Adding a Raster image to a map whose coordinate system differs generates an unclassified exception
Schema report XSL file strings not localizable
MgRasterDataModelType is not available in web-tier API
Expected MgIndexOutOfRangeException is not thrown by calling MgStringCollection:: SetItem() with an index out of range.
MgDuplicateObjectException is not thrown when inserting duplicated object using MgStringCollection:: Add() .
Digitizing fails in IE with 2.0 Beta
Rename ApacheMapguide to MapguideApache V 2.0 on windows
Preview of a connection to a set of tiled rasters causes an unclassified exception
Expected MgInvalidArgumentException is not thrown in MgFeatureQueryOptions::AddFeatureProperty() when adding an empty property name.
MgDataPropertyDefinition::Length ,GetLength() and SetLength() can be assigned to with a negative value;
Unclassified exception starting the server when an invalid locale string is specified in the serverconfig.ini
Update schema report to use new fusion preview template
Security: GetFdoCachInfo exposes plain text passwords alongside user Ids
Upgrad sarissa and avoid MSXML blocking ActiveX in IE 7
This ticket contains 5 Defects ID: 1014109,1014117,1014118,1014123,985011. All of the five defects are related to the Remove method. They have the same problem and could be fixed using a same way.
Rendering requests not working in Linux
Clicking on a point feature does not select it unless you click close to the insertion point
Wrong class definition retrieved from Feature Service Cache
Invalid filter string produced no errors
MgPropertyDefinitionCollection:: Remove(MgPropertyDefinition) returns a wrong value when the collection is empty
Join results are misaligned after no matching record found in secondary data
White lines between Raster tiles with AGG renderer
Implement RFC 20 - Obtain user, group, role information from MapGuide session id
Unhandled exception when rendering a layer
MgMappingService::GenerateLegendImage() fails when layer uses Composite feature type styles
Implement RFC 43 - Support Search and Selection on Double Identity Properties
Implement RFC 42 - Remove Support Servers from Site Administrator
Ticket for submissions for RFC39
Unclassified exception occurs when layer/map is refreshed before large selection highlight is rendered in AJAX viewer
%%C is not recognized by mtextparser
Symbolization: Strings with incorrect op-codes do not render
MapGuide server crashes when displaying raster layer/map that use different coordinate systems.
Select Within fails with Session ID error
Ticket for submissions for RFC44
Symbolization: MText parser swaps Red and Blue
Symbolization: MText does not check bounds of some op-codes
Symbolization: Overline is too close to text
GetMap response does not save https
Custom Symbols are not displayed correctly
Fix AdvancedPlacement handling
GwsFeatureReader (Join Feature Reader) doesn't always return entire feature set
Fusion does not get installed on Linux
Rendering: black background with FORMAT!=PNG inside ajaxmappane.templ
Attributes and values not showing up in selection pane
Describe schema fails to include spatial context associations
AJAX Viewer Get Printable Page command causes errors / crashes
Feature Joins totally broken
Fusion Preview of Map with coordinate system transformation generates unclassified exception
MgLayer.SetDisplayInLegend doesn't work with DWF Viewer
Polylines using map space line widths can disappear completely using AGG renderer
Stylization: Fix handling of default values
Add missing information to access log
Update server configuration settings
Unhandled exception previewing ODBC source when joined source is previewed
DWF Viewer stops responding after 60 seconds idle when connected to server with HTTPS (SSL) connection
Joined Features are only partially rendered
DWF does not render
Mapping Service GenerateMapUpdate should not create observation mesh for Arbitrary XY
AJAX Viewer SelectWithin command fails when multiple layers are selected
Properties pane of AJAX (and DWF) Viewer won't display the full precision of a Double
Preview of basic layout using map containing a TIFF raster layer generates unclassified exception/crash while zooming to lowest scale ranges
can't create join
Stylization: Modify rotation calculation to use atan
GLOB: Hard-coded strings in Server Coordinate System library.
MgStreamHelper GetDouble method throws exception
Outer join doesn't create correct query results when primary key is NULL
Ticket for RFC 45
Properties derived from MgNullableProperty are not serializing the m_nbIsNull member data.
Allow disabling of new vector symbolization lines / areas
Unexpected behavior when selecting features from an ODBC (MS Access) feature source
MG Server displays a negative value for INT64 values
Fusion widget and container info files require localized type setting
Server can sometimes not set a FDO connection as no longer in use
RESAMPLE bounds not used as spatial query
Fusion calls to GetMapImage should use requiresclipping parameter
Add IsNull() internal check to all GetXXX() APIs of the various readers
SWIG string conversion for Java may not work on all JVMs
Can't force clipping in GETMAPIMAGE request (performance bottleneck in fusion)
MgFeatureService.GetIdentityProperties returns wrong properties for 2nd class.
Raster processing unstable under multi threaded load
Selected objects do not display attributes, RC4

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