Some ideas on a possible Graphical User Interface for version 2.2

The idea is to have a simplified search interface that leaves more space to customized content (particular for the organization running the GeoNetwork based website).

Using AJAX a more responsive interface could be generated that gives access to a simple and an extended search interface.

The site could behave as follows:

By default:

  • A user provides some criteria to search
  • Search results are displayed directly on the same page, replacing the main content but still showing the search form in the left column.
  • The user can directly refine the search, re-order the results, download data or visualize map services by adding them to the overview map.
  • The user can read the full metadata of a record (again in the same page)
  • The user can switch the map view to become a large map that displays the content of the small (search-)map. The small map can now function as the overview map.
Home page default view (small) Home page with results default view (small) Home page with map default view (small)
400x300 1024x768400x300 1024x768400x300 800x600

Using the advanced search options:

  • A user provides some search criteria (What, Where, When and from Who?)
  • Search results are displayed directly on the same page, below the search options.
  • All the rest is the same as with the default view.
Home page advanced view (small) Home page results advanced view (small)
400x300 1024x768400x300 1024x768

Some short comings in the mock-ups:

  • Optimal switching to large map and vice-versa is to be defined
  • The "Who" search criteria may need more options than only the Catalog option at the bottom
  • GUI for large map interface to be improved

Additional thoughts:

  • The large map may visually be folded up (horizontal or vertical)
  • When switching to large map view, the small map will become the overview map. It may be useful to at that point only use light reference layers in that map.
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