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Date 2008/06/19
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GeoNetwork uses Jeeves as an MVC framework. This is considered undesirable, because Jeeves is a very unknown framework anmongst Java/J2EE developers, and it is poorly documented. This page discusses some options to replace Jeeves by some other framework.

The all-time most popular MVC framework for Java no doubt has been Struts (i.e., Struts-1); it was one of the first open source frameworks that were widely adapted by companies throughout the world and it still has the largest share of developers with experience in it.

As it was one of the first, Struts-1 suffered from various drawbacks that since then have been addressed by a plethora of other frameworks. We'll discuss what seems to be the best-known among these: Struts-2 (formerly known as Webwork), Spring MVC, and Seam.

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