MapGuide 2.0 Release Notes


Click here for instructions on how to migrate from MGOS 1.2 to MGOS 2.0.

MGOS 2.0.0 is compatible with FDO 3.3.0.

MGOS 2.0.1 is compatible with FDO 3.3.1.

MGOS 2.0.2 is compatible with FDO 3.3.1 but the version packaged with the installers is actually a newer version.

API changes

Per RFC 35:

  • MgCoordinateSystemFactory::GetTransform should be used instead of the deleted MgCoordinateSystemTransform constructor.
  • MgCoordinateSystemFactory::GetMeasure should be used instead of the deleted MgCoordinateSystemMeasure constructor.

Cartographic stylization engine symbols that worked for 1.2 may need to adjusted so that a <VertexAngleLimit>180.0</VertexAngleLimit> is added to any <LineUsage> sections.

GDAL/Raster Notes

Information about ECW and MrSID support and how to handle large amounts of raster data can be found at this page

Side by Side installs

Install MapGuide 1.2 and 2.0 side by side using bundled Apache installer

Install MapGuide 1.2 and 2.0 side by side using IIS


The complete list of submissions can be found here.

The submissions for 2.0.1 are here.

The submissions for 2.0.2 are here.

Known Issues 2.0.2

Server Crash and Unresponsive using OSGeo.Gdal FDO provider #462
GetSelectionXML causes "resource was busy" error, crashes server #524
MapGuide 2.0 requires that all featureReader's are closed, older MapGuide servers were less strict

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