Please note that no further GRASS GIS 6 releases are planned.
We will continue the development as before in GRASS GIS 7 and future versions.

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Overview of changes

The GRASS GIS 6.4.6 release provides more than 40 fixes and improvements with respect to GRASS GIS 6.4.5.

Since its initial release in September 2010 more than 2550 source code modifications have been made to the 6.4 release branch.

Full details of all changes can be viewed in the ChangeLog.

New modules

  • none

Major module changes

  • g.region: fix uninitialized struct - fixes convergence angle (#1500)
  • r.sun: mode 1 fix for time offset due to timezone, see #2876 for explanations
  • r.watershed: fix correction for diagonal flow bias
  • backport of fix for severe bug in distance calculations (#2820)

Minor module changes

  • i.atcorr: added Landsat-8 support
  • vlegend: bugfix: crazy y values for vpoints in vector legend
  • r.pack: strip off mapset to remove fully qualified input

Command line changes

  • none

GUI changes

  • wxGUI: fix broken plots with wxPython 3.0.2 (profile), bug #2558

Library changes

  • none

Portability changes


  • none

(Mac OSX)

  • none


  • GCC 6 compatibility
  • fixes for fail to compile with -Werror=format-security compiler flag (#2773)

Message translation updates

  • Spanish translation updated

See also statistics


  • minor manual page improvements

Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

wxGUI: vdigit crashes on a big map
r.stats: last bin always has a single cell
i18N Translation of welcome message in terminal not possible
wxGUI: querying a vector map in edit mode does nothing
#729 fails to convert area in LL location when region spans equator
wxGui sqlbuilder: a few bugs
wxpython gui hangs after switching to cairo display driver
clean_temp can not be called before LOCATION_NAME is set
3D view silently crashes in pl_PL.UTF-8
g.parser does not filter for duplicate output map statements
g.region returns wrong convergence angle
#1586 complains about xerces-c support in GDAL
error message v.db.addcol
configure GRASS 6 with X11 support
WinGRASS does not launch
language setting in wxGUI preferences does not work; could cause GUI crash
grass.script's find_program() can't find modules
Startup Error: G_getenv(): Variable LOCATION_NAME not set
wxgui: encoding errors
Terrible performance from v.what.rast due to per-iteration db_execute
Conflicting `std::is_void` and `is_void` function from `raster/r.terraflow/nodata.h`
Win 7 Grass 6.4.2 and 6.4.3 - location wizard not creating mapset AND cannot launch with any mapset
'g.region -p' writes new WIND file, causes race condition for parallel jobs
import of large shapefile in GRASS-db crashes 6.4.3 + 7.0 beta2
winGRASS GIS 6.4.5 svn modules - issues with hard coded path to conf files
winGRASS GIS 6.4.5 svn not working
v.distance: hole considered as nearest area
r.out.gdal installed from 64bit OSGeo4W doesn't work
wxgui: profile surface map, bivariate scatter plot, histogram of raster map broken with wxPython 3.0.2 but work fine fine with 2.8
GRASS Gis v 6.4.4. KeyError: 'version' when start
GRASS 6.4.3 no file chooser popup for Add raster/vector map layer
r.mapcalculator in a loop generates C++ runtime error

Closed wishes since the last release

r.resamp.stats - enable -w flag for min max sampling
sync nice features of r.out.tiff, r.out.png
Windows native installer: reinstall
GRASS changes for OSGeo4W 64bit
Add sensor Landsat8 to grass 6.4.4

Closed tasks since the last release

init.bat should give usage info with --help

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