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Date 2009/09/10
Contact(s) Heikki Doeleman
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GeoNetwork is a single application that combines many different functions in one web application. Because of this, it is not possible to easily scale the application. This also aggravates release management, as any change in any of its functions can only be released by releasing the whole thing. The separate functions don't have clear boundaries in the sources, obscuring the structure of the source tree.

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  • Type: GUI Change, Core Change
  • App: GeoNetwork
  • Module: all

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The motivations for these changes are :

1. Scalability
2. Release management


This proposal entails the creation of separate web applications for all functions. The applications communicate through Web Services and should be easily deployable in a horizontally scaled configuration. To avoid tight coupling between the applications and an obscure mass of criss-cross communication, and to provide a central controlling point where stuff like XSLT transformations, validations, invocation of authorization etc. takes place, we propose using an Enterprise Service Bus.

A (very preliminary) sketch of the architecture is the following Component Diagram:

UML Component Diagram

See also this and this.

Backwards Compatibility Issues

1. blah



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